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Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! So today we’ll review the new Hobot S6 Pro window cleaning robot. The device received a Dual-Mop Polish, which paired with Dual Ultrasonic Water Spray allows it to reach a new level in window cleaning technology, with only 2 years of work put in this direction. Plus, the new design lets Hobot get the corners better, and support creativ voice commands through the mobile app. And you can get all of this for $400. Now I’ll test the robot in detail, highlight the pros and cons of the test results, and then share my own opinion on if you should make this your next big purchase! Let’s get rolling!


The robot came in this branded box:

Hobot S6 Pro: Box

The kit includes:

  1. The robot itself.
  2. 3 wipe boxes (6 Pc.).
  3. Charging block.
  4. An adapter for connecting the block to the outlet.
  5. An extension cord.
  6. A remote control with batteries included.
  7. The brand’s cleaning detergent.
  8. Two extra water sprayers.
  9. Instruction manual.
Hobot S6 Pro: Package

Overall, the kit is good. I was happy that they added the detergent. But I of course recommend to buy some extra wipes alongside this kit, because at best this is just good for two sessions.


Now let’s take a closer look at the robot itself. It’s square and white, standing at 89 mm (3.5 In.).

Hobot S6 Pro: View from above
View from above

Notice that theres water tanks on both sides, each holding 26 ml (.88 Oz.). The tanks are embedded with ultrasonic liquid atomizers.

Hobot S6 Pro: Water tank with spray gun
Water tank with spray gun

On the top of the case is the Start/Pause button. Closer to the bottom right corner, you can see a threaded power connector and a power switch. Let’s see how the cleaning module looks.

Hobot S6 Pro: Bottom view
Bottom view

Vacuum sensors are installed at the corners, displaced off the edge, and work through special holes in the cloth. Thus it was possible to improve the quality of window cleaning in the corners, minimizing the blind spot.

Hobot S6 Pro: Vacuum sensors
Vacuum sensors

There’s also mechanical touch sensors in the corners on the outside of the robot, working like a bumper.

Hobot S6 Pro: Touch sensors
Touch sensors

The wipes are held on vibrating platforms by Velcro. Between the wipes are vent holes for the motor, which provides suction of the robot to the surface. The robot moves on a continuous track.

Here is how the vibrating platforms work. It works the same in principle as most other robots in the Hobot LEGEE range. The moving platforms vibrate up to 600 times per minute, which should increase the efficiency of scrubbing. But we’ll check later in tests.

Interestingly enough, the manufacturer claims that there is an anti-static effect on the platforms. The moving wipes neutralize the electrical charge from the glass, preventing further attraction and settling of dust from the air on the surface. The window stays cleaner for longer.

Technical features

Hobot S6 Pro’s main features are up on the screen:

  • Battery: Li-Ion.
  • Power usage: 100 Wt.
  • UPS battery life: 20 mins.
  • Minimum window size: 50*50 cm (19.6 In.).
  • Max window size: 500*600 см (196×236 In.).
  • Размеры: 260*260*89 mm (102x102x3.5 In.).
  • Weight 1,65 Kg (3.6 lbs.).
  • Volume: 62 dB.
  • Speed: 2,6 mins/1 sq.m (10.7 Ft.).

Overall, it looks pretty standard for a window cleaning robot.


As for features, Hobot S6 Pro is controlled through the remote control and the app. The remote has manual control with arrows, stop washing, turn on and off water supply, washing mode- from the top edge, washing from the left and right edges, manual liquid spraying and a second pass of the surface.

Hobot S6 Pro: Remote control
Remote control

The app duplicates these same functions, but there are extra features. For example, for convenience, they added the ability to select the robot’s location (behind or in front of the glass) so that you can control it more conveniently. When you start washing, it’s recommended to choose the humidity level and the water supply. Additionally, there is a help section in different languages, you can choose the language and volume of voice alerts and even record your own creative commands.

Hobot S6 Pro: App control
App control

The app’s convenience lies in its immediate service messages. For example, if there is an emergency situation, there is no power supply and you need to check the wires. I would also like to point out that the app itself updates very conveniently – online with the help of the OTA system.

All in all the functions look good, let’s move on.


Finally, let’s get testing. Video review of Hobot-S6 Pro:

First, let’s check how Hobot copes with its main task – cleaning windows from the outside. And at the same time check its navigation. With the first pass over the windows, the robot collects all the dirt. It’s recommended to not wet the cloth and turn off the water function so that the robot doesn’t smear dirt on the glass.

For the second pass, you can spray a little water or detergent on the cloth according to the recommendations in the instructions, or you can turn on automatic spraying. Let’s compare the before and after:

Hobot S6 Pro: Navigation and window cleaning quality
Navigation and window cleaning quality

And as you can see, it collected onto itself dust and dirt:

Hobot S6 Pro: The condition of the napkin
The condition of the napkin

The scrubbing quality is really good. Thanks to its square shape and vacuum sensors, the robot goes deeper into corners.

Here’s a comparison with a round robot and with the Hobot S6 Pro. I will say that there is definitely room to grow and the brand has already begun to produce wipes even larger in size, which will get even deeper into the corners and clean the dirt.

Hobot S6 Pro: The blind spot in the corner
The blind spot in the corner

I have just one thing to say. In case of strong wind gusts, the liquid sprayed from the nozzles won’t completely hit the glass. It reduces the efficiency, so I wouldn’t recommend using the robot in windy weather.

I separately tested the navigation on a narrow window. Here is the thing though, you have to set it up in this way, by turning it 90 degrees, then it can wash even narrow windows, which is really cool!

Hobot S6 Pro: Washing a narrow window
Washing a narrow window

Use on other surfaces

This robot can also be used to wash tile walls, shower enclosures and mirrors. Here, it’s cool to see that Hobot can gently pull away from the edges of frameless surfaces without losing traction. That’s a plus!

Hobot S6 Pro: Application on other surfaces
Application on other surfaces

But on horizontal surfaces, this robot can’t work properly, for those interested. It doesn’t start washing, which is due to the navigation system’s gyroscope not being able to function horizontally.

Hobot S6 Pro: Work on a horizontal surface
Work on a horizontal surface

Emergency mode

Additionally, let me tell you about the emergency mode. In case of power failure, the robot emits voice alerts and the indicator on the control panel starts flashing red on both sides of the robot, and notifications get sent to the connected smartphone. You will have about 20 minutes to react in time to remove the robot from the window.

Additionally, let me tell you about the emergency mode. In case of power failure, the robot emits voice alerts and the indicator on the control panel starts flashing red on both sides of the robot, and notifications get sent to the connected smartphone. You will have about 20 minutes to react in time to remove the robot from the window.


Hobot S6 Pro window cleaner was thoroughly reviewed and tested. Ill draw us to a conclusion with what I thought of the robot. Here’s what I liked:

  1. A vibrating platform able to scrub surfaces better than a regular wipe, like in other robots.
  2. Automatic double spraying of the detergent from the sides.
  3. Gets in the corners deeper than other robots.
  4. Good navigation.
  5. Is good for narrow windows.
  6. Controlled through the remote and app.
  7. Second clean option to go through the area once again.
  8. The shortness of the body allows it to work on windows with grates.
  9. Very universal not just for windows, but for tiles and doors as well.
  10. You can create your own creative voice commands.
  11. Warranty and servicing included, with Hobot for three years!

As for what the engineers have to work on, here’s what I think:

  1. In windy weather, the spraying system isn’t so effective, as part of the mist is blown away by a gust of wind. Here, even the manufacturer recommends wetting the cloth beforehand.
  2. A small zone in the corners stays uncleaned.
  3. The cleaner can’t function on horizontal surfaces.

Overall, the robot turned out to be even more convenient, efficient and functional than the previously released Hobot-2S Ultrasonic. It’s important to note the uniqueness of the vibrating wipes, the liquid spraying, app functionality, and the availability of full service support and warranty. We finally saw a breakthrough in the standstill segment of robotics, but the Hobot S6 Pro – breaks all the barriers.

On this note I’d like to end the review. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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