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Hobot R3 Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to RobotoBzor! Today, we’ll look at the Hobot R3 robot window cleaner, something fresh for 2023 that’ll go on sale at the start of April. Its key feature is the ultrasonic spraying from two nozzles that look in different ways while the robot works. So no matter where the robot is, the liquid will always be sprayed in front of the cloth, making the wipes moist and clean better. Plus, Hobot R3 shows advanced functions, improving not only its performance, but also its safety. With all this, It’ll start at $400, placing it in the premium segment. Now, I’ll show how Hobot R3 works, show you all it’s capable of, and how well it does it’s main job. Now, let’s get this show on the road!


Hobot R3 came in this box:

Hobot R3 Box

It includes:

  1. Charging block.
  2. An extension cord.
  3. A cord for connecting the block to power.
  4. A safety rope measuring 4,5 meters (14.7 Ft.).
  5. Remote control with batteries.
  6. The branded cleaning liquid.
  7. 6 extra multi-use wipes.
  8. Two different sprayers.
  9. Two extra wipe holders
  10. Robot’s documents.
Hobot R3 Package

Nice kit! It has everything you’d need, which is really good!


Let’s look at Hobot R3’s build. It’s oval and white. The body is textured to easily pick it up when it’s off.

Hobot R3 View from above
View from above

The cleaning module has two round platforms with wipes. It stands 9.5 cm (3.7 In.), which lets it get on even windows with grates, which are usually 10-15 cm (4-6 In.) from the window.

Hobot R3 Height

On the top is a start and stop button, on the other side is a power switch, a power connector, and a cleaning fluid container with two nozzles. The nozzles mist the liquid, leaving 15 micrometer (.0005 In.) drops.

Hobot R3 Sprayers

Unlike other robots’ drip systems, the ultrasonic atomization helps to consume cleaning fluid more economically and minimize drips on glass. But here’s the deal – small drops get blown away, so like the previous models Hobot 2S, 388 and 298, it’s only effective in calm weather, if you’re using it outdoors that is.

There are holes on both sides of the robot for attaching the safety rope. Between the wipes are lights showing the robot’s status. The holders are easily attached to the body with mechanical clamps.

All in all, it’s not much different from Hobot 388 Ultrasonic, except for the second nozzle for spraying water. Plus, I’d like to point out that it’s build is very high quality.

Hobot R3 Bottom view
Bottom view

Technical features

Hobot R3’s main features, given by the manufacturer:

  • Power: 90 Wt.
  • IBP battery work time: 20 mins.
  • Cleaning liquid container: 30 ml (1 Oz.).
  • Minimum window size: restricted by the robot’s size.
  • Max window size: restricted by the cord.
  • Speed: 4 mins/p.sqm (4 mins=3ft).
  • Size: 295*148 mm*95 mm (11.6×5.8×3.7 In.).
  • Weight 955 g (2 lbs.).
  • Volume: 74 dB.
  • Norestrictions by window thickness.

I checked the volume myself. So, if you run the robot indoors, the volume is within 73-74 dB, but if you run it outside – it will depend on how insulated your windows are. For example, in my case, it doesn’t go higher than 57 dB.

Hobot R3 Noise level
Noise level


Now let’s see what it can do.Not only can you use the remote, but also the app. The remote has functions like manual control, stop, water on/off, select one of the three move modes, forced water spray, as well as a second loop around the window.

Hobot R3 Remote control
Remote control

The app has the same features, but there’s also some very interesting ones. Well, first of all, it has a section: Help, which contains instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. Secondly, you can choose the language and adjust the notification volume. Plus, you can even record your own voice commands for each of the robot’s statuses, and uniquely suit it to your needs. Third, through the app you can update the robot, which guarantees the stability and relevance of the software. Just these cool new features in the app set it apart from the 368 and 388 models. And the fourth useful feature of the app is sending service messages and notifications to the connected phone. So, for example, if the power turns off and you are in another room and can’t hear it, the app will notify you and move the robot.

Hobot R3 App

Also, the app will send you reminders every 3 months about the recharge, this is to prolong its lifespan, as uncharged batteries can die. Yes, and note that the robot connects to the app via Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi. This is a plus, because it allows you to quickly connect and steadily control the robot in any room with a weak signal or no Wi-Fi at all.


Finally, let’s get to the tests. First, let’s check how well Hobot R3 does it’s main job- cleaning windows outside. We’ll also be able to check its navigation. Given that the windows haven’t been washed since fall and they are quite dirty, it’s recommended to first run the robot to dry clean the windows, without using the liquid. That’s what I did, and you can see how effective it is. Again, let’s see the before and after. And this is what the wipes look like after the test:

Hobot R3 Window cleaning quality
Window cleaning quality

Even regular cleaning is good enough in some cases. But if you want even better results, run the robot a second time with clean wipes and using the spray cleaner. Here’s how it works:

Hobot R3 Condition of napkins
Condition of napkins

The only weakness of all window-washing robots without exception, and of this one too, is that the corners are still dirty because of the container’s shape.

Hobot R3 Window washing in the corners
Window washing in the corners

But if this is a big deal for you, research the Hobot 2S square model. As far as I know it’s the only window cleaner of its kind with wipes that go as deep as possible into the corners because there are no sensors directly in the corners. But then again, it doesn’t have perfect corner cleaning, just the most thorough of all the robots I’ve tested. That’s worth considering. As a reminder it’s best to use it in windless weather so that the cleaning liquid only gets in front of the wipes.

So judging by the test, the navigation is good -the 150*90 cm (5×3 ft.) window is fully cleaned. On a narrow window with a width of only 38 cm (1 ft.), it moves without a problem.

Hobot R3 Washing a narrow window
Washing a narrow window

Use on other surfaces

This robot can also be used to wash wall tiles, shower stalls and mirrors. Note that Hobot R3 can drive away from frameless surfaces without a problem. This is pretty cool! But the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using the robot on frameless surfaces as there are no special sensors in the corners like in square robots and it can fall, so keep that in mind!

Hobot R3 Use on other surfaces
Use on other surfaces

Well, and on horizontal surfaces, this robot works too, if you’re curious.

Emergency mode

Now, let me introduce Hobot R3’s emergency mode. When the robot is disconnected from the mains, it starts beeping, emits voice alerts and blinks red on both sides of the body. In addition, you’ll receive a notification on your phone that you need to remove the robot from the surface. All of this together will allow you to detect the problem in time and remove the robot from the window.

Hobot R3 Emergency mode
Emergency mode


Hobot R3 window cleaning robot was thoroughly reviewed and tested. Now I’ll share my opinion. I liked the following:

  1. Spray liquid increases window cleaning efficiency and allows the robot to clean larger windows while keeping the wipes wet.
  2. Use through the remote control.
  3. Notifications, as well as the ability to record your own fun messages.
  4. Function letting you do a second sweep of the window, which isn’t seen in all robots.
  5. Good navigation.
  6. The robot can scrub uncomplicated dirt and effectively collects dust from windows.
  7. Suitable for other horizontal surfaces.
  8. It can be used on a variety of hard surfaces, which expands its use.
  9. 3-year warranty, as well as after-sales support from the manufacturer.
  10. Full kit.
  11. Good assembly.

As for what could be better, I though of the following:

  1. In windy conditions,the water gets blown away and the washing system isn’t as good.
  2. Doesn’t clean the corners, thanks to its shape.

Overall, it left a mostly positive opinion of itself and I didn’t find any real problems. There is work being done to make it safer and more effective. If you want to choose an efficient and modern robot for window cleaning, and if reliability is important, I recommend this device. On this note, I’d like to end the review. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments below. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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