DreameBot L30 Ultra: OBJECTIVELY THE BEST robot vacuum cleaner of 2023

DreameBot L30 Ultra Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to RobotObzor! Today we’ll review a new top-of-the-line robot vacuum cleaner of 2023, the DreameBot L30 Ultra. This is a global version of the previously released Dreame Bot X20 Pro. Same design, features, tech and even the color. Except that the X-series is designed for the Chinese market, and the L-series is already fully adapted to the global market. So, I’ll show what DreameBot L30 Ultra can do, how it looks, and how well it does its main job. Afterwards, I’ll list the pros and cons, and share my opinion. It’s pretty pricey, at the level of some premium vacuums, starting at $1500-$1700. Let’s get rolling!


The robot came in this branded box:

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Box

Aside from the base and robot itself, it includes:

  1. Two cloth holders.
  2. Power cord.
  3. A module with cleaning detergent for the station.
  4. An instruction manual.
  5. An extra trash bag, which is hidden with the already installed bag.
Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Package

Pretty standard. You can also buy a kit for connecting to sewage and water. At the time of the review it costs $150.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: The box from the module
The box from the module

The kit includes tanks for dirty and clean water, a base for installing the module in the station, a magnetic control unit through which water flows from the water supply to the station, as well as various tubes, adapters, connectors and other accessories for connecting the station to the network. It also comes with a manual.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Module configuration
Module configuration


Now, let’s see how DreameBot L30 Ultra looks. Let’s start with the robot itself. It’s round, and comes in black with gold inserts.Looks awesome! The plastic itself is matte, not stained. It stands at 104 mm (4.05 In.).

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: View from above
View from above

There is a wall sensor on the right side of the bumper. In the front there is a camera for recognizing objects on the floor and remote tracking the house. On both sides of the camera are 3D sensors and LED illumination, thanks to which the robot is able to accurately recognize objects in total darkness. The backlight turns on automatically.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Сamera

There’s three buttons on the control panel. Navigation is controlled by the Lidar, which is protected with a spring-loaded cover. The top cover is completely removable. It’s held on magnets. Under it is a dust container with a volume of 350 ml (11.8 Oz.). The filtration system runs on mesh and HEPA-filter. The dust container and filter can be washed with water. The water tank is hidden inside the robot too, through which water is automatically pumped into it the station. The volume of the tank is 80 ml (2.7 Oz.).

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Dustbin

There’s 4 anti-fall sensors. It has a three beamed side brush, which is easy to take off. A carpet sensor is placed next to the swivel roller. The center brush unit is fluid. The turbo brush is silicone, not bristled like the Dreame Bot X20 Pro. It can be disassembled on both sides to clean from hair and fur.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Silicone Brush
Silicone Brush

If needed, you can buy a regular bristled brush, which cleans carpets better.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Bristle-petal brush
Bristle-petal brush

And, to answer the long awaited question of if Dreame Bot L30 Ultra is compatible with the new blade turbo brush that the Dreame Bot X30 Pro has. Yes – this brush is the right size and design, so you can add and upgrade your L30 if you wish. A test of the new turbo brush will be demonstrated in a review of the X30 that will be coming out soon.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Turbo brush with knives from X30
Turbo brush with knives from X30

Holders with cloths are mounted on the robot. The holders have with magnets, and the cloths stay wi The wipes are held in place with Velcro. I’ll say that DreameBot L30 Ultra can automatically pick up the wipes when driving onto carpets. That’s a plus.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Lifting napkins
Lifting napkins

And here’s how one of the robot’s main features looks – the retractable napkin holder. The paw slides out to the right, so that the wipe comes out of the body. There’s no blind spot between the edge of the robot and the baseboard. Pretty interesting, and we also already see this in the X20 Pro!

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Wipe rinsing quality
Wipe rinsing quality

The station is as functional as can be. It self-cleans the dust container, washes cloths with hot water, dries them with warm air after cleaning, and even automatically mixes detergent into the water when washing and refilling the tank of the robot itself. Conveniently, the ramp for the robot to come in and the tray where the wipes are washed are removable. The garbage bag is located in the middle behind the lid.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Station

An important point – there’s magnetized pins in the robot’s driving platform itself. They are needed for the DreameBot L30 Ultra to unhook the holders with wipes at the station if necessary. The robot can leave the station only for vacuuming without wipes, which completely eliminates the wipe’s contact with carpets. A unique and very clever solution.

The water tanks are located under the top cover. Between the tanks, an additional cover conveniently stores a cleaning tool and a 450 ml (1.2 Oz.) detergent cartridge. High-capacity water tanks. The tank for clean water has a volume of 4.5 liters (1.1 G.), and for dirty water 4 liters (1 G.). We can see that there is no silver disinfection module installed inside the clean water tank like the X20 Pro, and this is another small difference between the robots. But you can purchase this module separately and install it in the tank to the L30 Ultra. This module simply slips onto the tube, and the tubes are the same size, so the module is definitely compatible.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Clean water tanks from L30 and X20
Clean water tanks from L30 and X20

I’ll remind you that the station has fittings to connect to the sewer and water supply. They are hidden behind the lid.

The station is the same, so I won’t repeat myself. I’ll only note that now I have already made a more neat connection of communications: I took out next to the station overhead socket, which is simply glued to the tiles on the wall, as well as hidden in the baseboard hoses, one of which is connected to the water supply using a through outlet, coming in the kit, and the second connected to the siphon under the sink. That is, initially I did not plan at the stage of repair the place for the station, but it did not prevent everything to do neatly already at the finished repair. You can take the idea to yourself on a note.

As a result, we can see that a number of improvements have been made, which increased the efficiency and autonomy of the robot. In my opinion, the only thing left to do is to make a D-shaped body to make the robot fully sweep out in the corners. I think this will be the next breakthrough in 2024!

Technical features

DreameBot L30 Ultra main features, are up on the screen:


  • Battery Li-Ion 6400 mA*h.
  • Suction power up to 7300 Pa.
  • Work time up to 260 mins.
  • Trash tank 350 ml (11.8 Oz.).
  • Water tank 80 ml (2.7 oz.).
  • Obstacle size up to 20 mm (.78 In.).
  • Size: 350*104 mm (13.7×4.05 In.).


  • Clean water tank: 4,5 L (1.1 G.).
  • Dirty water tank: 4 L (1 G.).
  • Trash bag: 3,2 L (.84 G).
  • Size: 607*426*499 mm (23.8×16.7×19.6 In.).

From the characteristics it’s important to see only the supposed high suction power, which I’ll test. The robot has become even more powerful! Even compared with Dreame Bot X20 Pro, the power has been increased by another 300 Pa! For those who are wondering, the height of the station with the lid up is 87.5 cm (3.4 In.).


As for the features, the Dreame Bot L30 Ultra is controlled via the Dreamehome app. It connects to the Wifi without any problems. There’s no regional blockages and workarounds. Everything’s easy and convenient.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: App control
App control

The main functions of the robot are shown on the screen:

  • Self-cleaning.
  • Cloth washing with hot water (58°C/136°F).
  • Wipe drying with hot air.
  • Automatic detergent dispensing.
  • Wipe lifts on carpets.
  • Object detection.
  • Camera light in dark spaces.
  • Away home monitoring.
  • Saves multiple maps in memory.
  • 3D-map of the area.
  • Automatically zones the house into rooms.
  • Individual zone and room choice.
  • Virtual walls and no-go zones (for mopping).
  • Suction regulation.
  • How often wipes should be cleaned (by room, by area.)
  • User mode
  • Ultimate mode.
  • Cleaning log.
  • Cleaning schedule.
  • Auto power increase on carpets.
  • Carpet avoidance while mopping.
  • Automatically takes off the wipe holder at the base.
  • Voice assistant included.

Lots of features for flexible adjustments. It’s worth noting that the voice assistant understands commands even in several languages. However, it’s still working in Beta testing and doesn’t understand commands from the first time. Nevertheless,Here’s how it works:

That is, you simply give the robot a command with your voice, and it executes it. You don’t need any third-party devices. Very cool and so far this is the first robot vacuum with a built-in voice assistant. Bravo to Dreame engineers!

Well, another new feature is the Ultimate mode, in which the robot automatically determines the cleaning style depending on how dirty the floor is, activating repeated cleaning or independently changing the power, as well as how wet the wipes have to be.

Separately, I’ll show the function of remote home monitoring through your phone. By entering the password you made, the camera turns on, through which the image is transmitted to the phone in real time. The quality is high. You can either manually control the robot or specify a place on the map where it should go by itself. You can also take photos, which will be saved in a separate folder, and send voice messages through the robot’s speaker. Well, there is another useful option – to direct the robot to the desired location, and make it rotate in one place, independently and do a 360 shot. They call this the guard mode, and so far it looks good!

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Remote tracking via the robot's camera
Remote tracking via the robot’s camera

New experimental functions have also been added. For example, the automatic power increase is being tested. When testing in a room with a lot of dirt, the robot didn’t increase the power, so for now it doesn’t work. Thi also goes for the wipe lift. I spilled different liquids on the floor and started vacuuming. The robot drove over the puddles, throwing liquids into the container. The brush didn’t rise either. So this function I can not confirm. Perhaps, in some other modes it works, but to experiment and risk such an expensive piece of equipment is scary. If your robot does these functions, let me know down in the comments, as well as what mode it was under and what happened.


And finally let’s move on to the tests. First of all, let’s check the navigation in a room with obstacles. The robot first goes around the perimeter of the room, then cleans the area in a snake-like pattern. It went around the dryer legs, and swept around the chair legs and box, then returned to the bae. Test passed with flying colors!

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Navigation

As for the rest of the house, the robot cleans room after room around the perimeter, then a snake pattern. After every 20 square meters (65 ft.) of cleaning, as I found, it returns to the station and wipes, then starts cleaning from where it previously finished. Everythings left clean, and the navigation in this model is excellent.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Navigation within the house
Navigation within the house

Object detection

The object recognition system is very accurate. The robot successfully recognized 6 out of 6 items. When scanning a sneaker, it accidentally rear-ended a surprise pet. But nevertheless, when passing near it, correctly identified it, carefully drove around it and highlighted it with the appropriate icon on the map. As well as other objects.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Recognizing objects in good lighting
Recognizing objects in good lighting

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra dos a bit worse in the dark. This time it ran over a pet’s surprise and moved the floor scales a bit. That is, it bypassed 4 out of 6 items. So, comparing it to its peers, the Dreame has one of the most accurate item recognition systems, but could still use work. In any case, the robot is very careful to avoid objects and hardly touches the furniture, but the Dreame engineers still have some work to do!

Suction power

The suction power, on the other hand, really impressed me. The vacuum sucked dirt out of even a 10 mm (.39 In.) crack without a problem. This is definitely a very powerful vacuum.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Suction power
Suction power


The dirt collection on laminate is really good. There is only a little bit of dirt left in the corners, where the round robot vacuum cleaner can’t go. But even in the corners, it does a slightly better job of sweeping out than most other round robots. See for yourself. The center brush has almost no hair and fur wrapped around it, which is its main advantage. All of the dirt is in the dirt bag. The test was successful!

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

The robot does a quality job cleaning carpets. Both thanks to the high power and the fluid turbo brush module. Test passed!

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Mopping and carpets

As for mopping near carpets, you get three choices. The first is to automatically pick up the wipes when you drive onto the carpets, which allows the robot to vacuum and wipe the floor at the same time, leaving the carpets dry and clean.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Mopping with carpets
Mopping with carpets

The second option is to turn on the auto carpet detection function while mopping. And here’s your third choice. The robot first vacuums and mops the floor, then drives to the base, automatically unhooks the wipes and returns to the floor, and keeps vacuuming. This is important for taller carpets to never have contact with the mop.

The idea is very cool. And it’s not just because the carpets aren’t getting wet, but the solution is actually more reliable than lifting the wipes on the carpets. The system can fail if used frequently.

Scrubbing dirt

This robot does a good job of scrubbing dirt. And you can see that thanks to the extended wipe, the robot scrubs out the baseboard. There’s still a blind spot, but it’s only in corners where the round wipe can’t go.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Dirt scrubbing
Dirt scrubbing

And another important thing – Dreame Bot has an updated floor cleaning mode along the baseboard and in the corners. When it goes into corners, it backs up and mops the floor in the corners as tightly as possible. A cool change that deserves recognition.

In any case, the quality for everyday mopping is actually the best so far! No streaks and traces of dirt remain, this test is passed!

Scrubbing hard stains

Unfortunately, our vacuum couldn’t manage to scrub hard stains. It was still able to scrub coffee stains, but dried sauce stains were beyond its power. The quality is inferior to some more expensive options. Nevertheless, for everyday use, mopping should be more than enough. Another thing the engineers can keep in mind!

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Scrubbing hard stains
Scrubbing hard stains

Cloth cleaning quality

And right away I’d like to test how efficient the station is. Let’s start with the quality of wipes washing. With everyday conditions after washing the floor from dirt, the wipes are really dirty. And after washing the wipes I can say that they are really clean. A good amount of dirt is washed out under the pressure of warm water. That’s a plus!

But after tough stains, the wipes don’t wash out too well. Although again, even with heated water the station L30 Ultra showed a similar result. So I consider the lack of heated water not horrible. At the same time, I consider the presence of heating as a small plus.

And washing the station is easy. We remove the tray to rinse out the wipes and the ladder for the robot. We rinse it with water in the sink and put it back. The station is clean!

Self-cleaning quality

The self-cleaning quality of the dirt container is good. I ran the robot in a room with a lot of dirt, which it cleaned and packed the bag to the brim. After the robot returns to the station, the bag is completely cleaned. Self-cleaning is done very well!


The 2 cm (.78 In.) high thresholds are no match for the vacuum, and it goes over without a problem, while lifting the wipes. That’s a plus!

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Obstacles

Dark spaces

Black surfaces don’t scare it either, it drives over a black mat with no problem. This is another advantage!

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Going over dark spaces
Going over dark spaces


As for the volume, it’s within 57-72 dB. The volume is quite standard for this model, given the high suction power.

Dreame Bot L30 Ultra: Volume


Dreame Bot L30 Ultra was thoroughly reviewed and tested.Our system scored it 219 points and of course topped the overall rating of tested robot vacuum cleaners, moving its predecessor Dreame Bot X20 Pro. I’ll highlight the pros and cons of the robot, after which I will share my own opinion about it. I liked the following:

  1. An extendable wipe, thanks to which it can clean right up to the baseboard.
  2. Having an object detection system that even works in the dark.
  3. Remote home monitoring through the camera.
  4. Combined station for self-cleaning, washing and drying wipes.
  5. Effective cloth drying with warm air.
  6. Cloth washed with hot water.
  7. Auto wipe holder removal at the station for dry cleaning.
  8. Automatic detergent supply when washing wipes.
  9. Increased water tank capacity.
  10. An optional utility connection kit is available.
  11. Quality self-cleaning and wipe washing.
  12. Ultimate mode, thanks to which the robot chooses its own cleaning algorithm.
  13. Improved floor cleaning algorithm in corners, where the robot drives as far as possible into it with its rear end resting on the wipe.
  14. Quality mopping and vacuuming on all surfaces.
  15. The turbobrush is easier to clean.
  16. Automatic napkin lift when driving onto carpets.
  17. Easy maitenance and cleaning.
  18. Lots of functions for easy adjustments.
  19. Good off-road.
  20. The vacuum isn’t scared of dark spaces.
  21. Stylish design.
  22. Good assembly and a trusted seller.
  23. Has its own voice assistant.
  24. Has a warranty and service.

As for what could be improved:

  1. Still leaves dirt in the corners.
  2. Can’t scrub hard stains.
  3. The object detection system needs some work.
  4. The voice assistant still operates in beta.
  5. A very large station.

Overall, I can say that all of the above remarks are really small and are more like wishes than demands. By 2023’s standards – this is OBVIOUSLY the best robot vacuum cleaner in terms of design, implemented technologies, features and most importantly – cleaning efficiency. Plus, it’s very stylish, easy to maintain, maximally autonomous and adapted to the several market. So if you are choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner in 2023 – this is exactly what you need!

On this note, I’d like to end the review. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments down below. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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