Roborock Dyad ProReviews
Roborock Dyad Pro: Auto dispenser, Edge-to-edge cleaning, App control, Self-cleaning
Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Today, we’ll look at Roborock Dyad Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum. It’s a new addition to 2023, and has just gone on sale.
Roborock S7 MaxV UltraRoborock
Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: Review & Station Test
Hey guys, welcome to RobotObzor! As I promised, in this video I’ll go over and test the Ultra station that goes with Roborock S7 MaxV. This station comes
Roborock S7 MaxVRoborock
Roborock S7 MaxV: SUPERHERO in the world of robot vacuum cleaners
In 2022, we were introduced to Roborock S7 MaxV, which could be considered to be one of the best vacuums currently. In short, the robot has the most advanced
Roborock S7 Pro UltraRoborock
Roborock S7 Pro Ultra: a simplified version of the flagship for a better price
Hello guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Today we’re going to review another new robot-vacuum cleaner from Roborock S7 Pro Ultra. The model is a stripped-down
Roborock Q7 Max+Roborock
Roborock Q7 Max+: optimal in price and quality robot vacuum with self-cleaning and mopping
Roborock Q7 Max+- is the new robot vacuum in 2022. At first glance, it seems like a simplified version of Roborock S7. They share the same design after
Roborock DyadRoborock
Roborock Dyad: BEST Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum in 2022
Hey guys, welcome to RobotObzor! A new product that came to my review – a wet and dry cordless vacuum Roborock Dyad. Roborock is a sub-brand of Xiaomi
Roborock S7 Auto Empty DockRoborock
Roborock S7 Auto Empty Dock REVIEW: how effective is it?
Hey guys, welcome to RobotObzor! Today I’ll show you Roborock S7’s self-cleaning base (Roborock S7 Auto Empty Dock), which finally showed up on the market.
Roborock S7 reviewRoborock
Roborock S7: robot vacuum cleaner that can lift a napkin on carpets and self-clean
Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Finally I got the Roborock S7, which went for sale in March 2021. So over a few weeks I tested the robot in different
Roborock E5 ReviewRoborock
Roborock E5: BEST budget robot vacuum for seniors in 2021
Hi, everyone! Welcome to Robotobzor! In June this year, the world started talking about the launch of a new robot vacuum cleaner – creature of Roborock company.