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Dreame M13s Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Today, we’ll review one of the best Wet Dry Cordless Vacuums in 2023 – Dreame M13s. It got several tech updates, for example: two rollers, coming out almost to the edges of the body and effectively scrubbing dirt across the width. Self-cleaning and drying function for the rollers on the base. Increased suction power, disinfection of clean water in the tank and most importantly – a detachable main unit, which comes with several attachments that let you broaden the vacuum’s abilities, meaning you can do a full deep clean. So now, I’ll test and review Dreame M13s in detail, after which I’ll tell you what I think of it, and if it should be your next vacuum! And the price at the time of the review is between 575-775$. So, let’s get rolling!



I’ll start by saying that this model is designed for the Chinese market. The global version will probably come out, but later. Most likely, under a different name. Dreame M13s comes in a box with everything in Chinese. The instructions are also in Chinese, and so are the voice alerts. But unlike the Chinese vacuum cleaners Dreame, the usability and performance of this vacuum isn’t affected by the fact that it is designed for the Chinese market.


Dreame M13s’ kit includes:

  1. Two floor stands for parking the vacuum and dry cleaning attachments.
  2. Dirt container for vacuuming.
  3. An attachment with a mini turbobrush for furniture.
  4. An attachment for cracks and crevices.
  5. Extension tube with main floor attachment.
  6. An extra HEPA-filter.
  7. Brush for cleaning the vacuum.
  8. The brand’s cleaning liquid.
  9. A manual in Chinese.
Dreame M13s Package

The box is very full. It has literally everything you need in terms of attachments to deep clean your house. Ideally, the only thing missing is an extra carpet cleaning roller for the floor attachment.


Now let’s take a look at Dreame M13s itself. Let’s start with the main floor cleaning unit. It’s an improved fusion of Dreame H12 Pro and Dreame M12. The cleaning module has two rollers that extend almost to the edges of the body. There is a small blind spot due to their locking, But it’s much smaller than other models.

Dreame M13s сleaning module
Сleaning module

The top cover is removable.To take out the two rollers, you need to press the two buttons on the sides, after which the locks open. They are pretty standard, the bristles being very soft. The rollers are held on unusual holders with crosses, which rotate the rollers. Inside, the rollers have sparring knives along the entire length of the rollers to comb out coiled hair, fur and other dirt.

Behind both rollers are scrapers for collecting liquid from the floor. There are two small wheels between the rollers, which improve gliding on the floor.

Clean and dirty water tanks are located above the cleaning module. The dirty water tank has a HEPA mesh filter and an electronic water level sensor. There is no coarse filter. Volume is 700 ml (23.6 Oz.).

Clean water tank holds 900 ml (30.4 Oz.). Inside is a coarse liquid filter, as well as an electrolytic water sterilization module that disinfects the water and kills bacteria. Here’s how it works:

Dreame M13s The dirty and clean water tanks
The dirty and clean water tanks

On the top of the case is an LED display, which shows the battery charge, selected mode, power level and notifications. In total, the Dreame M13s has 7 operating modes: automatic, Ultra mode, suction mode, self-cleaning, roller drying, standard suction power for dry cleaning and TURBO mode for dry cleaning. I’ll stop on each one.

Dreame M13s Operating modes
Operating modes

In automatic mode, the Dreame M13s automatically adjusts the suction power depending on how dirty the floor is. Ultra mode activates the water sterilization function. First the sterilization process takes place, then the motor starts and the cleaning module is activated. Liquid suction mode activates suction without supplying water to the roller. Self-Cleaning – This is a fairly standard mode for cordless vacuums, but when drying, the roller is blown with warm air so that the lint is completely dry after drying. That’s a plus. Suction power is adjusted by disconnecting the main unit from the body of the cleaner. You can then choose between two additional power modes. There are three buttons on the handle of the cleaner itself: on/off, switching between modes, and starting the self-cleaning function on the base.

I’ll focus on the detachable main unit right away. It’s detached with the push of a button, and very convenient to attach a separate dirt container and the necessary attachment. There’s two control buttons on the handle: power on/off and switching between modes.

The vacuuming filtration system has five-stages: based on a HEPA filter, foam filter, cyclone and mesh. An additional sponge-blown filter is located in the air vents of the main unit.

Dreame M13s Removable main unit
Removable main unit

So let’s briefly stop on the attachments. The mini-turbo brush for cleaning upholstered furniture is standard, equipped with a roller with bristle inserts. The brush head has sliding bristles. The main floor nozzle has a roller with a fluffy soft pile. The lock can be removed by hand, no tools needed. Behind the roller there is a large enough suction opening and a comb for untangling hair and fur.

Dreame M13s Additional attachments
Additional attachments

Useful fact – if you need a rollerball for carpet cleaning, you can order the attachment that even comes with a light. It will fit from the new Dreame R20. Also, the Dreame M13s is compatible with the floor attachment from the V16s. It’s with the same roller, but additionally has a lighted cleaning area. Keep this in mind.

The last thing left to consider is the base for the vacuum cleaner. It has ventilation holes on both sides, for drying both rollers with hot air. The drying is efficient, the rollers are completely dry after the drying cycle, that’s a plus. Plus, the Dreame M13s base is chargeable and self-cleaning.

Dreame M13s Base for charging and self-cleaning
Base for charging and self-cleaning

Overall, the design is definitely the most versatile I’ve tested. And probably one of the most versatile in the world.

Technical features

Dreame M13s’ main features, given by the manufacturer, are displayed on the screen. I recommend pausing to read all of the info:

  • Battery: Li-Ion, 5000 mA*h.
  • Power: 350 Wt.
  • Work time: mopping 40 mins, vacuuming 75 mins.
  • Clean water tank: 900 ml (30.4 Oz.).
  • Dirty water tank: 700 ml (23.66 Oz.).
  • Volume: 71-73 dB.
  • Weight: with mopping 6 kg (13 lbs.), vacuuming 2,72 kg (6 lbs.).

It’s worth noting the increased battery capacity and power consumption compared to the previously released Dreame H12 Pro and M12. The volume was measured by me. It’s around 71-73 dB, both when operating as a mop and a vacuum.

Dreame M13s Volume

The weight is 6 kg (13.2 lbs.) with empty tanks. But if we talk about the vacuum cleaner for vacuuming, the main unit with a dust bag weighs 1792 grams (63 Oz.), the extension tube weighs 267 grams (9.4 Oz.), and the main attachment for the floor weighs 661 grams (23.3 Oz.). In total, the complete assembly weighs 2720 grams (96 Oz.), which is at the level of other models.

The runtime was also tested by using the Dreame M13s as a vacuum cleaner for vacuuming. It managed to work in turbo mode with the main attachment for 43 minutes and 34 seconds. And this is a very good indicator.

Dreame M13s Battery life
Battery life

Given the increased power, the vacuum has time to collect the garbage and then clean the floor. In the set of a washing vacuum cleaner at the automatic mode of work I have made all further tests, respectively, in reality Dreame M13s is able to work about 40 min, as a washing vacuum cleaner and it is very good!


Full review of Dreame M13s:

And finally let’s get to the tests. First of all, let’s check how Dreame M13s copes with its main task – cleaning the floor. With everyday floor cleaning the vacuum does perfectly. No comments about it. There are no streaks and traces, and it has enough water. If needed, you can also use a vacuum to collect liquids, like in my case the classic egg and flour test. Very handy!

The Dreame M13s also picks up dirt from the floor well, leaving no streaks or marks. And thanks to the rollers that come out to the edge of the body on both sides, the device is able to thoroughly scrub dirt along the baseboard. Really though, the blind spot is about 5 mm (.19 In.), while others have a blind spot of about 15-20 mm (.6-.75 In.). Still, Dreame engineers have a lot to work on.

Dreame M13s Wiping off dirt
Wiping off dirt

And as for scrubbing difficult stains, like as coffee and sauce, Dreame M13s does this task with ease.

Dreame M13s Wiping off complex stains
Wiping off complex stains

But what was surprising was that it took about 5 minutes to completely scrub the stains from the stand. About the same result as Dreame M12 and the H12 Pro. I also used a brand name detergent in both cases. It turns out that the second roller doesn’t really make it faster. Although I still think that the efficiency of cleaning in domestic conditions should increase. Again, similar models show that the result is no better, even worse in some cases.

After all of the tests, let’s check the quality of self-cleaning. Here again, Dreame M13s did good. It’s amazing at getting all of the dirt out. At the same time, the algorithm of self-cleaning has been updated. The roller rotates alternately in different directions, which increases the quality of its cleaning. Now and most interestingly, even after such a difficult test, the cleaning module is completely cleaned, there is almost no dirt behind the roller holders, even on both rollers. Both the top cover and the platform are clean. Self-cleaning is very well implemented in this model. The test was passed with flying colors!

Suction power

Separately, I’ll go over how Dreame M13s vacuums with different attachments. As for the suction power, even at medium power, the vacuum cleaner was able to suck up dirt from a 10mm (.39 In.) crack without a problem. So this is definitely a powerful vacuum. You may not even need the Turbo mode.

Dreame M13s Suction power
Suction power


Now let’s check how well Dreame M13s gets dirt from the floor. I scattered on the floor different pieces of dirt, like: hair, fur, cereals and other small household garbage. So this machine did a good job. It’s important to note that it has no problems with collecting dirt along the baseboard and in the corners. It collects everything thoroughly. There is no fur or hair wrapped around the roller. All the debris is collected in the dust bag. Test passed!

Dreame M13s Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning the carpet with the Dreame M13s isn’t very convenient, but still possible. Due to the fact that the roller isn’t the best for this job, hair and fur aren’t sucked up the first time. Nevertheless, the medium carpet was cleaned completely. Ideally, a roller attachment for carpets should be purchased.

Dreame M13s Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Extra attachment use

It’s also worth noting that thanks to the additional attachments you can clean the sofa, clean where the main attachment will not go and even clean the interior of the car if necessary. In general, the vacuum can be used for all sorts of things.

Dirt container cleaning

And finally, I’ll tell you how to clean the dust bag. Debris doesn’t fall out through the bottom, like in other vacuums. First you need to disconnect the container, to remove the filtration system and to shake out the garbage from a bulb. In principle, convenient!


Dreame M13s upright vacuum cleaner has been thoroughly reviewed and tested. I’ll highlight the pros and cons I found, after which I’ll share my own opinion about it. I liked the following:

  1. Very powerful.
  2. Good at mopping and getting off stains.
  3. Gets dirt along the baseboard better than other models.
  4. Good cleaning module based on two rollers.
  5. Detachable vacuum for a full deep clean.
  6. Quality vacuum job on hard surfaces.
  7. Good self-cleaning.
  8. Roller drying with hot air.
  9. Automatic power increase on stained surfaces.
  10. Disinfected water in the tank.
  11. Long battery.
  12. Stylish.
  13. Larger water tank.
  14. Ergonomic.
  15. Informational display on the body.
  16. The volume is less than average.
  17. Full kit, with the brand’s cleaning detergent.
  18. Good assembly.

As for what could be improved, most of these are just requests for the manufacturer, here’s what I found:

  1. There is no manual adjustment of the suction power in the vacuum cleaner.
  2. No way to regulate the amount of water the vacuum is giving.
  3. No attachment for the roller to clean the carpet.
  4. Non-dispatchable battery.
  5. Doesn’t finish the narrow strip along the baseboard, although it’s worth admitting that it’s very narrow.
  6. Designed for the Chinese market. Accordingly, notifications are in Chinese and there is no official warranty and service support.

Overall, for sure the main issue is only regionalization and after-sales support. Given the price tag, many are not very satisfied with the fact that at the moment the issue of repair is unclear and depends on the seller. But here it’s worth considering that Dreame produces quite reliable equipment and from year to year finalize their products, based on the shortcomings and the problems with their past products. So the probability of breakage is minimal and obviously less than most Chinese models.

Overall, I really liked this vacuum cleaner and I would call it a sort of combo for full-fledged dry and wet everyday cleaning. Definitely, the idea of pulling the main unit and a set of dry cleaning attachments is very cool. You buy one unit and use it for all cleaning related tasks. I’m sure that in the future, other brands will come out with 2-in-1 devices like this.

The bottom line is that while Roborock Dyad Pro took the lead in the previously released 2023 Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Rankings, slightly outperforming its main competitor, the Dreame H12 Pro, in terms of efficiency. After using the Dreame M13s, I can confidently say that it’s currently the best cleaning upright vacuum cleaner I’ve tested. It’s just as efficient, more versatile and very convenient. So if you’re not ready to entrust the main cleaning to a robot, and want to choose a device for full-fledged manual cleaning, definitely look at this option.

On that note, I’d like to end this review. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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