DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: a major upgrade of the top vacuum cleaner robot

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat Dreame

Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Today, we’ll take a look at another Dreame robot vacuum cleaner, the 2024 DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat. The model is an improved version of the popular Dreame Bot L10s Ultra. The cleaning module, the station, functions and even the suction power has been upgraded. In this review, I’ll tell you everyhting you need to know about this robot, test it, and give my opinion on it. And the price at the time of the review is from $900-1000. Let’s get rolling!


The vacuum came in this branded box:

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Box

Aside from the robot itself, the box includes:

  1. A power cord.
  2. Two wipe holders.
  3. A 200 ml (7 Oz.) bottle of cleaning detergent.
  4. A tool for cleaning the robot.
  5. An extra bag for the station.
  6. An instruction manual.
Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Package


Let’s check out the DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat and see how it’s put together. The robot is round and white, standing about 96 mm (3.7 In.) tall.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: View from above
View from above

It has a wall sensor on the right side and in the middle. There are sensors and a camera that help it avoid obstacles and keep track of the house.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Side view
Side view

The camera doesn’t have any lights. About the same as DreameBot L10s Ultra. The lidar is responsible for navigation. Next to it, there are three buttons to control the robot.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Lidar and control panel
Lidar and control panel

The dirt container is located under the top cover. The filtration system is based on a HEPA-filter and a mesh. There is also a water tank inside the robot, but it’s not removable and is located inside the body. Water is automatically pumped into the tank through the station.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: The dirt container
The dirt container

There are 4 sensors to stop it from falling. Next to the roller brush, there’s a sensor to detect carpets. The center brush unit is fluid, which is a nice feature.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Bottom view
Bottom view

The brush is made of silicone and can be taken apart on both sides to remove tangled hair and fur.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: The central brush
The central brush

Behind the turbo brush, there are two holders with wipes. The left one moves out to the right when the robot cleans along edges, furniture, or chair legs, so it doesn’t miss any spots.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: MopExtend™

The wipes automatically lift when the robot goes onto carpets, goes back to its station, or starts cleaning. This is really convenient.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Automatic mops lifting
Automatic mops lifting

The station has also been updated.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Station

Like the previous version of the L10s Ultra, the driving ramp and the tray for washing wipes had been removed.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Removable ladder and pallet
Removable ladder and pallet

Above, there is a compartment with a waste bag and a tank for pouring detergent, similar to the Dreame Bot X30 Pro reviewed earlier.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Garbage bag and detergent tank
Garbage bag and detergent tank

Pouring detergent into the tank is more convenient and cost-effective than changing cartridges.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Detergent tank
Detergent tank

Under the top cover there are tanks for dirty and clean water. Their volume increased to 4 and 4.5 liters respectively (1-1.18 G.).

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Water tanks
Water tanks

Behind the tanks we see connectors to the utilities for automatic draining and filling of water. the plugs for connecting the module of automatic filling and draining of water. The module itself however, isn’t included, and is a separate purchase.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Place of connection to sewerage and water supply
Place of connection to sewerage and water supply

It’s important to note that the station is able to heat clean water up to 58 degrees (136 F) when washing wipes, followed by air drying the wipes.

Overall, some serious changes have been made. If you’d like to see a detailed comparison of DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat with the previous L10sUltra, let us know in the comments below.


DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat’s main features:


  • Battery Li-Ion 6500 mA*h.
  • Suction power up to 7000 Pa.
  • Work time up to 220 mins.
  • Cleaning area up to 205 q.m (660 ft.).
  • Dirt container 350 ml (11.8 Oz.).
  • Water tank 80 ml (2.7 Oz.).
  • Obstacle size up to 20 mm (0.79 In.).
  • Size: 350*97 mm (13.8 x 3.8 In.).


  • Clean water tank: 4,5 L (1.18 G.).
  • Dirty water tank: 4 L (1 G.).
  • Bag in station: 3,2 L (0.845 G.).
  • Size: 423*340*568 mm (16.65×13.4×22.3 In.)

From the features its important to note the larger battery capacity and higher suction power compared to DreameBot L10s Ultra. The water tank volume has also been increased. Everything else is pretty standard.


As for the functions, the robot is controlled through the mobile app.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: App control
App control

The robot’s main functions are up on the screen:

  • Wipe washing with hot water (58°C/136°F).
  • The wipe extends to the baseboard.
  • The station connects to utilities.
  • Charges 30% faster.
  • Ultimate mode (Clean Genius).
  • Self cleaning.
  • Wipes are dried with hot air.
  • Automatic detergent adding.
  • Wipe lifts on carpets.
  • Identifies objects on the floor.
  • Remote home monitoring through the app.
  • Saves multiple maps in memory.
  • 3D-map of the area.
  • Automatically zones the area into rooms.
  • Choosing zones and rooms for cleaning.
  • Virtual walls and no-go zones (as well as for just mopping).
  • Regulates suction power.
  • Wipe washing intervals (by area, time, or room).
  • User mode.
  • Cleaning log.
  • Cleaning schedule.
  • Voice notifications in several languages.
  • Automatic power increase on carpets.
  • Carpet avoidance while mopping.

I’ll go into more detail on some of the features. Here’s how you can remotely look after your home through the app.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Remote monitoring of the house through a robot vacuum cleaner
Remote monitoring of the house through a robot vacuum cleaner

When you enter your password, the camera is turned on and the image is transmitted to your phone in real time. The picture quality is high. You can either manually control the robot or specify a place on the map where it should go by itself. You can also take photos, send voice messages through the robot’s speaker and set up a so-called guard mode. Very convenient.

What’s interesting is that you can now delete zones. For example, if a mirror creates a fake room. They also added the CleanGenius mode, in which the robot automatically determines the cleaning style depending on how dirty the room is, activating repeated cleaning or independently changing the power, as well as how wet the wipes are. This is a smart solution that improves cleaning efficiency and increasingly integrates AI into the robot’s algorithms.

You can also now flexibly customize how often you want your wipes washed by setting the station visits after a certain area traveled, after a certain time or after cleaning each room on the map. There is also a module diagnostic function for connection to the sewer and water supply, which indicates the compatibility of the model with this module.

DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Functions

In general, a lot of possibilities for flexible customization are implemented and this is a plus!


Video review:

And finally let’s get to the tests. First of all, let’s check the navigation of DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat in a room with obstacles. The robot vacuum cleaner goes first around the perimeter of the room, then cleans the entire available area in a zigzag pattern. The dryer legs gave it no trouble. Tthe robot swept around the box and chair legs separately, then returned to the station. The test was passed with flying colors.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

As for the rest of the house, the robot cleaned room by room around the perimeter, then in a zigzag pattern. Every 15 square meters (49 ft.), as I found, it returns to the station and cleans, then starts cleaning from where it previously finished. Everythings left clean, so the navigation is spectacular!

Object recognition

The object detection system works well in good lighting. The robot saw 5 out of the 6 objects we placed on the floor, marking them accordingly on the map. The soft toy was just seen as an obstacle, but that’s fine. The main thing is that DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat doesn’t drive on wires, socks and what is especially important for many people – pet surprises. Recognized items are displayed with photos if you click on the desired icon.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Recognition in good light
Recognition in good light

But in complete darkness the camera goes blind and its efficiency is sharply reduced, moving all of the objects, which is due to the lack of lighting, as in the older DreameBot L20 and L30. It’s important to take this into account.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Recognition in complete darkness
Recognition in complete darkness

Suction power

But the suction power was impressive. DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat was able to suck out debris from cracks up to 10 mm (0.39 In.) deep, which is excellent. In comparison, the Dreame Bot L10s Ultra cleaned cracks only 2 and 4 mm deep (0.07-0.15 In.). This robot truly got a powr upgrade!

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Suction power
Suction power

Dry vacuuming

The robot does a good job picking up different kinds of debris from the laminate floor. It only misses a bit in the corners since it’s round. All the debris goes into the dust collector. The central brush barely wraps any hair, and whatever does get on is really easy to remove. That’s a big plus with silicone brushes!

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Dry vacuuming
Dry vacuuming

Carpet cleaning

But the silicone turbo brush too, has its downsides. For example, it doesn’t clean carpets as well, even with the high suction power. While it can handle low carpets pretty well, it can get stuck on medium carpets, which the DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat can’t handle. However, for everyday use, you should be fine with the carpet cleaning, even if you are an experienced robot-vacuum owner.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Cleaning of a carpet with a medium pile
Cleaning of a carpet with a medium pile

Self-cleaning quality

The self-cleaning quality is spectacular, leaving nothing in the container.

Dirt scrubbing

This robot vacuum cleaner is great at scrubbing away dirt. If it doesn’t clean the floor perfectly the first time, just send it back to its station. After washing the wipes, it’ll do a thorough job.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Dirt scrubbing
Dirt scrubbing

In our tests, one cleaning cycle was all it took.

Hard dirt scrubbing

But there are problems with scrubbing difficult stains. DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat wipes, as well as the rest of the models in the line, don’t press on the floor very hard. As a result, it took 9 tries with the robot to scrub them away. At least it got it. Other models don’t show this result.

Blind zone

I’d like to point out right away that there is no blind spot between the edge of the mop and the baseboard, because the mop holder moves out to the right, which is awesome!

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Floor cleaning along the baseboard
Floor cleaning along the baseboard

And one more important point – the robot has an updated mode of cleaning the floor along the baseboard and in the corners. Now, when it goes into the corners, it moves backwards with its rear end, and gets everything as tightly as possible. A very cool implementation from Dreame’s engineers.

Mopping and carpets

When mopping with carpets around, this robot can do a few different things. The best one is to lift the wipes automatically when it goes onto carpets. That way, the robot can vacuum and mop together, keeping the carpets dry.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Lifting mops on the carpet
Lifting mops on the carpet

Another option is to avoid carpets automatically while mopping. This helps if you have thicker carpets. The robot can also either mop with rotating wipes on carpets or clean the floor first before mopping around the carpets separately.

Wipe cleaning quality

Let’s test the station’s efficiency. Let’s start with the wipe cleaning quality. After all of our tests, the wipes are washed, but still don’t come out clean. But again, it wasn’t designed to handle all of that dirt. Water heating doesn’t greatly improve the quality of wipes washing.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Wipe cleaning quality
Wipe cleaning quality

However, in everyday household conditions the station washes mops well.

By the way, here’s how the platform looks after testing. Washing it isn’t hard at all. We just start a special self-cleaning mode on the station, the robot moves out, we remove the tray and ramp, wash the bottom with a brush, and the water drains automatically. Then, we wipe the bottom with a cloth and put back the tray and ramp after washing them separately. Overall, it’s pretty convenient!

Obstacle size

Obstacles measuring 2 cm (0.79 In.) aren’t a problem for our robot. That’s a plus!

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Obstacle size
Obstacle size

Going over dark areas

It’s not afraid of dark surfaces either, going over them freely. Another big advantage.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Going over dark areas
Going over dark areas


As for the volume, it’s within the range of 58.5-72.5 dB. The volume is quite standard for this model, given the high suction power.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Volume


DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra has been thoroughly reviewed and tested. Our evaluation system gave it 205 points and entered the top three in the overall ranking of tested robot vacuum cleaners, displacing DreameBot X30 Pro and behind only the older Dreame Bot L30 Ultra and Dreame Bot L20 Ultra Complete, which scored 219 and 217 points. I will highlight the pros and cons of the robot and then share my own opinion of it.

I liked the following:

  1. Retractable wipe that allows the robot to thoroughly clean areas along baseboards and furniture.
  2. An efficient station for self-cleaning, washing and drying the wipes. And it’s pretty compact.
  3. Washing wipes with hot water.
  4. Automatic detergent supply when washing wipes. I will add here that the tank with a filler hole is much more convenient than a cartridge like the L10s Ultra.
  5. Increased water tank capacity.
  6. Optionalutilities connection module available.
  7. High suction power.
  8. Object detection system available.
  9. Remote house monitoring connected to the robot camera through your phone.
  10. Ultimate mode, thanks to which the robot independently selects the cleaning algorithm.
  11. Improved floor cleaning algorithm in corners, where the robot maximally drives into the corner with its back end.
  12. High-quality mopping and vacuuming on any flooring.
  13. Turbo brushes are easier to clean from hair and fur.
  14. Automatic wipe lifting when driving on carpets.
  15. Easy maintenance of the robot and station.
  16. Lots of functions for easy customization of your parameters.
  17. Good off-road.
  18. Not afraid of dark areas.
  19. Quality assembly and high brand credibility.
  20. Availability of a warranty and service.

A for what could be improved:

  1. Doesn’t get all of the dirt in the corners completely.
  2. Scrubs off stains with great difficulty.
  3. The object detection system is blind in the dark.

In the end, Dreame Bot L10s Pro Ultra Heat is truly an interesting model to look out for, especially if it drops below $900, giving it a noticeable gap between itself and the Dreame Bot L20 Ultra Complete. Because robots in general are very similar, while the new L10s Pro Ultra Heat has a more compact station, it’s more convenient to pour detergent and has water heating. The L20 has its own strengths – it sweeps better in corners and is able to unhook the wipes on the station, plus it’s equipped with extras in the box. So compared with the earlier model, this one turned out to be more autonomous. There are a lot of differences, they were all highlighted within the review and there is really something to overpay for. Overall, we saw a model that transitioned us into a new age of robots, so I’d recommend it.

On this note, I’d like to end the review. If you still have questions, make sure to leave them in the comments down below. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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