Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2022!

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra Dreame

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Robotobzor! Today we will review one of the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2022 – Dreame Bot L10s Ultra. This is a global version of the robot. For the Chinese market, it was called Dreame Bot S10. Price at the start of sales is from $ 1250. Speaking of the robot, it is equipped with a system for detecting objects on the floor, working in tandem with lidar. The cleaning module is represented by a central and side brush, behind it there are two rotating mopping pads that can automatically rise on carpets. Well, and most importantly, the robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a combined station for self-cleaning, rinsing mopping pads and automatically drying them after a cleaning cycle. In general, it seems that almost all the most advanced design solutions have been implemented, which greatly simplify the operation and maintenance of the robot. Next, Dreame Bot L10s Ultra will be tested in detail, after that I will express my own opinion about the robot and answer the question of whether it is the best, comparing with analogues. So let’s go!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Hz1z3j


In addition to the robot and the station, the package includes:

  1. Power adapter.
  2. Instruction manual.
  3. Spare garbage bag.
  4. Detergent tank.
  5. Brush for cleaning the station.
  6. Two round holders with mopping pads that need to be installed on the robot.
Dreame Bot L10s Ultra package

Spare accessories for the robot are not included, this is important to consider.


Let`s see how Dreame Bot L10s Ultra is designed. There are many interesting solutions that you will be interested to know about. Let’s start with the robot vacuum cleaner itself.

It is round and made in white color. Case height 97 mm from the floor.

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: View from above
View from above

On the front there is a system for detecting objects on the floor is installed on a mechanical bumper. This is primarily a camera, to the left and right of which are placed 3D sensors. The implemented system allows not only very accurately recognize objects on the floor, displaying them with appropriate icons on the map, but also to connect remotely via a smartphone to broadcast the image from the camera in real time. So you can monitor a house from anywhere in the world, and even communicate through the speaker and microphone of the robot if necessary. Very cool!

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: Side view
Side view
Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: AI Action
AI Action

On top of the control panel there are three mechanical control buttons. A lidar is installed next to them, equipped with a spring-loaded cover that prevents the robot from getting stuck under furniture.

Under the top cover there is a dust collector. It, like the filtration system, can be washed with water. The container has a mesh and HEPA filter. The dust container holds up to 350 ml of dry debris. On the sides there are curtains for unloading garbage from the container into the bag in the station through a special suction channel.

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: Dustbin & Filtration system
Dustbin & Filtration system

The charging terminals are located on the back. Here we can see a hole for filling the tank in the robot with water. It happens at the station. The reservoir holds 80 ml of water and, unfortunately, is not removable from the robot. On the right is a rubber curtain of the so-called garbage chute.

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: Rear view
Rear view

Let’s see how Dreame Bot L10s Ultra is designed from below. It has a total of 4 fall protection sensors. Next to the swivel roller is a carpet detection sensor. Side brush one: three-beam, quick-detachable.

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: Bottom view
Bottom view

The central brush block is floating, which is a plus. Very interestingly, the turbo brush was updated. Now it is silicone, like the main competitor model – Roborock S7 MaxV. On both sides, it is conveniently disassembled for cleaning from wound hair and wool.

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: The central brush
The central brush

Behind the brush block are two round rotating microfiber mopping pads. They are conveniently attached with magnets to the body of the robot vacuum cleaner. Mopping pads are held on with Velcro. Unfortunately, until now, such mopping pads do not go beyond the edges of the case, so, I predict that the problem of washing the floor close to furniture and plinth has not yet been solved, like with other analogues.

The system of lifting these mopping pads upon arrival on carpets and returning to the station is very interestingly implemented. They just sort of twist and turn depending on the situation. The unique approach of engineers. The lifting height is 7 mm.

We figured out that this robot is designed very interestingly. Now let’s talk about the station. Its height is 57 cm from the floor. At the same time, with the lid raised, the total height is 78.5 cm, this is important to consider.

A platform is provided for the arrival of a robot vacuum cleaner. Inside there are holes for self-cleaning of the dust collector, a nozzle for refilling the tank in the robot itself, and, of course, a section for rinsing mopping pads. The platform is not completely removable, as is the case with the previous model. Only the module on which these pads are cleaned is removed. But at least, having removed this module, it remains to wipe a flat surface, which is not difficult and will be demonstrated later.

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra Station

Above the platform there is a space with a trash bag. It is hidden behind a cover that is held on by magnets. Very comy. The lid itself stores a tool for cleaning the robot, again, a convenient idea. Well, the bag itself is designed for 3 liters of dry waste.

There are three touch control buttons next to the top cover: leaving the robot from the station, starting the cleaning process and turning on the mopping pads drying function. Tanks are located under the top cover. Well, on the cover itself on the reverse side we see a brief instruction manual for the station. Again – convenient and practical. Tanks for clean and dirty water with a volume of 2.5 liters. Execution is standard. Ultraviolet disinfection of the liquid is not provided, as is implemented, for example, in Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro.

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra: Tanks and bag in the station
Tanks and bag in the station

But what is more interesting – under the tanks there is another space for installing a detergent cartridge. Here’s what it looks like. Detergent automatically mixes with water in the right proportion when rinsing mopping pads. Very convenient and practical! I’m pleasantly surprised.

In general, the design of the Dreame Bot L10s Ultra is well implemented. It would also have a D-shaped body, like the Dreame Bot W10, for complete sweeping of debris in the corners, and would be close to the ideal robot vacuum cleaner. I think that such a decision will not take long to be implemented.


The main characteristics of Dreame Bot L10s Ultra declared by the manufacturer:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Battery Li-Ion 5200 mAh.
  • Suction power up to 5300 Pa.
  • Operating time up to 210 min.
  • Cleaning area up to 200 sq.m.
  • Capacity of a dust collector is 350 ml.
  • Capacity of the water tank is 80 ml.
  • Passage of obstacles up to 20 mm.
  • Dimensions: 350*97 mm.


  • Power consumption (charging/rinsing and drying/self-cleaning): (≈55W/78W/1000W).
  • Clean water tank: 2.5 l.
  • Dirty water tank: 2.5 l.
  • Bag in the station: 3 l.
  • Dimensions: 423*340*568 mm.

Of the characteristics, it is important to highlight only the declared high suction power, which will be tested in tests. The remaining parameters are at the level of analogues.


Let’s move on to an overview of the functions of Dreame Bot L10s Ultra. I highlighted the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner is controlled both through the Mi Home application, and through the new Dreamehome branded application. The interface and features are almost the same. One, but very important point – in Mi Home, I did not find the remote tracking function through the robot’s camera. But in Dreamehome this feature is available. Well, for now, temporarily, Dreamemehome does not connect to Alice, unlike Mi Home. I think this will be corrected soon.

The main functions of the robot vacuum cleaner are displayed on the screen:

  • Self cleaning.
  • Rinse mopping pads at the station.
  • Hot air drying.
  • Automatic addition of detergent.
  • Recognition of objects on the floor.
  • Remote home monitoring via smartphone.
  • Save multiple cleaning maps in memory.
  • 3D map of the premises.
  • Automatic zoning of premises into rooms.
  • Selection of zones and rooms for cleaning.
  • Virtual walls and No-Go/No-Mop zones.
  • Suction power adjustment.
  • Setting the frequency of rinsing mopping pads (by area, by zones).
  • Custom mode.
  • Cleaning log.
  • Set up scheduled cleaning.
  • Voice alerts .
  • Automatic power increase on carpet.
  • Avoidance of carpets in the wet cleaning mode.
Functions of Dreame Bot L10s Ultra

As you can see, a lot of options have been implemented for flexible configuration of cleaning parameters. I will demonstrate the function of remote monitoring of the house through a smartphone. Entering the password you have invented, the camera is turned on, through which the image is transmitted to the smartphone screen in real time. The picture quality is high. You can either manually control the robot, or specify a place on the map where it should go. You can also take photos, which will be saved in a separate folder, and send voice messages through the robot’s speaker. Well, there is another useful option – to direct the robot to the right place, where it should rotate on one place, independently take a photo of the room from all sides. So-called protection mode. Very convenient.

Remote monitoring of the house through a smartphone
Remote monitoring of the house through a smartphone

There is only one important point – if necessary, you can turn off the object recognition system. But, unfortunately, only the camera is turned off. The 3D sensors continue to function and sometimes this interferes with the robot cleaner. For example, when driving on carpets with medium pile. The robot can back up and avoid areas of the carpet, determining the pile as an obstacle. It’s not very logical.

As for the settings of the station itself, you can adjust the frequency of rinsing mopping pads by setting the arrivals to the station after a certain value of the area covered, or after cleaning each room on the map. It is also proposed to set the drying time for mopping pads and the frequency of self-cleaning.

Station settings
Station settings

Drying mopping pads with hot air is actually effective. After 4 hours, they are completely dry and do not smell. This is a plus!


Full review Dreame Bot L10s Ultra with all tests:

And finally, let’s move on to the tests. First, let’s check the Dreame Bot L10s Ultra navigation in the room with obstacles. The robot vacuum cleaner first passes around the perimeter of the room, then cleans the entire available area with a snake. It identified the legs of the dryer and carefully drove around them. At the same time, separately swept around the box and the legs of the chairs, after which returned to the station. Test passed successfully.

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

Speaking of navigating within the home, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans room after room around the perimeter, then with a snake. Every 15 sq.m., as I noticed, it returns to the station and rinses the mopping pads, after which starts cleaning from the place where it previously finished. There are no uncleaned areas left, navigation is good for this model!

Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Avoiding obstacles on the floor

The object recognition system on the floor is well implemented. The robot was able to correctly recognize 5 out of 6 items by marking them with the corresponding icons on the map. The soft toy was just identified as an obstacle, it wasn’t in the robot’s database, but that’s not a problem. The main thing is that Dreame Bot L10s Ultra does not run into wires, socks, and, what is especially important for many, pet excrement. Recognized items should ideally also be displayed with photos, but for some reason they did not load in my case. I think this will be corrected.

Avoiding obstacles on the floor (in good light)
Avoiding obstacles on the floor (in good light)

But in complete darkness, the camera goes blind and its efficiency is reduced to a minimum. The robot moved almost all objects. This is important to consider.

Avoiding obstacles on the floor (darkness)
Avoiding obstacles on the floor (darkness)

Puddles on the floor Dreame Bot L10s Ultra also does not recognize and drives through them, like previous models.

In any case, the object recognition system is well implemented and only the Roborock S7 MaxV has a better one if to compare it.

Suction power

But the suction power did not match the expectations. Dreame Bot L10s Ultra was straggling and could suck out debris from a 4 mm slot only in one place at the edge of the stand. The same result was demonstrated by the previously released Dreame Bot Z10 Pro and D10 Plus self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaners. The suction power is slightly increased, and for daily conditions it will be enough, especially if there are no carpets. However, some analogues have much higher power, which is important when cleaning carpets with medium pile.

Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning

The quality of collecting different types of waste on the laminate is good. There remains only a little debris in the corners, from where round robot vacuum cleaners are not able to sweep. All debris is collected in the dustbin. It is important to consider the fact that the central brush has wound the minimum amount of hair. Basically, they are wound on the sides under the caps and this hair is very easy to remove from the brush. This is the main advantage of silicone brushes!

Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

The Dreame Bot L10s Ultra also did a great job cleaning carpets. The system of sensors that was mentioned earlier interfered with it a bit, and the silicone brush is still less effective on carpets with medium pile, compared with the usual bristle-petal one. Anyway, the carpet is clean after the test and the robot vacuum did the job!

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Mopping and carpets

Speaking of mopping in the presence of carpets, you can choose one of two options for the behavior pattent of the robot. The first is the automatic lifting of mopping pads upon arrival on carpets, which will allow Dreame Bot L10s Ultra to simultaneously vacuum and mop the floor, leaving the carpets dry and clean.

Automatic lifting of mopping pads on carpets
Automatic lifting of mopping pads on carpets

The second option is to turn on the automatic carpet avoidance function in the wet cleaning mode. This will be relevant in the presence of carpets with high and medium pile, to eliminate the contact of the mopping pad with the carpet if necessary.

Wiping dirt

This robot vacuum copes with the task of wiping dirt, considering several rides to the station for rinsing mopping pads. This is the main advantage of such robots. Dirt will not be rubbed on the floor during the entire cleaning. So, in several approaches, the robot can precisely wash the floor, and not just wipe it. As predicted, a narrow section of the floor along the plinth was left unwashed since the mopping pads do not come out to the edges. This is a problem with all robot vacuum cleaners that I have tested.

Wiping dirt
Wiping dirt

Wiping off stains

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra can deal even with difficult dried spots. The truth is not always from the first time. But at least it can do it. Here it is only important to highlight that the pressure of the mopping pads on the floor is not very strong when compared with special floor polishing robots. But nevertheless, two rotating mopping pads do their job much better than one fixed standard mopping pad, that’s a fact. Well, it is important to note that Dreame Bot L10s Ultra can simultaneously vacuum and wipe the floor over large areas, without compromising the quality of cleaning. So, in principle, you can call this robot vacuum washing cleaner.

Wiping off stains
Wiping off stains

By the way, here is the condition of the platform after complex tests. Its washing is not difficult. For this, I even used mopping pads from the robot itself, which seemed convenient.

Quality of rinsing mopping pads

Well, I would like to test the effectiveness of the station itself. Let’s start with the quality of rinsing mopping pads. In daily conditions, after washing the floor, the condition of the mopping pads is not very bad. And after rinsing on the mopping pads, I can say that they are clean. The minimum amount of dirt is washed out under the pressure of warm water. This is a plus!

Quality of rinsing mopping pads
Quality of rinsing mopping pads

If you do a check after hard conditions with a dirty floor, mopping pads at the station are not perfectly cleaned. But again, the robot is not intended for such conditions.

Self-cleaning quality

But the quality of self-cleaning dust collector is close to ideal. I started the robot vacuum cleaner in a room with a lot of trash. It cleaned everything perfectly and we see that the dust collector is tightly packed. We return the robot vacuum cleaner to the station and see that the dust collector is completely cleaned after self-cleaning. Self-cleaning is well implemented and it is definitely better than in the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra.

Self-cleaning quality
Self-cleaning quality

Passage of obstacles

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra overcomes sills with a height of 2 cm move without problems, while lifting mopping pads. This is a plus!

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Passage of dark surfaces

Robot is also not afraid of of dark surfaces, freely driving on a completely black rug. This is another advantage of the robot!

Passage of dark surfaces
Passage of dark surfaces

Noise level

Well, as for the noise level, with the suction turned off, it is in the range of 56-57 dB. At standard power, the noise level rises to 58-60 dB. In the “Strong” mode, the noise level rises to 63-64.5 dB, and at maximum power the peak value was 66.5 dB. I can say that the noise level is low and this is a plus, given the slightly increased suction power.

Noise level
Noise level

Summing up

Dreame Bot L10s Ultra was reviewed and tested in detail. On our rating system, it managed to score 179 points and top the rating of tested robot vacuum cleaners. To be fair, I even added points to the previously leading Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra for the ability to recognize objects in complete darkness and the optionally available module for connecting to the sewer and drain, but still, with a minimal advantage of one point, the Dreame Bot L10s Ultra was able to pass its main competitor.

I will share my opinion about reviewed robot. What I liked:

  1. Accurate object recognition system.
  2. Remote monitoring of the house when connected to the robot’s camera through a smartphone.
  3. Combined station for self-cleaning and rinsing of mopping pads.
  4. Efficient drying of mopping pads with hot air.
  5. Automatic supply of detergent when rinsing mopping pads.
  6. High-quality self-cleaning and rinsing of mopping pads.
  7. High-quality dry and wet cleaning on any surfaces.
  8. The robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time.
  9. Two rotating mopping pads are better at scrubbing dirt.
  10. Automatic lifting of mopping pads when driving on carpets.
  11. Convenient maintenance of the robot and station.
  12. A large number of functions for flexible adjustment of cleaning parameters.
  13. Good passage ability.
  14. The robot vacuum cleaner is not afraid of dark surfaces.
  15. Low noise level.

Speaking of disadvantages, there are more comments than critical disadvantages. Some of them are even more wishes to make this robot vacuum cleaner almost perfect. For example:

  1. Claimed suction power was not confirmed in real tests.
  2. It is not possible to connect the station to the sewerage and water supply.
  3. In complete darkness, the object recognition system goes blind.
  4. You cannot completely disable the sensor system on the bumper.
  5. The robot vacuum cleaner does not sweep debris in the corners.
  6. Does not rub off a narrow area along the plinth.

In general, for me personally, this is really the most optimal robot vacuum cleaner among premium models so far, if we talk about the quality of cleaning, functionality and design features. Especially if its cost is around $1300-1400. Of the comments, I consider the first two to be more important, comparing with competitors. And speaking of the station, a new Dreame X10 Ultra model has already been announced, which, despite its visual similarity, is equipped with fittings for connecting to water supply and sewerage.

So, based on the test results, I definitely recommend Dreame Bot L10s Ultra for purchase. It copes with its main task and deserved to be called the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2022, or at least share the palm with the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, depending on the conditions of use.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Hz1z3j

On this note, I would like to end the review. If you have any questions, ask in the comments below. Happy tech shopping. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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