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Hey guys, welcome to RobotObzor! Today we’ll look at the new wet and dry cordless vacuum from Dreame, the Dreame H12 Dual. It’s key feature- a detachable main block, which has several vacuuming attachments. This way you can do heavy duty cleaning and mopping. Plus, the device boasts a self-cleaning function, brush drying at the station, and an LED display. For all of this, the robot costs from 550 to 600$ at the current exchange rate of this review. Now, I’ll test Dreame H12 Dual in detail, highlight the pros and cons, and give you my opinion whether it’s worth buying or not. Let’s get rolling!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3VnaLjb


The vacuum came in this branded box:

Dreame H12 Dual: Box

The kit includes:

  1. A floor stand for holding your accessories..
  2. Charging base that self-cleans and includes a holder for the accessories.
  3. An extension tube.
  4. Detachable handle.
  5. The main floor attachment.
  6. A turbobrush attachment for cleaning furniture.
  7. Slit nozzle.
  8. A brush for cleaning the vacuum.
  9. An extra brush for the mopping vacuum.
  10. A container with a filtration system.
  11. An extra HEPA-filter.
  12. The brand’s detergent.
  13. An instruction manual.
Dreame H12 Dual: Package

The kit’s good! The only thing missing is a floor attachment with a carpet brush to thoroughly clean carpets with this machine.


Let’s see how Dreame H12 Dual is organized. Let’s start with the cleaning module. The design of the cleaning module is the same as the previously released Dreame H12 Pro. The brush comes out to the edge of the case on both sides. However, we can see that the brush isn’t close to the edge, there’s locks on both sides, so a small strip of dirt will stay, but it’ll be better than others.

Dreame H12 Dual: Cleaning module
Cleaning module

They removed the top cover, the brush retainer is unlocked by pressing the button on top. Having removed the brush, we see an unusual holder, which actually rotates the brush. It’s not removable. Behind this holder is a scraper for collecting the water residue, a suction hole and a comb for combing the brush.

Above the cleaning module are the dirty and clean water tanks. The dirty water tank has a capacity of 700 ml (23 Oz.). A HEPA filter with mesh and electronic water level sensors are installed inside. No coarse filter is provided. Clean water tank with a capacity of 900 ml (30 Oz.).

Dreame H12 Dual: Water tanks
Water tanks

The vacuum cleaner has 4 modes, which are shown on the LED display. These are automatic power increase when dirt is detected, liquid suction without water supply, self-cleaning mode, and brush hot air drying.

Dreame H12 Dual: Display

The vacuum is controlled by the three buttons on the handle. Power on/off, switching between modes of operation and starting the self-cleaning function.

Dreame H12 Dual: Control buttons
Control buttons

Speaking of the base, on it the vacuum charges, self-cleans and dries the roller. Hot air is blown onto the roller through the vents on the front. Drying is good, which I tested personally.

Dreame H12 Dual: Base for self-cleaning
Base for self-cleaning

Let’s move on to an overview of the vacuum and the accessories that come with it. The main unit is removed by pressing the button next to the display. The main floor attachment has a fluffy brush with soft bristles. This type of brush is better for cleaning hard surfaces. Behind the brush there is a large enough suction opening and combs for untangling from hair and fur. The cleaned area isn’t illuminated.

Dreame H12 Dual: The main floor nozzle
The main floor nozzle

The turbo brush is standard. The brush lock is located on the side of the brush. A flat screwdriver or coin is needed to remove the brush.

Dreame H12 Dual: Furniture cleaning nozzle
Furniture cleaning nozzle

The brush head has sliding bristles. Again, pretty standard.

Dreame H12 Dual: Slot nozzle
Slot nozzle

And as for the removable dirt container, inside is a HEPA, foam, mesh and cyclone filtration system. To shake out the garbage, you need to take out all of the filters.

Dreame H12 Dual: Filtration system
Filtration system

Here’s how the vacuum is assembled. We connect the container to the main unit and install the needed attachment. By the way, in this assembly, the vacuum has 2 modes: standard and Turbo. And here’s how the vacuum looks when complete with the installed extension tube and floor attachment:

Dreame H12 Dual: Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning
Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning

Overall I have no complaints on the assembly and labor put in by Dreame. The vacuum is ergonomic and well assembled. Easily correlates with the price.

Technical features

  • Battery: Li-Ion, 4000 mA*h.
  • Power needed: 300 Wt.
  • Work time: up to 35 mins (washing vacuum), up to 60 mins (handheld vacuum).
  • Clean water tank: 900 ml (30 Oz.).
  • Dirty water tank: 700 (26 Oz.).
  • Volume: 69,5-73 dB.
  • Weight: 5 kg (11 lbs.) (Washing vacuum), 2,72 kg (6 lbs.) (handheld vacuum).

The battery capacity, tank capacity, and work time are identical with the previous Dreame M12. I checked the volume myself. It’s within 69.5-72 dB in mopping mode and 71-73 dB when vacuuming. I can say that the volume is lower than many competitors.

Dreame H12 Dual: Volume

The vacuum’s weight when completely assembled is 5 kg. But the vacuum when assembled just for vacuuming weighs 2719 grams (95 Oz.). Of which the weight of the main unit 1799 grams (63.5 Oz.), extension tube 258 grams (9 Oz.), and floor attachment 662 grams (23 oz.).

Separately, we checked the battery life when vacuuming at maximum power with the main floor attachment installed. So it managed to work 34 minutes and 9 seconds, which is very good!

Dreame H12 Dual: Working time
Working time

The standard time is usually 10-12, but for comparison Dreame M13s worked for 43 minutes and 34 seconds. That’s due to its higher battery capacity, but nonetheless.


Finally, let’s start testing. First, I’ll show you how the vacuum works. With everyday floor cleaning, the vacuum does amazingly, no complaints. There’s no streaks and traces, and water is given moderately. If you’d like, you can also use the vacuum to collect liquids or mixes, like the egg and flour I used!

Plus, Dreame H12 Dual does a good job picking up dirt, without leaving streaks and traces. And thanks to the brushes coming out to the edge of the body on both sides, it can thoroughly scrub dirt along the baseboard.

Dreame H12 Dual: Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

In reality, the blind spot is about 5 mm (.19 In.), while most have a blind spot of about 15-20 mm (.6-.78 In.). Still, Dreame engineers have a lot of work to do.

Dreame H12 Dual: The blind spot
The blind spot

As for scrubbing difficult dried stains, for example, coffee and sauce, the Dreame H12 Dual doesn’t have problems with this task. It took about 5 minutes to completely wipe off the stains from the floor. I saw the same result in Dreame M12, M13s and H12 Pro. Moreover, in all cases I used the brand’s detergent.

Dreame H12 Dual: Scrubbing hard stains
Scrubbing hard stains

After all of this, let’s check the self-cleaning quality. It self-cleans itself from dirt exceptionally well. At the same time, the self-cleaning algorithm has been updated. The brush alternately rotates in different directions, which increases the quality of its cleaning. Well and most interestingly, the cleaning module even after such a difficult test is cleaned completely, there is no dirt behind the holder, the rollerball is completely clean. Both the top cover and the platform are clean. Self-cleaning is done very well here, and the test was passed with flying colors!

Dreame H12 Dual: Self-cleaning

Suction power

And separately I’ll show how Dreame H12 Dual vacuums, if you use additional attachments. As for the suction power, even at medium power the vacuum cleaner sucked dirt out a 10 mm (.39 In.) crack without any problems. So this is definitely a powerful upright vacuum cleaner. Maybe you won’t even need the Turbo mode.

Dreame H12 Dual: Suction power
Suction power

Dirt collection on laminate

Now let’s check how well the Dreame H12 Dual picks up dirt from the floor.I scattered different dirt on my laminate floor: hair, fur, cereal and other small household garbage. So this machine did a good job. It’s important to note that it has no problems with collecting dirt along the baseboard and in the corners. It collects everything thoroughly. There’s no fur or hair wrapped around the bush. All the dirt is in the trash bag.Test passed!

Dreame H12 Dual: Dirt collection on laminate
Dirt collection on laminate

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning the carpet with this vacuum isn’t very convenient, but still possible. Due to the fact that the brush isn’t suitable, hair and fur aren’t collected the first time. Nevertheless, the medium length carpet was cleaned completely. Ideally, buy a brush attachment for carpets.

Dreame H12 Dual: Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Using extra attachments

It’s also important to see that thanks to the additional attachments you can clean the sofa, go where the main attachment won’t and even clean your car’s interior. Overall, the vacuum is good for just about anything, well of course except long carpets.

Dreame H12 Dual: Using extra attachments
Using extra attachments

Cleaning the dirt container

And finally, I’ll show you how to clean the dirt bag. Dirt doesn’t fall out through the bottom, as in other upright vacuum cleaners from Dreame. You need to disconnect the container, to remove the filtration system and to shake out the garbage. Looks convenient!


Dreame H12 Dual upright vacuum cleaner was thoroughly tested and reviewed. Here’s the pros and cons I found, and after I’ll share my overall opinion on the vacuum:

I liked the following:

  1. High power.
  2. Quality floor cleaning and scrubbing.
  3. Cleans along the baseboard better than most.
  4. A detachable vacuum with all the necessary attachments.
  5. Collects dirt well on hard surfaces.
  6. Good self-cleaning.
  7. Brush drying with hot air.
  8. Auto power increase when dirt is detected.
  9. Prolonged battery life.
  10. Stylish.
  11. Higher water tank capacity.
  12. Ergonomic design.
  13. Led display included.
  14. Volume lower than average.
  15. Good kit, including the brand’s detergent.
  16. Quality assembly.
  17. Warranty and service included.

As for what could be better, these are more like comments to the engineers than they are genuine problems with the product:

  1. No suction power adjustment included.
  2. No water level adjustment for how much water is misted on the floor.
  3. No attachment for carpets.
  4. Battery can’t be taken out.
  5. Leaves a small gap of dirt along the baseboard.

Overall, I think the main complaint is the lack of a carpet brush on the main floor attachment. I already asked the brand’s representatives which brush will fit for carpets in this vacuum. Having bought it, the vacuum is perfect for mopping and vacuuming in everyday conditions. Definitely, the idea of detaching the main unit and a set of vacuuming attachments is very cool. You buy one thing and use it for all your cleaning needs.

Considering the competition we have in the first quarter of 2024, I can say that Dreame H12 Dual is definitely one of the best cleaning upright vacuum cleaners currently at the time of writing this review. It’s versatile, efficient, convenient, and reliable. Definitely worth your time!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3VnaLjb

On this note, I’d like to end the review. If you still have questions, make sure to leave them in the comments down below. Have fun shopping bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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