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Lydsto W2 Edge Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to RobotObzor! Today we’ll be taking a look at the new robot vacuum cleaner – the Lydsto W2 Edge. The updated version has received a number of major upgrades, key one being the napkin holder that extends out to the edge of its body to better clean baseboards and corners. Additionally, the wipes are now raised by 10 mm (.39 In.)  when driving on carpets. Plus it received a power upgrade up to 8000 Pa. All in all, work has been done to make it the best version of the previous W2. Now, I’ll test and review the robot, after which I’ll tell you if this should be your next big purchase. Let me mention that the price at the time of writing is between $700-800. Let’s get rolling!



The vacuum came in this branded box:

Lydsto W2 Edge: Box

The kit includes:

  1. A soft mat for the base.
  2. The base.
  3. The vacuum.
  4. A power cord
  5. A brush for cleaning the robot..
  6. Two extra wipes.
  7. Two extra side brushes.
  8. An extra HEPA-filter.
  9. An extra bag for the station.
  10. An instruction manual.
Lydsto W2 Edge: Package

Wow, this looks more than ok. Everything you need in terms of extras and accessories is here. This is a big plus!


Now let’s take a look at how the Lydsto W2 Edge is designed. It’s oval and comes in white. A change from the regular round, its slightly elongated.

Lydsto W2 Edge: View from above
View from above

The bumper has two wall sensors on either side and an obstacle detector in the center.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Side view
Side view

There’s 3 control buttons. The Lidar has a spring-loaded cover to prevent the robot from getting stuck under furniture.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Lidar and control panel
Lidar and control panel

The dirt container fits 350 ml (11.8 Oz.) of dry garbage. Inside we see a curtain through which the garbage is sucked out into the bag in the station. The filtration system runs off only Hepa.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Location of the dust collector
Location of the dust collector

At the back of the housing we see a channel for taking out the dirt. The robot doesn’t have a water tank inside of it, instead the wipes are moistened in the station.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Rear view
Rear view

On the bottom of the housing there are 4 anti-fall sensors. There is a carpet detection sensor next to the rolling brush. That’s a plus. There’s two side brushes. Not too important, but most others only have one.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Bottom view
Bottom view

The center brush is fluid. The turbo brush itself is bristled. It can be disassembled on both sides to remove coiled up hair and fur.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Central brush
Central brush

The wipe holders are conveniently attached to the robot by magnets. The wipes are attached to the holders with Velcro. The wipe lift, as we see, has really improved from the previous model.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Holders with napkins
Holders with napkins

And we can see that under one of the wipes  is a mechanism that extends the holder to the edge of the body.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Pull-out napkin
Pull-out napkin

We first saw this implemented in Dreame Bot X20 Pro, and later in L20 Ultra Complete, L30 Ultra and so on. The solution is very competent and completely eliminates the blind spot between the edge of the wipe and the baseboard. Plus, thanks to the cloth, the robot is better at cleaning the floor around chair legs and other objects.

Let’s move on to the station overview. It has an LED display and control buttons. Pretty convenient. The platform on which the robot drives is removable, which is a good thing. It makes it much easier to clean when you need to.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Station

At the station itself, Lydsto W2 Edge washes the wipes with hot water, dries them with warm air and self-cleans the dirt container. There’s a garbage sterilization system, but I can’t check the disinfection efficiency. Lydsto engineers also implemented water disinfection with silver ions.

The top lid covers a dirty water tank, a clean water tank and a trash bag, with the robot’s cleaning tool conveniently stored next to it. The bag holds up to 3 liters (.79 G) of dry trash. The clean and dirty water tanks hold up to 4 liters (1.05 G) of water. It got a bit bigger, well and conveniently, the clean water tank has a hole with a sealed valve for filling water without removing the tank.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a sewer and water connection kit like many moderns vacuums.

Technical features

Lydsto W2 Edge’s main features, given by the manufacturer, are up on the screen:


  • Battery Li-Ion 5200 mA*h.
  • Suction power up to 8000 Pa.
  • Work time up to 180 mins.
  • Cleaning area >100 sq.m (328 ft.).
  • Dirt container 350 ml (11.8 Oz.).
  • Obstacle size 20 mm (.78 Oz.)
  • Size: 354*98 mm (14×3.8).


  • Suction power up to 1000 Wt (while self-cleaning).
  • Clean water tank: 4 L (1.05 G.).
  • Dirty water tank: 4 L (1.05 G.).
  • Trash bag: 3 L (.79 G.).
  • Size: 430*430*455 mm (16.9×16.9×17.9).

From the characteristics it’s only important to emphasize the supposed increased suction power, which will be verified in tests. The other characteristics are quite standard. For those interested, the height of the station with the lid raised is 70 cm (2.75 In.).


As for the functions, Lydsto W2 Edge is controlled through the Lydsto app. It can also be connected to the Mi Home app for integration into a smart home system. The app doesn’t freeze, which is a plus.

Lydsto W2 Edge: App control
App control

The robot’s main function are up on the screen:

  • Self-cleaning.
  • Cloth washing under hot water (50 °C/122 °F).
  • Cloth drying under warm air (60 °C/140 °F).
  • Water and trash sanitation.
  • Saves multiple maps in memory.
  • Automatically zones the area into rooms and zones.
  • Choose individual zones and rooms to clean.
  • Virtual walls and no-go zones (for mopping too).
  • Water and suction regulation.
  • Wipe washing consistency (every 6/9/12 mins).
  • User mode.
  • Cleaning log.
  • Cleaning schedule.
  • Voice notifications in Russian.
  • Automatic power increase on carpets.
  • Avoid carpets while mopping.
  • Wipe lift on carpets (Up to 10 mm .39 In.).
  • Wipe moves to side of body.
Lydsto W2 Edge: Functions

All I want to point out here is that Lydsto W2 Edge has its own approach to the wipe washing intervals. You can choose between 6, 9 and 12 minutes. This isn’t always convenient. For example, other brands offer the option to wash the wipes after each area is cleaned or through a select cleaning area. You also can’t adjust how wet the wipes should be.


And finally let’s get to testing. First, let’s check the navigation in a room with obstacles. The robot first goes around the perimeter of the room, then it zig zags through the entire available area. It didn’t get stuck on the legs of the dryer. It swept around the box and chair legs separately, then returned to the station. Test passed with flying colors!

Lydsto W2 Edge: Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

As for the rest of the house, the vacuum cleans room by room around the perimeter, then in a zig zag. Every 12 minutes, as I found, it returns to the station and rinses the wipes, then starts cleaning from where it left off. Everything looks clean, and the navigation is pretty good!

Lydsto W2 Edge: Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Suction power

But the suction power turned out to be quite standard. The robot vacuum cleaner was able to suck out the debris only from a 2 mm (.078 In.) gap. And the robot sounds loud, so it should be powerful. But the power disappoints. Nevertheless, for everyday cleaning it should be enough.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning

It does a really good job of cleaning hard surfaces. The robot completely picked up dirt from the floor. It left some dirt in the corners like most other round robots. There was some hair wrapped around the center brush. However, most of the dirt is in the bag. Test passed!

Lydsto W2 Edge: Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

I scattered the same dirt on a short carpet, and the robot cleaned it thoroughly. I did it again on a slightly longer carpet and it could still clean it, just not as well.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Mopping on carpets

Speaking of mopping if you have carpets, Lydsto W2 Edge automatically picks up the wipes when you drive onto carpeting. But there are nuances. Firstly, the lift height is actually even less than 10 mm (.39 In.), and the wipes, although not tightly, can still touch the carpet. Secondly, the napkin doesn’t immediately lift, but only after it senses 20-30 cm (7.8-11.8 In.). And the edges of the carpets can be rubbed with wet rotating cloths. Lastly, while testing the robot, it unhooked the wipe  several times when trying to drive on the carpet, after which it went into error. If you get this problem, I recommend that you turn on the auto carpet detour mode, in which the robot will detect the carpeting and go around it without wetting the wipes. In general, the wipe lift system needs some work. They should be lifted even higher and faster.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Mopping on carpets
Mopping on carpets

Dirt scrubbing

The vacuum can scrub dirt with an intermediate trip to the wipe station. This is the main advantage of these robots, that it doesn’t streak the dirt the whole time. Accordingly, if the robot keeps returning, it’ll actually clean the floor, not just wipe it. And we can see that there’s no unwashed areas along the baseboard. This is thanks to the wipe that extends to the edge of the body.

Scrubbing harder stains

But Lydsto W2 Edge has trouble scrubbing dried coffee and sauce stains. It cleaned coffee stains, but only partially managed to remove the sauce. In defense of the robot, I can say that it isn’t intended for this. The test only shows that the pressure of the wipes on the floor isn’t as strong as that of specialized robot floor sweepers.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Scrubbing harder stains
Scrubbing harder stains

Wipe washing

Here I’ll show how the wipes are cleaned after each wash. After our experiment with the stains, the wipes are pretty dirty.  The robot returned to the station and rinsed them. And indeed, they looked much cleaner.

Base maintenance

Maintaining the base is as clean as could be. We remove the dirty platform, rinse it in the sink and put it back. Super convenient!

Self-cleaning quality

Self-cleaning quality of the dirt container is also very good. We can see that the bag is tightly packed after cleaning. We return the robot to the station and see that the container is completely cleaned. Very well implemented.


Despite the fact that some stores say that the robot can go over 15 mm (.59 In.), Lydsto W2 Edge went over 20 mm (.78 In.)  baseboards without problems, and with the wipes installed. This robot’s awesome off-road!.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Obstacles

Dark spaces

But the robot vacuum is afraid of black carpets, seeing them as cliffs like most other robots. That’s important to keep in mind. On hard black surfaces, however, this isn’t a problem.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Dark spaces
Dark spaces


And lastly for the volume, it’s within 60-73.5 dB, depending on the selected mode. As I said before, the robot is really loud, and doesn’t give out enough power to compensate.

Lydsto W2 Edge: Volume


Lydsto W2 Edge robot vacuum was thoroughly reviewed and tested. Our evaluation system gave it 160 points, beating the previously released Lydsto W2 by 10 points. Now, I’ll highlight the pros and cons we found and then share my own opinion of the robot.

I liked the following:

  1. A self-cleaning base that also cleans the cloths.
  2. Ergonomic and efficient performance of the station (here we take into account the removable platform, and effective drying of wipes, and hot water washing, and sterilization, and quality self-cleaning, and even the control panel on the body). Overall, the station is cool!
  3. Wipe comes out to the edge of the body.
  4. Wipe lifts on carpets.
  5. Does a good job mopping in large areas.
  6. Lots of functions for flexible customization of cleaning parameters.
  7. Good off-road.
  8. Two sided brushes, for those who are curious.
  9. Large water tanks in the station.
  10. Full kit.
  11. Well priced, taking into account the use of lidar and station.

As for what could be improved, I ranked them from the most important to just little comments:

  1. The wipe lift mechanism needs improvement. They should be lifted faster and higher.
  2. The claimed suction power wasn’t confirmed in our real tests.
  3. There’s no water tank in the robot itself and you can’t adjust how wet they should be.
  4. There’s no way to connect the station to the sewer and water supply.
  5. Can’t scrub harder stains.
  6. Doesn’t automatically spray detergent on the wipes.
  7. It’s afraid of dark carpets.
  8. No object detection system.

Overall I can say that the update it got is very important, but there’s still things to work on.. Scrubbing along the baseboards and lifting wipes on carpets is something that was missing from the previous version, but it’s strange that Lydsto engineers didn’t work on some points. They leave you on a note, as well as a two sided opinion on it.

I’d recommend this robot vacuum mainly for mopping on hard surfaces. The wipe lift will let you  keep mopping without stopping, when the robot will be guided from the station to the desired point for cleaning, since the robot lifts the wipes as it moves to where it needs to clean. And of course, wiping along the baseboard brings this model to a new level of mopping on the same level as big names like Dreame, Roborock and other brands.

Speaking of competitors, in my opinion Lydsto W2 Edge is better than the updated Xiaomi MIjia OMNI 2, but still inferior to Xiaomi Mijia Omni B101CN and Xiaomi Mijia OMNI 1S if we’re comparing scores. But if we’re talking specifically about the mopping quality, the new Lydsto is definitely better than the Mijia OMNI family.


On this note, I’d like to end the review. Make sure to leave any questions you may still have in the comments down below. Havre fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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