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Today we will review a new robot vacuum cleaner called Xiaomi Lydsto G2 Inertial Navigation Sweep and Mop Robot. Lydsto is a sub-brand of Xiaomi and I have previously tested the robot vacuum cleaner of this brand. An older model called Lydsto R1. The new robot, like a previous model, has a self-cleaning station, a dry and wet cleaning function, and app control. However, a gyroscope, not a lidar, is responsible for navigation, which allowed the price to be slightly reduced: up to $350-400, while the older model costs from $400 to $500. Next, I will review and test the Lydsto G2 in detail and will express my own opinion whether this robot vacuum cleaner is worth buying. Let’s go!


The robot vacuum cleaner arrived in such branded box:

Lydsto G2 Box

In addition to the robot itself and the station for unloading garbage, the delivery set includes:

  1. Wet mop attachment with microfiber cloth attached.
  2. Set of 5 disposable wipes.
  3. Spare bag for the station.
  4. Operating instructions.
  5. Spare foam and HEPA filter.
  6. Two spare side brushes.
  7. Robot cleaning tool.
Lydsto G2 package

The package includes spare accessories for the first time the robot is used, which is good. Let`s move on!


Now let’s look at how Lydsto G2 is designed. Let’s start with the robot vacuum cleaner itself. It is round and is available in both white and black colors. Case height 79 mm from the floor.

Lydsto G2 view from above
View from above
Lydsto G2 case height
Case height

At the back, on the sides of the dust collector, there are charging terminals located. The front has a soft-touch mechanical bumper. On top of the control panel there are 2 control buttons: start / pause and forced return to the base for charging.

A combined container for water and debris is located at the back of the case. We see an installed hole with a curtain for unloading garbage from the dust collector into a bag in the station. The dust container holds up to 300 ml of dry debris, while the water tank is designed for 250 ml. Triple filtration system: based on a mesh, foam and HEPA filter. A pump is installed inside the tank for electronic regulation of the water supply.

Combined container
Combined container

There are 4 fall protection sensors on the bottom of the robot. There are two side brushes: they are three-beam, quick-detachable.

Lydsto G2: Bottom view
Bottom view

The central brush is bristly-petal. It can be disassembled on both sides for cleaning from wound hair and wool, which is a plus.

Central brush
Central brush

Water is supplied to the mopping pad through 3 holes. The nozzle is attached by mechanical clamps. Yes, and it is worth noting that the block of the central brush of the Lydsto G2 is floating, thanks to which the brush is better pressed against different floor coverings and, accordingly, cleans carpets better.

Bottom view with mopping pad
Bottom view with mopping pad

Now let`s look at the station. It has a rather unusual design of docking terminals for charging. The pins are placed along the edges and are equipped with rollers that help the robot dock with the station. The bag is located under the top cover. It is the same in structure and quality as most other self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaners. Holds up to 3 liters of dry waste. It is also important to note that the station has a garbage ionization function, so that the garbage will not smell. And moreover, if wet garbage gets into the base, the chance that mold will appear is minimal.

Lydsto G2 Station

In general, there are no complaints about the build quality and design of the robot.


The main characteristics of Xiaomi Lydsto G2, declared by the manufacturer:

  • Battery Li-Ion 2600 mAh
  • Suction power up to 3000 Pa
  • Cleaning area up to 250 sq.m.
  • Battery life up to 120 minutes
  • Combined container 300+250 ml
  • Passage of obstacles up to 20 mm
  • Dimensions 350*79 mm

It is worth highlighting the increased suction power, which will definitely be checked during the tests. Well, the manufacturer declared a cleaning area of ​​​​250 sq.m. This value is most likely indicated under ideal conditions at minimum suction power. Given the battery capacity and the fact that a gyroscope is responsible for navigation, I can say from experience that such robots will be effective on areas of no more than 80 sq.m.


Key features of Xiaomi Lydsto G2:

  1. Management through a mobile application.
  2. Building a map of the premises (does not save in memory).
  3. Adjustment of suction power and water supply level.
  4. Automatic power increase on carpets.
  5. Setting cleaning schedule.
  6. Manual control.
  7. Adjust the volume of voice alerts.
  8. Do not disturb mode.
  9. Cleaning log.
  10. Management through voice assistants.


A detailed video review of Xiaomi Lydsto G2 with all the tests is published on the channel. I recommend watching the full video:

And finally, let’s move on to the tests. First, let’s check the navigation of Lydsto G2 in the room with obstacles. First, the robot vacuum cleaner sweeps the entire available area with a snake. It was even able to wrap around a few chair legs and a box. However, when moving over the legs of the dryer, the robot got stuck on them and could not get out of the trap by itself. As we see, this test fails, although sweeping around objects will be considered when evaluating the robot.

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

Speaking of navigation within the home, Lydsto G2 divides the room into zones convenient for itself and cleans them one by one with a snake. In one of the rooms, the robot got confused and could not get out of it for a long time, after which it completely discarded the map. After about ten minutes, it drove out of this room, cleaned some part of an available area, and automatically returned to the charging base. There are still uncleaned areas, so I can say that this model has problems with navigation.

Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Suction power

But the suction power is good. Lydsto G2 can suck out debris from cracks up to 6 mm deep. This robot vacuum cleaner has really increased suction power, which is a plus!

Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning

The quality of garbage collection on the laminate is above average. The robot vacuum cleaner can collect various types of debris, including wool and hair. A small number of debris remains in the corners, but this is a problem with most round robot vacuums. Test passed successfully!

Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Speaking of carpet cleaning, with any of the central brushes, the Lydsto G2 cleans carpet efficiently. I have no complaints about this! And it is important to note that the robot vacuum cleaner supports automatic power increase on carpets. But it increases power with a slight delay, not immediately.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning


The quality of wet cleaning is also above average. The robot vacuum cleaner is capable of scrubbing slightly dried dirt from the floor. Closely along the plinth, it is not able to scrub the dirt, in fact, like all the other robots that were on the review. And 2 more small traces remained on the stand, but this is because for some reason the robot did not always enter this area, which is again related to navigation. But the quality of rubbing off dirt is at the level of the same Dreame or Roborock.


Well, in addition, it is important to highlight that the Lydsto G2 can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time, this is a plus!

As for wet cleaning in the presence of carpets, the robot cleaner is not able to automatically go around the carpets in the wet cleaning mode and the water supply does not stop on the carpets. This is important to consider. And it is also important to note that it is impossible to completely turn off the water supply with the nozzle installed, you can only set the minimum level of water supply.

Self-cleaning quality

Additionally, it was tested how well the Lydsto G2 is self-cleaning. So, the quality of self-cleaning is good. There is an insignificant part of the garbage in the container, and even then, not always. In this regard, it has no complaints.

Passage of obstacles

Speaking of passage ability, the Lydsto G2 was able to overcome 2cm plinth in our tests even with the mopping pad attachment installed, which is a plus.

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Drive through dark surfaces

Another advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner is that it is not afraid of black coatings and moves freely over them.

Drive through dark surfaces
Drive through dark surfaces

Noise level

And finally, we measure the noise level of Lydsto G2 in different modes. In the “Quiet” mode, the noise level is in the range of 61-63 dB, in the standard mode it rises to 70-71.5 dB, in the “Power” mode, or, most likely, with the correct translation – “Strong”, the noise level reaches 74 dB, and at maximum power the peak value was 74.5 dB. The noise level is increased in this model, but the suction power is also increased, which is connected.

Personal opinion

Xiaomi Lydsto G2 was reviewed and tested in detail. According to our rating system, it managed to score 105 points. And this is an excellent result, as for a gyroscope robot vacuum cleaner.

The overall rating of robot vacuum cleaners that have passed the Robotobzor test: https://robotobzor.ru/rejtingi/obshhij-rejting-robotov-pylesosov-robotobzor.html.

I will share my own opinion about the tested robot vacuum cleaner after a detailed test. What I liked:

  1. Increased suction power.
  2. Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.
  3. Availability of a self-cleaning station.
  4. Good cleaning quality.
  5. Small body height.
  6. The robot is not afraid of dark surfaces.
  7. Support for voice assistants.

As for the shortcomings, my main comment is on navigation. On large areas, the gyroscope loses its orientation, and the robot can pass several times in those places where it has already been, and vice versa – leave missed uncleaned areas. Less significant remarks:

  1. Delayed power increase on carpets.
  2. The robot may get stuck on the legs of the dryer.

If these remarks are not critical for you, and you choose an affordable self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning on areas of no more than 80 sq.m., and preferably 40-60 sq.m., you can consider this model. Within two or three rooms, the gyroscope can navigate well. In addition, when cleaning on an area up to 80 sq.m. and with a few carpets, a garbage bag will last for a month. This will be a plus if the robot is bought for an older family members!

Well, compared with the older model Xiaomi Lydsto R1, the younger model is 10% cheaper, while being much more powerful, more compact, and not afraid of dark surfaces. For whom these factors are more important, look at the previous model.

On this note, I would like to end the review. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. Happy tech shopping. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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