Xiaomi Lydsto L1: Lidar, self-cleaning station, object avoidance system

Xiaomi Lydsto L1 Reviews

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Robotobzor! Today we will review a new Xiaomi Lydsto Sweeping and Mopping Robot L1 self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner. Unlike the previously released R1 and S1, this model is equipped with a system for detecting objects on the floor. It is mounted in front on a mechanical bumper and consists of several laser sensors. In addition, Lydsto L1 is equipped with lidar and a wet cleaning function. For such a set of solutions, you will have to pay from $450. So, I’ll take a closer look at this robot vacuum cleaner, after which I will express my own opinion whether it is worth buying and in what cases it is rational. So let’s go!


Lydsto L1 came in such a branded box:

Lydsto L1 Box

In addition to the robot itself and the station, the delivery set includes:

  1. Nozzle with a mopping pad.
  2. Instruction manual in English.
  3. 30 disposable mopping pads for wet cleaning.
  4. 6 disposable station bags.
  5. A robot cleaning tool.
Lydsto L1 Package

The package is not the best. For example, there is no spare HEPA filter, but you will need it after a few months of operation of the robot. But there is an annual supply of bags.


Now let’s have a look at how Lydsto L1 is designed. Let’s start with the robot vacuum cleaner itself. It is available in both black and white. The body shape is round. Height is about 98 mm from the floor.

Lydsto L1 View from above
View from above
Lydsto L1 Height

Wall sensors are installed on the right and left of the bumper. At the same time, the obstacle detection sensor is installed in the center, on the sides of which laser sensors are placed. They are hidden behind a black overlay.

Lydsto L1: object avoidance system
Object avoidance system

On top of the panel we see 2 mechanical control buttons. The lidar is equipped with a spring-loaded cover that prevents the robot from getting stuck under furniture.

The combined container for garbage and water is placed behind. The tank is designed for 250 ml of water. Inside there is a pump for electronic control of the fluid supply. Also at the back there is a curtain for self-cleaning of the container at the station. Dust collector is designed for 300 ml of dry waste. Triple filtration system. Based on a mesh, foam and HEPA filter.

Lydsto L1: object Combined container
Combined container

From below, a holder with a mopping pad can be installed on the robot. It is fastened with Velcro and a groove.

Lydsto L1: mopping pad
Mopping pad

The Lydsto L1 is equipped with 4 fall protection sensors. One side brush. There is no UV lamp. In the previous S1 it was installed. The block of the central brush is floating. The brush itself is bristly-petal. On both sides, it is disassembled for cleaning from wound hair and wool. It is a plus.

Lydsto L1: Bottom view
Bottom view
Lydsto L1: Central brush
Central brush

In general, apart from the object detection system, the robot itself is completely identical to the R1.

The self-cleaning station has also not changed. On top, under the lid, there is a bag that can hold up to 3 liters of dry garbage. Below is a display that shows the status of the robot and the percentage of battery charge. Well, below we see the terminals for charging and the suction channel through which the garbage is unloaded from the container into the bag in the station.

Lydsto L1: Self-cleaning station
Self-cleaning station


The main characteristics of Lydsto L1, declared be the manufacturer:

  • Battery Li-Ion 5200 mAh.
  • Suction power up to 3000 Pa.
  • Operating time up to 150 min.
  • Cleaning area up to 200 sq.m.
  • Dust container 300 ml.
  • Water tank 250 ml.
  • Passage of obstacles up to 20 mm.
  • Dimensions: 350*98 mm.

In general, the characteristics are standard, as for a modern lidar robot vacuum cleaner. Let`s move on!


Talking about the features of Lydsto L1, the robot vacuum cleaner is controlled through the branded Lydsto mobile application. Connection does not cause inconvenience.


The main features of the robot are displayed on the screen:

  • Self cleaning.
  • Saving multiple cleaning maps in memory.
  • Automatic zoning of the premises into rooms.
  • Selection of rooms and areas for cleaning.
  • Double pass of the cleaning area.
  • User mode.
  • Washing mode.
  • Virtual walls and No-Go/No-Mop zones.
  • Continue cleaning after charging at the base.
  • Automatic power increase on carpets.
  • Adjustment of power and level of water supply.
  • Manual control.
  • Scheduled cleaning.
  • Voice alerts.
  • Do not disturb mode.
  • Cleaning journal.
  • Monitoring the status of consumables.

I will focus on two functions in more detail. User mode allows you to configure cleaning parameters individually for each room. This is a very convenient solution. But the mode of washing the floor, it’s just turning off the suction in wet mode. I was still hoping that it would be a Y-shaped trajectory of movement, but no.

By the way, some settings of the detection system are also not in the menu, and this is not good. During the tests I will clearly show why I think so.


Full review with quick tests:

Well, let’s move on to the tests. First of all, let’s check the navigation of Lydsto L1 in the room with obstacles. The robot vacuum cleaner passes the room around the perimeter, after which it cleans it with a snake. It didn’t get stuck in the dryer. Separately swept around the dryer and chair legs. This test passed successfully!

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

Speaking of navigation within the house, Lydsto L1 goes through room after room, first along the perimeter, then snake. The cleaning speed is high, there are no uncleaned areas left. Navigation is good for this model.

Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Object detection system

Separately, the object detection system was tested. How well does the robot vacuum cleaner handle the most common household obstacles. So here are large objects, for example, sneakers, a toy or bathroom scales, it is able to detect and carefully go around, but the robot vacuum cleaner chewed up the wires and socks, after which reported an error.

Object detection system
Object detection system

Representatives of the brand says that the implemented system allows you to accurately recognize obstacles with a height of more than 2 cm. Everything below 1 cm in height, the robot does not see, as in the situation with socks and wires. This is not good and this is only half of the trouble. Later I will return to the assessment of the object detection system.

Suction power

Suction power is quite standard, like other lidar robots in the Lydsto lineup. The robot vacuum cleaner was only able to suck out debris from a 2 mm gap.

Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning

The quality of dry cleaning on the laminate is good. The robot vacuum cleaner was able to pick up most of the debris from the floor. And this is not only small household waste, but also wool and hair. There is only a little debris left in the corners, from which almost all round robots on the market are not capable of sweeping with high quality. Part of the wool and hair was wound around the central and side brushes. Test passed successfully!

Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

The same rubbish was scattered on the carpet. And Lydsto L1 coped with this task. All rubbish was collected. Test passed successfully.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Self-cleaning quality

Separately, the quality of the robot’s self-cleaning was checked. It’s not perfect, but it’s good, I have no complaints. There is practically no garbage left after unloading a filled container.


No complaints about wet cleaning either. The quality of rubbing dirt from the laminate is at the level of analogues. There is only one strip left along the plinth, but this is the weak point of all robot vacuum cleaners that I had on review so far.


It is also important to note that Lydsto L1 is able to simultaneously vacuum and mop the floor. This is a plus.

Wet cleaning and carpets

But as for wet cleaning in the presence of carpets, then the object detection system failed. In my case, a carpet with a medium pile, about 3 cm high. And the robot vacuum cleaner simply did not drive into it, because the object detection system recognized it as an obstacle. There is no way to turn off the laser sensors on the bumper, as for example it is done in the closest analogues Dreame Bot L10 Pro or Ecovacs Deebot OZMO N8 PRO. So, if you have carpets 2 cm or more high on your floor, the robot simply will not drive on them. But if you move the robot to the carpet manually, it will clean it, as in one of the previous tests.

And again, according to the experience of testing previous Lydsto models, even despite the incorrect operation of the object detection system, robot vacuum cleaners were not able to go around carpets in wet cleaning mode due to the lack of carpet sensor.

Passage of obstacles

And again, the 2 cm Lydsto L1 sill does not recognize an obstacle and passes freely through it. This is certainly good if we talk about passage ability, but apparently the object detection system works on obstacles more than 2 cm high.

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Driving through a dark surfaces

Passing through dark surfaces also has problems, like most other robot vacuums. Fall protection sensors recognize the black mat as a height difference.

Passage of dark surfaces
Passage of dark surfaces

Noise Level

And finally, we measure the noise level of Lydsto L1 in different modes. In Quiet mode, it is in the range of 56-58 dB. In standard mode, it increases to 60 dB. In the Powerful mode, the noise level rises to 62-65 dB, and at the maximum power, the peak value was 72 dB. The noise level is increased for this model, despite the standard power.

Noise Level
Noise Level

Personal opinion

The Lydsto L1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner was reviewed and tested in detail. According to our evaluation system, it managed to score 110 points. 3 points less than the previous models S1 and R1. 3 points were reduced just for the incorrect operation of the object detection system, which cannot be turned off manually so that the robot is oriented in space, like previous models.

Overall rating of robotic vacuum cleaners that have passed the Robotobzor test: https://robotobzor.com/ratings/general-rating-of-robot-vacuum-cleaners.html.

I will share my own opinion about Lydsto L1 after all the tests. What I liked:

  1. Self-cleaning function.
  2. Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.
  3. Good quality of cleaning on hard surfaces.
  4. A large number of functions for flexible adjustment of cleaning parameters.
  5. Ability to overcome 2 cm plinth.

As for the shortcomings, I would like to highlight:

  1. Incorrectly working object detection system. This applies to two points: the robot is not able to recognize objects such as socks and wires, and at the same time is not able to drive on carpets 3 cm or more high.
  2. The robot vacuum cleaner is afraid of dark surfaces.

In the end, I can say that it makes sense to buy this robot only if there are no medium-pile carpets on the floor or if you are ready to vacuum them with some other vacuum cleaner, for example, an upright one. Well, at the same time, if you want the robot vacuum cleaner to be more accurate to objects. For example, it is less likely to touch cat dishes or a glass vase when compared with R1 and S1. But unfortunately, there was no significant upgrade and I didn’t get any enthusiasm for the implemented object detection system, although I still had expectations.

On the this note and I would like to end the review. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below. Happy tech shopping. Bye!


Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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