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EVERYBOT Three Spin Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Todady we’re going to look at this cool robot polisher Everybot Three Spin. The first info about this polisher appeared back in 2021. The robot has a unique cleaning module based on three rotating discs with microfiber cloths. The manufacturer said that these cloths hold up to 2kg (4.4 lbs.) of pressure on the floor, which lets it scrub better. Plus, some extras are that its very quiet and can get really close to the baseboards and furniture, thanks to the design.When it came on the market, it cost $400. Now, I’ll test the robot in detail, after which I’ll tell you my opinion on whether or not this is your future robot polisher! Let’s get rolling!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3SlsEM3


The polisher came in this box:

EVERYBOT Three Spin Box

The package includes:

  1. Charging base.
  2. Power cord.
  3. Manual.
  4. Remote.
  5. Two different sets of wipes.
EVERYBOT Three Spin: package

Pretty standard.


Now let’s take a look at Everybot Three Spin’s build. It’s white , the plastic is matte, and it’s triangular. At the front are sensors for seeing the surface in front of the robot. On the sides there are sensors for seeing the wall. Behind, in the upper part is a remote control signal receiver. It’s 99 mm (.35 In). If the kitchen appliances and furniture are under 10 cm (.39 In), then it should work with no problems.

EVERYBOT Three Spin: Front view
Front view
EVERYBOT Three Spin: Height

On the top of the robot is a single button, which turns the robotic on and off. Next to the button are indicators of the battery status, as well as the selected mode of water supply to the wipes. Next to the indicators, is a brightness sensor. Thanks to this sensor, the robot can move out of dark spots after the end of the cleaning cycle, which makes it easier to find it after it’s done.

EVERYBOT Three Spin: Control panel
Control panel

Pressing the button on top removes the 340 ml ( 11.5 Oz.) water tank.

EVERYBOT Three Spin: Water tank
Water tank

There’s a handle on the body for carrying the robot and taking it out of the station. I’ll tell ya’ll some more about that later. The wipes are attached to the discs with Velcro, and it has a very thick fabric. The bright wipes are used for polishing surfaces as well as cleaning on glossy surfaces. The gray cloths are better for wiping dirt, as it’s tougher.

EVERYBOT Three Spin: Types of wipes
Types of wipes

And as for charging, this robot has a special base for charging. That is, before each start-up you have to take out the robot from the base, move it to the needed room, and start it up. After the end of the cleaning cycle, you need to remove the wipes for washing and move the robot to the base. It’s not very convenient that there’s no auto charging.

EVERYBOT Three Spin: Charging base
Charging base

And stopping on navigation, the robot has a system of sensors for accurately seeing objects and orienting. Navigation is mostly chaotic, Everybot Three Spin can’t build a map and clean in straight lines.

All in all, the build is good, and to the design so far there I only have complaints about the navigation and charging. Let’s see how it does in the tests!

Technical Characteristics

Everybot Three Spin’s main features, given by the manufacturer:

  • Battery: Li-Ion, 2150 mA*h.
  • Work time: 200 mins.
  • Battery life: 180 mins.
  • Water tank: 340 ml (11.5 Oz.).
  • Volume: 43 db.
  • Weight: 2,05 kg (5.5 lbs).

Note the low weight and volume while it works. I’ll definitely have to test the latter.


Let’s move on to Everybot Three Spin’s features. The polisher is controlled by the remote control that comes with it. It has these functions:

  1. Manual control.
  2. Start/pause.
  3. Intensive cleaning
  4. Local cleaning
  5. Edge cleaning.
  6. Y-shaped cleaning pattern.
  7. Forced flushing of water from the robot.
  8. 50-min cycle.
  9. Water level control.

Let me stop on each mode. In intensive mode, the polisher does short passes in a straight line, with the usual 360-degree turns. In local mode, it cleans in a spiral pattern, like robot vacuums do. The Y-pattern cleans by going back and forth through the space. And, in my opinion, the most interesting mode is the perimeter cleaning. Here, Everybot Three Spin passes the perimeter, while pressing its wipe against the baseboard, furniture and other objects on the edges of the room. Pretty cool, which at least lets you clean up after the robot vacuum cleaner, if there is one. After all, almost all robots have one problem – they are not able to thoroughly scrub the floor close to furniture and baseboards, thanks to their designs. Honestly this feature won me over.


Finally, let’s get to the tests. Firstly, I’ll check the navigation within the room with obstacles. As I mentioned before, it’s chaotic. Accordingly, the whole room can only be cleaned after a long cycle. It’s good at avoiding things. When it detects chair legs and other objects, it doesn’t go around them in a circular motion, but simply changes its trajectory. The robot didn’t get stuck on the dryer, as it can’t go over 3 mm (.12 In.). When colliding with anything, it just goes another way.


As for the rest of the apartment, and in my case it is 70 sq. m. (229 sq.f), there are areas left uncleaned, but not much. Again, the robot has no exact navigation, so it would be best to run it room by room, physically limiting the cleaning area. For example, by closing the door.

Only thing is that it doesn’t clean behind curtains, but instead carefully goes around them. This is worth keeping in mind.

Scrubbing dirt

And it was important to see how well Everybot Three Spin does with its main purpose- scrubbing dirt. As you can see, even along the baseboard, the robot scrubs the slightly dried dirt well. Wipes absorb moisture and dirt well, without leaving streaks. Only the corner is left unclean because of the addition of the cleaning module.I have the same problem with round robot window cleaners.

Scrubbing dirt
Scrubbing dirt

As for harder dirt, like dried coffee and sauce stains, then it’s worth noting that Everybot Three Spin can cope with coffee with confidence, but it’s harder to remove traces of sauce. I even poured a special cleaner left over from the robot vacuum cleaner on the wipes. Of course, it improves the quality of scrubbing stains, but the result is still not perfect. But for everyday use, this isn’t life or death, just keep it in mind.

Wiping off stains
Wiping off stains


Wouldn’t it be cool to use this polisher to polish the floor? I used the most common polish, applied it to the wipes and ran the robot. I didn’t see much but I think that if more expensive wax-based products are used, you can’t just wipe the floor, but also polish it periodically. The rotary discs, in my opinion, are the best for this.


Other observations

Additionally, here’s some of my other observations. It’s not afraid of dark surfaces, which is a plus. And ToF sensors work correctly, although the manufacturer says in the instructions that the cleaning area of the robot should be physically limited by height differences, such as those steps.

Passage of dark surfaces
Passage of dark surfaces

One more thing – the Everybot Three Spin doesn’t drive on carpets. It’s physically incapable of doing that, and that’s a plus.

Well, the engineers made a very convenient way to drain the water from the robot. Here’s how it works:

The last thing is the volume. The robot really does work almost silently, as the manufacturer claims. In complete silence, the noise level in the apartment is between 38-40 dB. When you turn the robot on, it rises to only 42-43 dB, as the manufacturer claims. So it really is a very quiet robot and you can use it comfortably even while sleeping or watching TV. That’s a plus!

Everybot Three Spin: Noise level
Noise level


The Everybot Three Spin robot was reviewed and tested in detail. And as for my opinion, here’s what I liked:

  1. Can cleaning along the edge.
  2. Can get light dried dirt out.
  3. Doesn’t leave marks.
  4. You can use as a polisher.
  5. Quite.
  6. Isn’t afraid of dark spaces.
  7. Gentle.

As for what could be better:

  1. There’s no auto charging base.
  2. Poor navigation.
  3. Can’t clean behind curtains.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3SlsEM3

All in all, in my opinion, this robot is great for cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner. Personally, I would include it for controlling the perimeter behind the robot, as well as for maintaining areas such as the kitchen or hallway, because they are the most prone to dirt. And of course it makes sense to think about implementing the idea of polishing the floor. If your house or apartment has mostly wooden flooring, this robot would be a savior.

On this note, I’d like to end the review. Make sure to leave any questions in the comments. Have fun shopping, bye!


Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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