Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: budget cordless vacuum with lots of accessories

Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules Reviews

Today, we’ll look at the new cordless vacuum cleaner Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules. The price for when it came on the market was $275-300. For the price, you get an upright standing vacuum, the suction power of which reaches 185 aW, which is really good. Additionally, Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules boasts a handy bendable extension tube, a display, auto power increase depending on the surface and how dirty it is, as well as some design features that make the vacuum easier to use. At first glance – pretty nice, but we shall test this. So now I’ll review and test this vacuum in detail, after which I’ll tell you if it’s worth your time and money. Let’s go!


Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules’s package includes:

  1. Removable battery.
  2. Power cord.
  3. Wall mount for the main unit with fasteners and two nozzle holders.
  4. An extension tube.
  5. The main attachment for the floor.
  6. Flexible extension tube.
  7. Mini turbo-brush for cleaning furniture.
  8. Flexible connector.
  9. Nozzle with soft bristles.
  10. Slotted nozzle.
  11. Nozzle with moveable bristles.
  12. A manual.
Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: package

I can really say that the package is very complete. It could be better with a replacement roller for carpet cleaning. The brand representatives said that the rollers can be purchased separately.


Let’s start by taking a look at Jimmy H8 Flex Hercule’s build. First is the main unit. I’d like to emphasize that it’s non-standard, but at the same time already common for Jimmy vacuums to use this design. It’s wrapped around the body. According to the manufacturer, this design provides more powerful and continuous suction. There is less traffic, and keeps the air flowing.

Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: main block
Main block

The handle is very comfortable, it also has two control buttons: power on/off and power control. All information, including battery charge and service messages, are shown on the display. There are 4 power modes: auto, turbo, max and eco. When set to auto, the unit will automatically adjust its power depending on the type of flooring and how dirty it is. This allows you to intelligently use the battery power.

Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: Control panel & display
Control panel & display

The battery is detachable, which is a plus.

Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: Battery

The HEPA filter can be removed from the side. Plus, you can take out the entire filtration system, which is powered by a cyclone and a metal mesh, totaling 3.

Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: HEPA-filter
Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: filtration system
Filtration system

The bulb isn’t completely removable from the main unit, which can cause some inconvenience during its maintenance and cleaning. The dust bin itself can be opened from below with the button. The vacuum is easy to assemble and disassemble. The extension tube and the main floor nozzle have mechanical locks.

Let’s peek at the main nozzle. It has a swivel joint and LED lights for the available area getting cleaned. The fluffy roller is more suitable for getting trash on hard floors. Behind it is a large suction opening,letting you get larger dirt.

Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: main nozzle
Main nozzle

The roller in the front extends beyond the edges of the body, so it can press up against baseboards and furniture, getting dirt better, which is very cool. The roller can be taken out by hand without tools. Another cool addition from Jimmy’s engineers is a comb behind the roller, which untangles the bristles from hair. Of course, convenience is in the details.

The additional nozzles in the set are, put simply, standard. The mini furniture brush has a bristle roller, which is fixed on the side and is also easy to take out without tools. I’ve come across the two nozzles in other brands with the same design even. Ah, but on the crevice nozzle they decided to cheap out a bit, as there’s no newfangled LED-lighting, nor sliding bristles. Again, considering the price, not life or death.

Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: additional nozzles
The additional nozzles

The extensions included make the vacuum so much easier to use. Here’s how the main tube with the folding joint works. You can say goodbye to bending down to get dirt under furniture.

Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules: connectors

The only thing worth noting here is that this vacuum doesn’t park vertically. However, the other solutions can make up for this small problem.

Technical characteristics

The main characteristics of Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules:

  • Power 550 Wt.
  • Suction power 185 aWt.
  • Battery Li-Ion 2500 mA*h.
  • Dirt container 500 ml (19.2 Oz.).
  • Battery life up to 65 mins.
  • Noise level 77,5-85,5 Db.
  • Weight in full form 2,86 kg (6.31 lbs.).

It’s worth highlighting the increased suction power, which is probably a record for the price segment $ 200-250. Or at least definitely one of the best.

Speaking of weight, the main unit weighs 1654 grams (3.64 lbs.), the extension tube 408 grams (.89 lbs.), and the main nozzle 798 grams (1.7 lbs.). The total weight of the vacuum cleaner when fully assembled is 2860 grams (6.31 lbs.). It is slightly heavier than others, but not terribly. The center of gravity is well-distributed, and your hands won’t get tired using it.

The noise level was checked by yours truly. So in the auto mode it’s within 72.5-73 dB, in Turbo mode it went up to 72.7 dB, at max power it peaked at 76.2 dB. At the same time in the Eco mode the volume is about 72 dB. Overall, pretty standard for this vacuum, even if it has more power.


Battery life

And, finally, let’s get to the tests. The first thing we do is to check how long Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules stays alive at max power. So the vacuum managed to work for 11 minutes and 7 seconds. Pretty standard.

Suction power

As for the suction power, in Eco mode, the vacuum sucked debris out of cracks from 2 to 6 mm (.08-.24 In.) deep. Even eco mode is enough for quality suction. In Turbo mode, the vacuum cleaner was able to suck the debris out of a 10mm (.4 In.) hole, but still at maximum power it did it smoothly. I can say that both the feel and the test results of this vacuum are truly powerful to put plainly.

Suction power
Suction power

Dirt collection on hard floors

Now let’s see how well the Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules sucks dirt off the floor. I scattered different kinds of debris on it: hair, fur, cereals and other small household debris. So this unit did the job well. It’s important to note that it has no problems with collecting debris along the baseboard and in the corners. It picks up everything thoroughly, leaving no blind spots. There’s no hair or fur wrapped around the roller. Test passed with flying colors!

Dirt collection on hard floors
Dirt collection on hard floors

Carpet cleaning

Speaking of the carpet, despite the fact that the fluffy roller is not designed for it, the vacuum still did ok. But there is something here, if you strongly press the nozzle into the carpet, the vacuum goes into overload error. So clean, but clean carefully, and don’t overdo the pressure.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Using different nozzles

Note that thanks to the complete set you can clean places your main nozzle usually wouldn’t go in, the couch, clean your car’s interior, and many more different places.

Using different nozzles
Using different nozzles

Cleaning the dirt container

And finally, I’ll tell you how to clean the dirt container. You press the button and all the debris falls out through the bottom. Really simple, but sometimes hair and fur can get stuck in the bulb This is where you can completely remove the filtration system and shake the dirt out.

Cleaning the dirt container
Cleaning the dirt container


Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules vacuum cleaner was thoroughly reviewed and tested. Now i’ll share my opinion. I liked the following:

  1. High suction power
  2. Good dirt collection on different surfaces.
  3. Lots of nozzles.
  4. Removable battery.
  5. Foldable extension tube.
  6. Led screen.
  7. Ergonomic design letting you use it with one hand
  8. Auto power increase.
  9. Good price, taking everything into account.

As for what I didn’t like, I do have some comments, based on my previous experiences with other vacuums. So, it goes as follows::

  1. No removable nozzle for carpets.
  2. No vertical parking.
  3. No wireless charging on the mount

All in all, for me personally, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and I can safely say that for how much they’re asking for, it’s definitely one of the best upstanding vacuum cleaners. And probably the best for cleaning on hard surfaces. I was even more impressed with it than with Dreame P10 Pro, which led my rating of the best wireless vacuums for under $300. For all these reasons, I’d definitely recommend this vacuum.

On that note, I’d like to end this review. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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