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Hello everyone! Today we will review the thinnest robot vacuum cleaner with laser navigation called 360 S10. The flagship of the company at the time of preparation of the review. The lidar of this robot is placed inside the body, which made it possible to reduce the height of the body to 85 mm, while lidar robots usually are 95 mm and higher. Thanks to this engineering solution, the robot vacuum cleaner is more likely to slide under furniture for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. Plus, the 360 ​​S10 is equipped with a 3D sensor system to detect and accurately avoid objects on the floor. Next, I will test this robot vacuum cleaner in detail, tell you what else it is capable of, how well it does its main task and if it is worth its money. The price at the time of preparation of the review is about $ 500, which is reasonable. Let’s go!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Uun4cX


The robot vacuum cleaner came in this branded box:

360 S10 Box

In addition to the robot itself, the package includes:

  1. Base for charging.
  2. Power adapter with adapters for sockets of different types.
  3. Instruction manual.
  4. Nozzle with a mopping pad for wet cleaning.
  5. Two spare mopping pads.
360 S10 Package

The package is standard. Spare HEPA filter and side brushes are not provided.


Now let’s look at how the 360 ​​S10 is designed. It is made in black color, the coating is glossy, the shape of the case is round. A wall sensor is installed on the right side of the mechanical bumper.

360 S10: View from above
View from above

In the center is a sensor system for detecting and bypassing objects on the floor. Above the 3D sensor we see a slit through which the lidar installed inside the case scans the room.


As mentioned earlier, this made it possible to reduce the height to a record 85 mm for lidar robots.

360 S10 Height

On top of the case there is a company logo with a built-in blue indicator light. Next to it there are two mechanical control buttons.

360 S10 Control panel
Control panel

The 500 ml dust container is located under the top cover. A tool for cleaning the robot is stored next to it. The container is equipped with a convenient carrying handle. The dust collector and filter system can be washed with water. Garbage falls out through the bottom at the push of a button. A smart solution that avoids direct hand contact with debris. Filtration system based on mesh and HEPA filter. The water tank is installed at the back. It is very spacious, designed for 520 ml. Provides electronic adjustment of the water supply to the mopping pad.

360 S10 Dustbin & Water Tank
Dustbin and Water Tank

There are 6 fall protection sensors on the bottom of the robot. In addition, the 360 ​​S10 is equipped with a carpet detection sensor. One side brush: three-beam, with tufted tassels, fastened with a screw. The block of the central brush is floating. Turbobrush bristly-petal, not disassembled.

360 S10 Bottom view
Bottom view
360 S10 Central brush
Central brush

Well, as for the nozzle for wet cleaning, it is equipped with two spring-loaded buttons that increase the pressing of the mopping pad to the floor, which is a plus. The mopping pad is attached to the nozzle with Velcro and a groove. The nozzle is held on the robot by a retainer.

360 S10 Mopping pad
Mopping pad

In general, the design of the 360 S10 is more than pleasing. There are a number of smart engineering solutions that simplify the maintenance of the robot. The only remark is to the non-removable central brush.


The main characteristics of the 360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner, declared by the manufacturer:

  • Battery Li-Ion 5200 mAh.
  • Suction power 3300 Pa.
  • Cleaning area up to 180 sq.m.
  • Battery life up to 180 min.
  • Dust collector 500 ml.
  • Water tank 520 ml.
  • Passage of obstacles up to 20 mm.
  • Dimensions 350*85 mm.

Here it is worth highlighting the increased suction power, which will be checked in tests. Otherwise, the characteristics are at the level of premium analogues.


Let’s review the functions of the 360 ​​S10. The robot vacuum cleaner is controlled through the branded mobile application 360Robot. Connection is not difficult, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The main functions of 360 S10:

  1. Automatic room zoning.
  2. Save multiple cleaning maps.
  3. 3D map of the room.
  4. Choice of rooms for cleaning (1 or 2 passes).
  5. Choice of cleaning zones (1 or 2 passes).
  6. Setting the order of rooms for cleaning.
  7. Individual cleaning options for each room.
  8. Cleaning modes (dry, dry and wet, wet).
  9. Suction power adjustment (4 levels).
  10. Water supply adjustment (4 levels).
  11. Support for virtual walls and restricted areas (there are separate ones for wet cleaning).
  12. Editing the borders of rooms.
  13. Automatic power increase on carpets.
  14. Recognition of carpets.
  15. History of cleaning with playback of the route.
  16. Cleaning schedule setup.
  17. Manual control.
  18. Tracking the status of consumables.
  19. “Do not disturb” mode.
  20. Disable fall protection sensors.
  21. Support for voice assistants.

You can see that there are a lot of functions. I will focus on some of them.

360 ​​S10 Functions

What is missing is the settings for the object detection system: its sensitivity and even the ability to turn it off if necessary. Later I will show in the tests why this feature is so important.

In general, the functionality of the 360 S10 is quite diverse and allows you to flexibly adjust the cleaning parameters to suit your own conditions.


Let’s move on to the tests. First of all, let’s check the 360 ​​S10 navigation in the room with obstacles. First, the robot vacuum cleaner passes the room along the perimeter, after which it cleans the entire available area with a snake. It carefully circled the legs of the dryer, did not get stuck on them. Separately swept around the box and the legs of the chairs, after which he returned to the base. Test passed successfully!

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

Speaking of navigating within the home, the 360 ​​S10 cleans room by room, first along the perimeter, then with a snake. Cleaning speed is high. The robot did not drive only on the carpet, I will talk about this later. All other areas were cleaned. In terms of navigation, there are no complaints.

Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Objects detection on the floor

Separately, the system for detecting objects on the floor was tested. So the robot identified all 6 items and carefully drove around. Including wires and simulated pet “surprise”.

Objects detection
Objects detection

Even in complete darkness, the 3D sensor very accurately detects these objects and the robot goes around them. But this robot does not define puddles and does not go around, like other robot vacuum cleaners with an object detection system. In any case, respect for the 360 ​​engineers for the object detection system!

Suction power

The suction power of the 360 ​​S10 is increased, but not very high. It managed to suck out debris from cracks up to 4 mm deep. The result is better than many analogues and this power is enough to maintain cleanliness in the house. Especially if there are no carpets.

Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning

The quality of dry cleaning is good. The robot vacuum cleaner collected the bulk of the garbage of different structures from the floor. Not swept out only in the corners, which is a problem with almost all round robot vacuum cleaners. The hair is wrapped around the central brush, but most of the debris is collected in the dust collector. Test passed!

Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

But the quality of cleaning the carpet with a medium pile is not very high. Part of the hair and wool was left on the carpet. We will talk about this separately later.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning


When it comes to rubbing dirt, the 360 ​​S10  pleasantly surprised me. The mopping pad is well pressed against the floor, water flows abundantly onto the mopping pad, and as a result, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to scrub dried dirt from the floor. Like other robots, it does not wash a narrow strip along the baseboard due to design features. But in any case, the test passed!


It is also important to note here that the 360 ​​S10 is capable of vacuuming and mopping the floor at the same time. This is a plus.

Wet cleaning and carpets

Speaking about wet cleaning in the presence of carpets, there was a problem – because of the object detection system, which cannot be manually turned off, the robot does not drive on a carpet with an average pile about 2-3 cm high. It goes around it both in dry and wet modes cleaning. But if you use a thin carpet with a low pile, in the wet cleaning mode, the robot recognizes it, but does not automatically go around. Passes with a wet mopping pad on the carpet. This is important to consider.

Wet cleaning and carpets
Wet cleaning and carpets

Passage of obstacles

The manufacturer claims 20mm of passage ability. But again, the object detection system recognizes the 2 cm plinth as an obstacle and the robot goes around it. It was not possible to check the passage ability. But the robot is able to overcome a 15 mm plinth. This value will be taken as real.

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Drive through dark surfaces

With dark surfaces, the situation is not entirely clear. With the fall protection system turned on, the robot vacuum cleaner drives onto the carpet, but the movement algorithm is strange – it drives around it in circles. With the fall protection system turned off, there are no problems and the robot passes freely on a black mat. I count this test as passed!

Passage of dark surfaces
Passage of dark surfaces

Noise level

And finally, let’s check the noise level of the 360 ​​S10 in different modes. At minimum power, the noise level is about 55-56 dB. In automatic mode, it increases up to 60 dB. In enhanced mode, the noise level is in the range of 62-65 dB. And at maximum power, the peak value was 72 dB. The noise level in the first three modes of the robot is low, and in the maximum mode it is justified, given the increased suction power.

Noise level
Noise level

Summing up

The 360 ​​S10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner was reviewed and tested in detail. According to our updated rating system, it managed to score 129 points and enter the TOP 15 best tested robot vacuum cleaners that passed the Robotobzor test.

I will share my own opinion about the robot. What I liked:

  1. The lidar is hidden inside the body, which made it possible to reduce the height, leaving advanced navigation.
  2. A very accurate object detection system that works effectively even in the dark.
  3. High quality dry and wet cleaning on hard surfaces.
  4. Increased suction power.
  5. Spacious dust collector and water tank.
  6. A large number of functions in the application.
  7. The robot vacuum cleaner is not afraid of dark surfaces.

As for the disadvantages, here are the comments:

  1. You cannot select dry cleaning without removing the nozzle with a mopping pad. This would allow you to first start the garbage collection, and then turn on the wet cleaning mode.
  2. The object detection system recognizes carpets and sills as obstacles, which is why the robot simply does not drive on carpets with medium pile.
  3. There are problems with carpet cleaning. With this task, the robot did not cope very well in tests.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Uun4cX

As a result, I can say that the 360 ​​S10 robot vacuum cleaner left mostly positive impression and the main problems are related to carpet cleaning. If you could turn off the 3D sensor yourself, this would partially solve the problem. But still, the quality of carpet cleaning is not very high, so this is not the strongest feature of the device. But for hard flooring, the 360 ​​S10 is a good option. And given the new solution in the form of a hidden lidar, the robot deserves attention and is definitely worth its money, it is recommended for purchase. It would be great to also have an optionally available self-cleaning station. But if this is not important for you, be sure to pay attention to this robot vacuum cleaner.

On this note, I would like to end the review. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below. Happy tech shopping. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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