Dreame Bot W10 Pro: avoiding obstacles, rinsing mopping pads, increased power

Dreame Bot W10 Pro Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Today we’ll review a pretty interesting robot vacuum called Dreame Bot W10 Pro. It costs between $ 950 and $1150 at the time of the review. For what it’s worth, it offers a robot with a mopping pads rinse station, a lidar for navigation, an active camera for avoiding obstacles on the floor, a D-shaped body that improves cleaning in corners, and two rotating platforms with microfiber cloths. And that’s not all, so stay tuned, and we’ll test and review this vacuum, after which I’ll give my personal opinion on if this robot is really worth your time and money. Plus, I’ll tell you about the differences from the previously released Dreame Bot W10, which is a bit cheaper and was also on a review. So, let’s get rolling!


The vacuum came in this box:

Dreame Bot W10 Pro Box

The package includes:

  1. Two holders with wipes.
  2. Power cord.
  3. Manual.
  4. A brush for cleaning the base.
  5. A tool for cleaning the vacuum.
Dreame Bot W10 Pro Package

Sadly, the box is pretty minimal here.


Now let’s look at Dreame Bot W10 Pro’s build. Let’s start with the robot cleaner itself. It’s white and D shaped. On the right of the mechanical bumper is a wall sensor. And in the center, a system for recognizing objects on the floor, called AI Action.

Dreame Bot W10 Pro: Side view
Side view

A similar technology is implemented in the Dreame Bot L10s Ultra, only he has additional 3D-sensors, which aren’t provided in this model. The camera can not only recognize objects on the floor, but also broadcast what it sees to a connected phone for remote monitoring of the house. It stands at 103 mm (4.05 In.), although officially it’s 105.5 mm (4.15 In.).

Dreame Bot W10 Pro: AI Action
AI Action
Dreame Bot W10 Pro: Height

There are buttons on top of the control panel. The lidar is responsible for navigation, which has a spring-loaded lid, preventing it from getting stuck under low furniture. The dust bin is placed under the top lid, holding 450 ml (15. 2 Oz.). You can wash it, as well as the filter with water. Speaking of which, it’s based on mesh and HEPA filters.

Dreame Bot W10 Pro: Dustbin

There are 6 sensors on the bottom of the robot to stop it from falling, which is very cool. And next to the roller is a carpet sensor. There’s only one side brush: five beamed, and easy to take off.

Dreame Bot W10 Pro: Bottom view
Bottom view

The central brush unit is fluid, bristled and can be disassembled on both sides to clean out hair and fur, which is very good. The brush is slightly longer: 19.2 cm (7.5 In.), while the standard is about 16.5 cm (6.4 In.). Behind the central brush in the body of the robot there is a ribbed surface – which stops the brush from coiling hair. Roughly speaking, a comb.

Dreame Bot W10 Pro: Central brush
Central brush

And as for the holders with wipes, they are held on to the robot with magnets. The wipes don’t lift when going into carpets, so its important to keep in mind.

Dreame Bot W10 Pro: Mopping pads
Mopping pads

We’ve looked at the robot, so let’s move on to the station. One of its cool features is the fully removable wipe platform. This makes it so much easier to clean.

Dreame Bot W10 Pro: Station
Dreame Bot W10 Pro: removable wipe platform
Removable wipe platform

The top of the station has a display with two buttons. Under the top cover are pretty big tanks: 4.5 liters (1.1 G.) for clean water and 4 liters (1.05 G.) for dirty water. For comparison, the Dreame Bot L10s Ultra has these tanks of 2.5 liters (.66 G.) each. But the W10 Pro has no compartment with a self-cleaning dust bag, and no detergent cartridge. This is important to consider. But, it’s worth noting that the station can dry wipes with hot air. Looking ahead, I want to say that the drying works correctly and after a few hours the wipes really become dry.

All in all, I’ve no complaints regarding the build quality and workmanship, just like with the rest of the Dreame family of robot vacuum cleaners. Well, comparing by design with the previously released Dreame Bot W10, the only difference is the camera on the front bumper of the Pro-version. Otherwise, the robots are completely identical.

Technical features

Dreame Bot W10 Pro’s main features:

  • Battery: Li-Ion 6400 mA*h
  • Suction power: up to 4000 Pa
  • Cleaning area: up to 300 sq.m (984 Ft.)
  • Battery life: up to 170 mins
  • Trash tank: 450 ml (15.2 ml.)
  • Clean and dirty water tanks (in station): 4 L + 4,5 L (1.1+1.05 G.)
  • Obstacle size: up to 20 mm (.78 In.)
  • Robot size: 334*314*105,5 mm (13.1×12.4×4.15 In.)
  • Base size: 375*400*430 mm (14.7×15.7 x 16.9 In.)

Again, compared with the younger W10, absolutely identical characteristics. Well, if I had to say something – note the increased power, which I’ll have to test, as well as the larger battery.


Speaking of features, Dreame Bot W10 Pro is controlled through the Dreamehome app, while the W10 is connected only through the Mi Home app from Xiaomi. So the proprietary app has more stable and more frequent updates, which is an important benefit of the Pro-version. And as for connecting, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Dreame Bot W10 Pro main functions are up on the screen:

  • Rinsing wipes on base.
  • Drying wipes on base.
  • Avoiding obstacles.
  • Remote tracking through the robot’s camera.
  • Saves multiple maps in memory.
  • Automatically zones space into rooms.
  • Individually chose rooms to clean.
  • Virtual walls and no-go/no-mop zones.
  • Control suction power.
  • Set up rinse intervals for wiped (by area of by zone).
  • User mode.
  • Cleaning log.
  • Cleaning schedule.
  • Voice alerts.
  • Auto power increase on carpets.
  • Avoid carpets while mopping.

Here it’s worth pointing out that you can adjust how often the wiped rinse. You can choose to rinse through a certain area: from 5 to 15 square meters (16 ft-49 ft.), or after cleaning each area. The second option seems more convenient to me.

The remote home tracking function allows you to connect to the robot’s camera and stream the image to your smartphone screen in real time. In addition, you can take pictures and even talk through the robot thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone.

Remote tracking through the robot's camera
Remote tracking through the robot’s camera

There is also a new “Base Self-Repair” section. I didn’t turn it on since I didn’t have any problems with the station, but I assume that this feature solves the problem with the water supply to the wipes. Something along the lines of self pumping the system. Since in fact, there is nothing else there to “self-repair”.

The robot’s functionality seems premium and lets you flexibly adjust the cleaning parameters under your standards. Again, compared with W10, only the functions related to the camera and “self-repair base” have been added.


And, at last, let’s get to the tests. First and foremost, let’s test the navigation in a room with obstacles. The robot got stuck on the drying rack’s legs, but finally got out on its own, continuing the cleaning cycle. It also swept around the chair legs and boxes before returning to the base to recharge. Test passed with flying colors!

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

As for the rest of the house, Dreame Bot W10 Pro cleans room by room first along the perimeter, then in a snake-like pattern. I set a wipe rinse interval – after each zone. I ended up cleaning 6 rooms and went back to the station and rinsed the wipes the same number of times. The navigation is good, and the mopping quality is definitely top tier!

Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Avoiding obstacles

Additionally, I tested the object detection system. So, in good light, the robot managed to bypass all 6 traps, including a surprise your pet could leave you! And it accurately recognized 5 of the 6 objects. All except a child’s toy, but still very good!

In full truth however, the system fals in total darkness, and as a result, the robot ran over a sock and chewed it, after which it went into error. And this is where the Dreame Bot L10s Ultra is saved by 3D sensors, which do not go blind in the dark. But on the other hand – these 3D sensors are not completely disabled, and, for example, on high carpets, can trigger falsely. Dreame Bot W10 Pro’s sensors, if needed, can be completely disabled, and the vacuum will act like W10.

Avoiding obstacles
Avoiding obstacles

Overall, the detection system is well implemented, in terms of AI, but it’s important to keep in mind that it only works in bright light.

Suction power

Speaking of suction power, in reality it has increased, but not by a lot. The vacuum cleaner sucked dirt from 2 and 4 mm (.08-.15 In.) deep cracks. Actually, the same result was shown by W10 and L10s Ultra. This is enough for everyday use, even on carpets, but there are more powerful models on the market, even within the Dreame line. For example, the L10 Pro sucked dirt out of a 10mm (.39 In.) crevice.

Suction power
Suction power


The vacuum quality on laminate was very good. The robot picked up all kinds of dirt, including hair and fur. Plus, it sweeps well in the corners. Not perfectly, but much better than round robot vacuums. If the side brush beams were a little longer, I think the corner would be swept out completely. A bit of hair got wrapped around the center brush, but in any case, mostly everything is in the bin. Test passed!


Carpet cleaning

It also did well on carpets. The robot picked up all of the dirt, so I don’t really have any comments left. The test was a success!

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Mopping (scrubbing dirt)

As for scrubbing off dried up dirt, Dreame Bot W10 Pro performs really well here. The wipes scrubbed and absorbed the dirt without leaving streaks, even in one cleaning cycle. No additional rinsing at the station was necessary. Only the narrow area along the baseboard was left, which is the achilles heel of all of the vacuums I’ve tested here!

Mopping (scrubbing dirt)
Mopping (scrubbing dirt)

Mopping (Getting off stains)

Unfortunately, Dreame Bot W10 Pro has a hard time getting off harder stains, like dried coffee and sauce stains. Coffee stains it’s still able to remove after a few attempts, but it takes time to remove sauce stains. The wipes can do it, but I do have to say that they don’t put much pressure on the floor, and I wouldn’t recommend using the vacuum for stains.

Mopping (Getting off stains)
Mopping (Getting off stains)

Mopping on carpets

As for simultaneous mopping and vacuuming with carpets, here’s the deal. There’s a carpet detection mode in the settings. If it is turned on, the robot in mopping mode will go around the carpets and clean only on hard surfaces. But, I remind you that the wipes don’t go up on carpets like the Dreame Bot L10s Pro or Ultra does. This is important to keep in mind. At least you can remove the tissue holders and run the robot only for vacuuming carpets.

Wipe rinsing quality

The wipes are rinsed well, at the same level as other robots. The wipes are practically clean after a difficult dirt scrubbing test. A minimal amount of dirt is washed off them. I’lll also note that it takes up to 200 ml (6.7 Oz.) of water to rinse the wipes once, which is also the same amount as other vacuums. The volume of the reservoirs is enough to wash a large enough area.

Wipe rinsing quality
Wipe rinsing quality

As for the platform, it’s very easy to maintain. You take it off and wash it in the sink. Here’s how it looks after all the tests, and here’s how it looks after washing. It’s a shame that other manufacturers don’t implement a similar removable mechanism.

Platform washing
Platform washing

Passage of obstacles

It did really well with obstacles. Even with the wipes in, Dreame Bot W10 Pro passed a 2 cm (.78 In.) threshold. This is extremely cool!

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Passage of dark surfaces

It wasn’t scared of dark spaces, and this is another advantage.

Passage of dark surfaces
Passage of dark surfaces

Noise level

As for the volume, in Quiet mode it’s between 58.5-60 dB. In standard mode it reaches 62.5 dB. In the intensive cleaning mode the volume goes all the way up to 64 dB, and at max power it peaked at 69.4 dB. The volume is slightly higher in the max mode, but given the power, this is totally OK! In other modes it’s relatively quiet.

Noise level
Noise level


Dreame Bot W10 Pro robot vacuum was thoroughly reviewed and tested. Our evaluation system gave it 167 points and put it in the top 5 tested robot vacuums at the time of the review. The robot actually turned out to be quite interesting and can be a strong competitor on the market, considering the price.

Now I’ll list the pros and cons, heres what I liked:

  • The rinsing wipes on the station function. And the station does it well.
  • Quality mopping and vacuuming.
  • The robot vacuums out dirt better from corners.
  • Flexible adjustment of vacuuming and wipe rinsing.
  • Easy to use. For example, the removable platform.
  • Effective wipe drying with hot air.
  • Large water tanks for both clean and dirty water.
  • Good navigation.
  • The object detection sensor does its job very well in good light.
  • Remote tracking through the robot’s camera
  • Higher suction power.
  • Good at avoiding obstacles.
  • Good collection quality.
  • Isn’t scared of dark spaces.

As for what could be better, this is what I found:

  1. The object detection sensor doesn’t work in the dark.
  2. No self-cleaning option.
  3. Doesn’t get the thin strip of dirt along the plinth.
  4. The wipes don’t lift on carpets
  5. You can’t connect the station to your plumbing.

Overall, for me personally, the pluses outweigh the minuses. Considering the fact that the robot doesn’t pick up its wipes on carpets, I would recommend it for cleaning on hard flooring. It would be even better than the L10s Ultra, as it sweeps better in corners and has tanks with larger capacity. Well, and the price, which is $500 cheaper, and that’s a very big difference. So here, choosing between these two models, I would be guided by the strengths and weaknesses of each of them, and disregarding the price, acting on principle: if there are carpets, I would choose L10s Ultra, if not – definitely W10 Pro. And comparing Dreame Bot W10 and W10 Pro, the difference really was only in the camera, and to be specific – recognizing objects on the floor and remote tracking of the house. Well, and the app, which updates more frequently. If you wanna overpay, that’s up to you.

On this note, I’d like to end the review. Make sure to ask any questions you may still have in the comments. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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