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Hello to all readers of the Robotobzor! The hero of this review is a new Proscenic P11 Smart upright vacuum cleaner. Before I reviewed the previous model Proscenic P11 and I liked it. The updated model received even higher suction power (30 kPa compared to 26 kPa), new colors and the ability to connect the vacuum cleaner to a branded mobile application. Because of this, apparently, the Smart prefix appeared. At the same time, the price exceeded $200, while the cost of P11 remained at the level of $160-200. Next, I will test the Proscenic P11 Smart in detail, after that I will express my own opinion whether this cordless vacuum cleaner is worth buying. Let’s go!



The vacuum cleaner came in such a branded box:

Proscenic P11 Smart box

It is compactly packaged:

  1. Main unit.
  2. Extension tube.
  3. Basic floor nozzle.
  4. Nozzle for upholstered furniture.
  5. Crevice nozzle.
  6. Nozzle with a brush.
  7. Wall holder.
  8. Power adapter.
  9. Kit for fixing the wall holder to the wall.
  10. Tool for cleaning the vacuum cleaner.
  11. Operating instructions.
Proscenic P11 Smart package

The kit contains all the necessary accessories and nozzles for the operation of the vacuum cleaner. However, when compared with the Proscenic P11, the wet cleaning nozzle was removed from the kit, this is important to consider.


Let`s see how the Proscenic P11 Smart is designed. It is made in a combination of graphite, black and blue colors. The vacuum cleaner turns on and off by pressing the trigger button. At the end there is an informative display with a touch button for adjusting the suction power. There are three modes in total: minimum power, automatic mode and Turbo. In automatic mode, the Proscenic P11 Smart automatically increases the suction power when it detects carpets.

Main unit and display
Main unit and display

On the bottom of the handle there are battery terminals for charging the vacuum cleaner on a wall holder. The battery is removable which is a plus.

Battery and charging terminals
Battery and charging terminals

The dust container is very easy to remove by pressing the locking buttons highlighted in blue. The bottom of the flask opens from the bottom to shake out debris. Four-layer filtration system: based on HEPA, foam filter, cyclone and mesh.

Filtration system
Filtration system

Now let’s look at how the main floor nozzle is designed. The hinge is swivel, which increases the maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner. Front mounted LED-backlight, which increases the efficiency of garbage collection in dimly lit places. The central brush is fixed with a latch, which does not require improvised tools and tools to remove it, this is a plus. Brush with fluffy inserts. This design allows you to better clean carpets. Unfortunately, there is no replacement fluffy roller for parquet.

Main floor nozzle
Main floor nozzle

The nozzle for cleaning mattresses and upholstered furniture is equipped with a bristly turbo brush, which is removed by turning the lock on the side. The build quality is reasonably priced.

The nozzle for cleaning mattresses
The nozzle for cleaning mattresses

The remaining 2 nozzles from the kit are also quite standard and look budget.

All attachments
All attachments

We assemble the vacuum cleaner and this is how it looks in full assembly:

Vacuum cleaner in full assembly
Vacuum cleaner in full assembly

Here’s how it charges on the wall holder. Unfortunately, this holder does not provide storage for additional attachments from the kit. You will have to find a place for them in the closet or store in a box.

Charging on a wall holder
Charging on a wall holder

As a result, the vacuum cleaner itself is average in terms of build quality, which corresponds to its price segment. Unfortunately, there are no significant differences from the P11 model.


The main characteristics of Proscenic P11 Smart, declared by the manufacturer:

  • Power consumption 450 W
  • Suction power up to 30 kPa
  • Battery Li-Ion 2500 mAh
  • Battery life up to 60 minutes
  • Dust container 600 ml
  • Weight 2.7 kg
  • Noise level 73-78 dB

Speaking about the characteristics, in general they are standard for this price segment of upright vacuum cleaners. However, compared to the Proscenic P11, the suction power has increased from 26 to 30 kPa. Moreover, the power consumption remained the same, and this is strange.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner was measured personally. So, the main unit weighs 1728 grams, the extension tube is 221 grams, and the main floor nozzle is 733 grams. In total, in the complete assembly, the vacuum cleaner weighs 2682 grams, which is quite a standard value.


Battery life

And finally, let’s move on to the tests. First of all, let’s check the operating time of Proscenic P11 Smart at maximum suction power. In Turbo mode, it managed to work out 14 minutes 20 seconds. This is a very good indicator. For comparison, P11 was able to work in the same mode for 10 minutes 40 seconds. It is not clear how the engineers were able to increase the operating time so much, given that the battery capacity has not changed.

Noise level

As for the noise level, at minimum power it is in the range of 72.5-73 dB, and in Turbo mode the noise level does not exceed 78.5 dB. Yet again. The noise level is lower than its predecessor, and in principle not too high, as for an upright vacuum cleaner.

Suction power

The actual suction power of the Proscenic P11 Smart is above average. This vacuum cleaner was able to suck debris out of cracks up to 10 mm. For living conditions and maintaining cleanliness in the house, this is enough.

Suction power
Suction power

Proscenic P11 coped with this task a little worse and only partially sucked debris out of a 10mm slot, although it can handle 8mm.

Cleaning quality

There are no complaints about the quality of garbage collection on hard floor coverings. Proscenic P11 Smart was able to clean the floor from wool, hair and various household debris. It is important to note that there are no problem areas as such, where the brush is not able to reach. The device even cleaned the corners and the area along the plinth. Hair wrapped around the brush, it can be easily cleaned with the tool that comes with the kit. Most of the debris is collected in the dust collector.

Garbage collection on laminate flooring
Garbage collection on laminate flooring

This upright vacuum cleaner also copes with cleaning carpets without any problems. However, there is a problem that I talked about when reviewing P11.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

In automatic mode, the main nozzle does not always detect carpets. It’s all about the implementation of this feature. To increase power, there must be a sufficiently strong resistance to the central brush, which is typical for fluffy carpets. Therefore, on a carpet with a high pile, the Auto mode works mostly well, but on a low carpets, the power does not always increase, this is important to consider.

With the rest of the nozzles included in the kit, you can clean upholstery, joints between sections and other areas. Even the interior of the car. The battery is enough to completely clean the seats, floor mats and trunk.

Furniture cleaning
Furniture cleaning

Well, the last thing I would like to tell is the connection of the vacuum cleaner to the application (via Bluetooth). In the application, you can track the status of the filter and view cleaning statistics.

I would not say that this is a directly important option and that it somehow improves cleaning efficiency or ease of use. Looks like it’s more a marketing move.

Summing up

The Proscenic P11 Smart upright vacuum cleaner was reviewed and tested in detail. I will share my own opinion about this device. What I liked:

  1. High quality garbage collection.
  2. Increased suction power.
  3. Removable battery.
  4. Charging on the wall holder.
  5. Informative LED display on the case.
  6. Long working time.
  7. The presence of illumination on the main nozzle.

There are only two comments about this vacuum cleaner – the function of automatically increasing power when carpets are detected does not work correctly and storage of nozzles from the kit on a wall holder is not provided.


Otherwise, this cordless vacuum cleaner is beyond doubt and can be recommended for purchase if the price is reasonable (up to $200). It is more powerful, more autonomous, and quieter than the previous model, which means that the engineers have worked on the product.

On this note, I would like to end the review. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. Happy tech shopping. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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