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Hi to all readers of the Robotobzor website! Today we will look at one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners I’ve had for testing so far. This is the 360 C50. The 360 ​​company is popular, and the flagship 360 robot vacuum cleaners, such as S9 or S10 Max, can successfully compete with analogues from famous brands. With the same Roborock or Ecovacs Deebot. The younger version of the 360 ​​C50 is equipped with a gyroscope for navigation, which is why its price at the time of preparing this review is $160-200. The price is just fire, but it can rise a bit, because the review was prepared at the time of the sale. Next, I will show why I liked this robot and why for its price this is one of the best options on the market, if not actually the best. Let’s go!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vXQAOl


The robot vacuum cleaner came in this box:

360 C50 box

It contains:

  1. Separate water tank with microfiber mopping pad installed.
  2. Charging base.
  3. Universal power adapter with three types of electrical plugs, including the European standard.
  4. Instruction manual.
  5. Remote Control.
  6. Batteries for it.
  7. Brush for cleaning the dust container and the central brush.
360 ​​C50 equipment

There are no spare consumables as side brushes, a napkin and a HEPA filter, but this is not critical for the price of this model. But there is a remote control.


Now let’s see how the 360 ​​C50 looks. It is made is black color, the top cover is glossy. Only 1 control button is installed, this is start / pause. Case height – 79 mm.

360 ​​C50: view from above
View from above

A dust collector is installed in the robot. It is removable from the behind, the capacity is quite good, 510 ml. A protective shutter is installed inside the dust collector, which prevents accidental spillage of debris when removing the container. Filtration system based on mesh and HEPA filter.

Dustbin location
Dustbin location

Instead of a dust collector, you can install a water tank. From above we see the terminals and next to them the pump. So, an electronic adjustment of the water supply is provided.

360 C50 water tank
Water tank

The water tank is equipped with an additional compartment for dry waste. In the wet cleaning mode, the robot can sweep the trash, but not vacuum, keep this in mind. According to the manufacturer, the tank holds 300 ml of water, although the tank itself indicates 150 ml and one level mark higher. The mopping pad is fastened with Velcro, water enters it through 4 holes with dispensers.

Let’s see how the robot is arranged from below. It has 2 side brushes, three-beam pile. They are attached with screws. There are 3 fall protection sensors on the front. A turbo brush is installed in the center. The pile is not very dense, there are no silicone inserts, as we see. The brush mechanism is not disabled.

Bottom view (without napkin)
Bottom view (without napkin)
Bottom view with napkin
Bottom view with napkin

In general, the robot performed well for its money. There are no complaints about the build quality.


Of the main characteristics of the 360 C50, I would like to highlight:

  • Cleaning mode – Dry and wet
  • Li-Ion battery 2600 mAh
  • Suction power: up to 2600 Pa
  • Operating time: 120 minutes
  • Charging time: 240 minutes
  • Cleaning area: 60-80 sq.m.
  • Dust container: 510 ml
  • Water tank: 300 ml
  • Dimensions: 315*315*79 mm
  • Weight: 3.15 kg

Here it is important to highlight only the suction power, and looking ahead I want to say that it is really very high, much higher than those of the new models that claim 2700-3000 Pa. Further, I will definitely prove these words with a test.


The main functions are available in a branded mobile app that you need to download and install on your smartphone. To do this, use the QR code in the instructions. Connecting should not be a problem. The first time I got an error, but the second time the robot quickly connected to the Wi-Fi network.

App control
App control

On the main operating panel on top, you can select one of three cleaning modes: along the perimeter, automatic and spot cleaning mode. In the spot mode, you can separately select the cleaning of a specific area where the robot will be moving, as well as the number of passes by the robot. There is an imitation of the remote control for manual control.

The bottom row of buttons is a forced return to the base for charging, starting the automatic cleaning mode, adjusting the suction power (one of 4 levels) or adjusting the water supply (3 levels). Clicking on the “More” button opens additional options.

You can schedule a cleaning, at the preferred time and day of the week, while choosing the power level. View the cleaning history, update the robot software, find it by sound signal and track the status of consumables. In the settings section, you can share controls with other family members, change the name of the robot, enable do not disturb mode, adjust the volume of voice alerts, and, if necessary, turn off the indicator lights on the robot.

By the way, 360 C50 speaks several languages. In addition, in the settings you can view information about the device and, if necessary, reconnect the robot to the Wi-Fi network. Moreover, you can view system notifications and study the operating instructions in electronic form.

Let`s have a look at the functions on the remote control. The upper left button is used to connect the robot to a Wi-Fi network, next to it is a forced return to the base. Below is a joystick for manual control of the robot vacuum cleaner and a start / pause button in the center.

Remote control
Remote control

Below the joystick are buttons such as adjusting suction power, starting automatic cleaning mode, spot mode, edge mode, as well as a button to turn off voice alerts. All important functions are duplicated.


First, let’s check the 360 ​​C50 navigation in the obstacle room.

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

The robot first passes the entire available area with a snake move, after which it switches to the edge mode and returns to the base. It was able to go through the entire available area, didn’t get stuck anywhere, but it didn’t sweep around the box and the legs of the chair. For cleaning about 10 sq.m. it took him 17 minutes, the cleaning speed is standard. It is important to note that the robot does not build a map in real time. In general, there are no complaints about navigation, given that the robot is inexpensive and has a gyroscope.

As for cleaning the entire area of ​​the house, the robot was able to completely go through 5 rooms with a total usable area of ​​about 34 sq.m. There were no uncleaned areas left, it took about an hour to clean, and it was enough for him at standard charging power. Navigation test passed successfully.

Suction power

Now I will demonstrate the suction power of the 360 ​​C50. Let me remind you that the manufacturer claims 2600 Pa.

360 C50 suction power
Suction power

And at maximum power, robot really surprised me. It was able to suck out debris even from cracks 10 mm deep, and so far this is a new record. This robot is even more powerful than iCLEBO O5 Wi-Fi, which I have already praised several times. The 360 ​​C50 sucks up debris at the level of powerful handheld vacuum cleaners, just excellent results for a robot.

Well, there is a nuance – firstly, it makes almost same noise as a handheld vacuum cleaner in maximum mode, and secondly, at maximum power, the battery charge is enough for about 60 minutes of operation. So, I recommend using this mode only, when necessary, for example, in a room with high carpets that need deep cleaning.

Dry cleaning on laminate

Now let’s check the quality of dry cleaning on the laminate. Wool, hair, cereals, and ground coffee as an imitation of dust were used as garbage.

Dry cleaning quality
Dry cleaning quality

The 360 ​​C50 did a good job. There was only some debris left in two of the four corners of the stand. Test passed successfully.

Carpet cleaning

The same debris was scattered on the carpet. And the 360 ​​C50 did the job without problems, cleaning the carpet thoroughly. There was only one uncollected piece of hair left, but it got entangled in the pile of the carpet and had to be removed by hand, the robot cannot do this.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning


Let’s check the quality of wiping dirt from the laminate. The robot was able to remove all the dried dirt in the main part of the stand, leaving only the area along the plinth where the mopping pad does not reach. So far, this is the only comment for the entire review.


In general, the quality of wet cleaning is high, the robot wets the mopping pad well without flooding the floor. The water tank will last for the entire cleaning cycle, approximately 60-80 sq.m.

Passage of obstacles

Let’s see what height the sills 360 ​​C50 can pass. It can pass sills with a height of 10 and 15 mm. A two-centimeter threshold, unfortunately, it is not able to pass.

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Dark Surfaces

There are no problems with the passage of dark coatings. In our test, the robot runs over a black mat without recognizing it as a height difference.

Drive through dark surfaces
Drive through dark surfaces

Noise level

And finally, we measure the noise level of the 360 ​​C50 in different modes. At the minimum suction power, the noise level is about 67 dB, in the standard it reaches 71.5 dB. In powerful mode, the noise level is 75 dB, and at maximum power, the peak value was 77.3 dB. This is a very powerful robot vacuum cleaner, and one of the noisiest on the market, which is understandable.

Noise level
Noise level

By the way, in the mopping mode, when the engine is off and the robot just sweeps, the noise level does not exceed 56 dB.

Summing up

360 C50 was reviewed and tested. According to our rating system, he scored 48 out of 100 possible points. Given a really low price, this is a very good result, as for a robot vacuum cleaner with a gyroscope.

Overall rating of models that passed the Robotobzor test https://robotobzor.com/ratings/general-rating-of-robot-vacuum-cleaners.html.

I’ll tell you what I liked about the 360 ​​C50:

  1. Very high suction power. The main advantage for a robot.
  2. Good quality dry and wet cleaning on different surfaces.
  3. The presence of a remote control and an application for control.
  4. Voice alerts in different languages.
  5. Not afraid of dark coatings.

As for special comments I would like to highlight:

  1. No movement limiter included.
  2. The robot does not wash along the plinth.
  3. Noisy at maximum power mode
  4. Does not build a room map in real time.
  5. No spare consumables included.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vXQAOl

But, as I said, for this price these are just small remarks, same as for many robot vacuum cleaners worth up to $150. And for this price, especially at times of sale, this is definitely one of the best robots that I highly recommend considering. High power and good cleaning quality, as well as the entire standard set of functions in the app, make the 360 C50 a very attractive choice.

On this note, I would like to end the review. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article. Happy tech shopping everyone!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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