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Hello everyone, welcome to Robotobzor! Today we will review the new Hobot LEGEE-D7 robot vacuum cleaner. I want to note that this is one of the most functional and practical robot vacuum cleaners of 2022. Additionally, the robot is equipped with unique design solutions that improve cleaning efficiency and ease of use and maintenance. Next, I will show in detail all the features of the device and test it in real conditions, after that I will express my own opinion whether it is worth buying the new Hobot LEGEE-D7. The price at the start of sales should be around $600, which puts the robot vacuum cleaner in the premium segment. So let’s go!


The robot vacuum cleaner came in such a branded box:

Hobot LEGEE-D7 and box
Robot and box

First what we can notice is the information that Hobot LEGEE D-7 supports connection to a Wi-Fi network with a frequency of 5 GHz and is also controlled through voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant.

The package includes:

  1. Base for charging.
  2. Power adapter.
  3. Bottle for pouring water into the tank.
  4. Documentation for the robot vacuum cleaner.
  5. Two spare microfiber cloths.
  6. Two spare side brushes.
  7. Spare HEPA filter.
  8. A set of spare nozzles for spraying water.
Hobot LEGEE-D7 package


Now let’s see how the Hobot LEGEE-D7 is designed. It`s made in white. The shape of the body is D-shaped, which allows you to better sweep the debris in the corners.

Hobot LEGEE-D7: view from above
View from above

The front part has a soft-touch mechanical bumper. There are 4 mechanical control buttons on the control panel: start / pause, forced return to the base for charging, child lock and switching operating modes.

Hobot LEGEE-D7: control panel
Control panel

Lidar is responsible for navigation. It is equipped with a spring-loaded button that prevents the robot from getting stuck under furniture.


The dust collector and water tank are placed under the top cover. The water tank is not removable. Holds up to 320 ml of water. A tool for cleaning the robot is conveniently stored nearby.

Dustbin and water tank
Dustbin and water tank

The dust collector is designed for 500 ml of dry waste. HEPA based filtration system and strainer. They are allowed to be washed with water.

Filtration system
Filtration system

It is important to note that the dust collector has 2 windows for unloading garbage. And the robot has two suction channels. Here’s what it looks like:

2 windows for unloading garbage
2 windows for unloading garbage

Hobot LEGEE-D7 is equipped with a unique design solution – a suction hole is installed in front of the central brush for pre collection of light debris, such as wool and hair. This solution, according to the manufacturer, allows 80% to solve the problem of tangling the brush with hair, which greatly simplifies the process of maintenance and cleaning of the robot vacuum cleaner. The technology is called Tangless Suction.

Legee D7 Tangless Suction
Tangless Suction

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with 4 fall protection sensors. The charging terminals are located next to the swivel caster. The central brush block is not floating.

Hobot Legee D7: Bottom view
Bottom view

Between the central brush and the mopping pad there are 4 nozzles for supplying water directly to the floor. Side brush one: three-beam, quick-detachable. Moved to the corner of the body for accurate sweeping of debris in the corners. The central brush is bristle-petal, non-separable. Only the cap comes off on one side.

Central brush
Central brush

The mopping pad is attached to the platform with Velcro. We have to admit that the mopping pad is quite dense, much better produced than most other robot vacuum cleaners.

Mopping pad
Mopping pad

Well, now I would like to highlight two design features of the Hobot LEGEE-D7. The first is the water supply system. It is implemented very well. Unlike most other robots, in which water flows from the tank through a mopping pad to the floor, seeping dirt back, the LEGEE D7 has special nozzles in front of the mopping pad. They spray water onto the floor covering, dissolving dirt and stains, after which the cloth collects the liquid and absorbs it. In addition, intelligent water supply is provided depending on the floor temperature. The warmer the floor, the more water is supplied.

Nozzles for supplying water
Nozzles for supplying water

The second design feature is the lifting mechanism of the mopping pad. When driving on carpets, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically raises the platform with the mopping pad up to 6 mm, providing a small gap between it and the carpet. This allows the robot to vacuum and mop the floor at the same time, leaving carpets dry and clean after cleaning.

Well, it is additionally worth noting that instead of wheels, the Hobot LEGEE-D7 has caterpillars, thanks to which the robot is less likely to slip on a wet floor.

All design features was viewed here. As you can see – Hobot LEGEE-D7 is a truly unique robot vacuum cleaner. The build quality is high.


The main technical characteristics of Hobot LEGEE-D7, declared by the manufacturer:

  • Battery Li-Ion 4900 mAh.
  • Suction power 2700 Pa.
  • Cleaning area up to 240 sq.m.
  • Battery life up to 140 min.
  • Dust collector 500 ml.
  • Water tank 320 ml.
  • Passage of obstacles up to 20 mm.
  • Dimensions 340*339*98 mm.


Let’s move on to the functions of Hobot LEGEE D7. The main functionalities of the robot vacuum cleaner:

  1. Control via mobile application.
  2. Saving multiple cleaning maps in memory.
  3. Installation of virtual walls and restricted areas on the map.
  4. Choice of rooms and cleaning zones.
  5. Automatic zoning into rooms.
  6. 8 operating modes for various modes conditions (and one of these modes is User, in which you can set the water supply level, suction power, turbo brush rotation speed and robot movement speed). You can also enable or disable the suction in front of the turbo brush.
  7. Adjustment of suction power and water supply level.
  8. Lifting mopping pads on carpets.
  9. Automatic power increase on carpets.
  10. Continue cleaning after charging at the base.
  11. Manual editing of room borders.
  12. Cleaning log.
  13. Schedule cleaning setup.
  14. Record creative voice alerts.
  15. Management through voice assistants.
  16. User zones and obstacle zones.
Hobot LEGEE D7 functions

As for last two functions, let`s look at them more detailed and see how they work. The zone with light obstacles is a rectangular area highlighted on the map, in which the Hobot LEGEE D7 turns off the lidar and moves ahead, only relying on the soft touch mechanical bumper. Such obstacles can be curtains, behind which robot vacuum cleaners do not clean, as well as, for example, a bedspread hanging from the bed.

Curtain Zone
Curtain Zone

Well, the second useful feature is an area with obstacles on which the Hobot LEGEE D7 can get stuck. As in situation with the legs of a clothes dryer, on which robot vacuum cleaners often get stuck. If you install such a zone in the dryer zone. The robot will carefully go around the legs and will not try to climb them. Another unique and useful solution!

Climbing Control
Climbing Control


A detailed video review of Hobot LEGEE-D7 with all the tests was prepared and published on the channel. I recommend you watching the video:

Finally, let’s move on to the tests. Let’s check the Hobot LEGEE D7 navigation in the obstacle room. First, the robot vacuum cleaner passes the perimeter of the premises. It got stuck on the legs of the dryer for a while, but as a reminder, in these areas you can turn on the gentle touch and avoid obstacles function. After passing the perimeter, the robot cleans up the entire available area with a snake and returns to the base. Around the box, he swept separately, but around the legs of the chair Hobot LEGEE D7 does not sweep, although he was able to drive under the chair. Anyway, the test passed successfully!

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

As for navigation within the house, the algorithm does not change here – Hobot LEGEE D7 cleans room after room, first along the perimeter then with a snake. There are no uncleaned areas left, this model has a good navigation!

Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Suction power

The real suction power of the Hobot LEGEE-D7 was a pleasant surprise. This robot vacuum cleaner was able to suck out debris even from a 10mm gap. In reality, the robot turned out to be very powerful and this is a big plus of the new model!

Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning on laminate

The quality of waste collection of different structure on the laminate is also high. Hobot LEGEE-D7 was able to pick up all the debris from the floor, including cleaned the corners perfectly. Look again at how well it sweeps debris in the corners:

Dry cleaning on laminate
Dry cleaning on laminate
The robot vacuum sweeps efficiently in the corners
The robot vacuum sweeps efficiently in the corners

At the same time, hair and wool are practically not wound on the central brush. Most of the debris is collected in the dust collector. Test passed successfully!

Carpet cleaning

The Hobot LEGEE D7 also does a good job of cleaning carpets, unlike other floor cleaning robots in the Hobot LEGEE line, which are not designed for this.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning


The quality of mopping is very high. Despite the fact that it doesn`t have unique moving platforms that Hobot robots are famous for, the LEGEE D7 is still able to wipe off simple dirt from the floor and produce high-quality wiping the floor without streaks. This is a plus!


In addition, it is important to note that Hobot LEGEE-D7 simultaneously vacuums and wipes the floor!

Wet cleaning and carpets

Speaking of wet cleaning in the presence of carpets, the robot can recognize carpets and automatically raises the mopping when driving on them. So, carpets always remain dry and clean. This is a very useful feature of the robot!

Raising the platform with a mopping pad when driving onto carpets.
Raising the platform with a mopping pad when driving onto carpets.

Collection of pet hair and wool

Separately, I tested how effective the pre-collection of hair and wool is. A large amount of this garbage was scattered on the floor and the robot was able to collect everything, the floor was clean. Let’s look at the state of the cleaning module:

Collection of pet hair and wool
Collection of pet hair and wool

We see that part of the hair is wrapped around the side brush, which is easy to clean. A small part of the hair was wrapped around the central brush. However, the main part of the wool and hair is collected in the dust collector. Wow!

Under normal household conditions, the robot also demonstrated high-quality collection of hair, wool and other debris, while the condition of the brushes was better. Wool and hair were not wrapped around them, all the garbage in the dust collector.

I can say that the light debris pre-collection feature has proven its effectiveness and I believe that the Hobot LEGEE D7 is one of the best, if not the best robot vacuum for pet hair in 2022.

Passage of obstacles

The patency of the Hobot LEGEE D7 is good. It can overcome 2 cm sills and is able to drive on carpets with an average pile.

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Drive through dark surfaces

But, unfortunately, Hobot LEGEE-D7 is afraid of dark surfaces and recognizes them as height differences. I have already informed the manufacturers about this problem, and they will try to fix it. If suddenly it succeeds, I will inform you.

Drive through dark surfaces
Drive through dark surfaces

Noise level

And finally, I will check the noise level of Hobot LEGEE-D7 in different modes. At minimum power, the noise level is in the range of 60-62 dB. At medium power, the noise level rises to 64-67 dB, and at maximum power, the peak value was 72 dB. Yes, the noise level is increased, but this is due to the high suction power, so there are no complaints.

Noise level
Noise level

Personal opinion

Hobot LEGEE D7 was reviewed and tested in detail. According to our rating system, it managed to score 147 points and enter the TOP-10 in the overall rating of robot vacuum cleaners that passed the Robotobzor test!

I will share my own opinion about Hobot LEGEE-D7 after a detailed review and test. What I liked:

  1. High suction power.
  2. D-shaped body for better sweeping of debris in corners.
  3. Pre-collection of wool and hair by the suction port.
  4. Raising the platform with a mopping pad when driving onto carpets.
  5. Water supply to the floor through nozzles.
  6. High quality dry and wet cleaning.
  7. The robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time.
  8. Good navigation.
  9. A wide range of settings and functions in a branded mobile application for flexible cleaning settings.
  10. High-quality cleaning in areas with curtains.
  11. Careful movement in areas with obstacles where the robot can get stuck.
  12. Support 5GHz Wi-Fi.
  13. Complete set.
  14. Ability to install a creative voice notifications.
  15. Support control through voice assistants.
  16. High-quality assembly.
  17. Availability of warranty and service support from the manufacturer.

Yes, there are many benefits. As for the shortcomings, which can rather be called comments, I would like to highlight the following:

  1. Afraid of dark surfaces.
  2. The central brush is not disassembled.
  3. Does not sweep separately around chair legs.

As for me, the disadvantages are not so critical and given so many advantages, Hobot LEGEE-D7 is definitely one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in 2022. If it were also equipped with a station for self-cleaning and rinsing mopping pads, as well as a system for recognizing objects on the floor, it would certainly be the most functional, autonomous and the best of the best. But given the price and competition, this robot vacuum cleaner is recommended for purchase and will take the lead in new ratings that will be published soon.

On this note, I would like to end the review. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. Happy tech shopping. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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