Robot Vacuums Comparison Test: Which Robot Vacuum To Choose In 2021-2022?

Robot Vacuums Comparison Test Comparisons

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Robotobzor! Today, I wanna make a comparative test of the robot vacuum cleaners 2021 models. We will review flagships from well-known brands, such as: Roborock S7, Ecovacs Deebot OZMO T9 AIVI Plus, Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner Pro, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro, Viomi Alpha UV, Roidmi Eve Plus and Proscenic M8 Pro. Will compare the quality of cleaning, as well as other important parameters. And based on that, will figure out which of the robot vacuum cleaners is the best in 2021, considering the test results and final assessments. So let’s go!

What will be compared?

To make the final objective opinion, I will compare the following parameters:

  1. Amount of collected sand, scattered in the same amount on the tile.
  2. Amount of collected sand, scattered in the same amount on the carpet.
  3. The quality of waste collection of different structure on the laminate.
  4. The quality of rubbish collection of different structure on the carpet.
  5. The suction power, or the maximum depth at which the robot vacuum cleaner is able to suck out debris.
  6. The quality of wiping off dirt.
  7. Avoiding obstacles on the floor.
  8. Passage of dark surfaces.
  9. Passage of sills.
  10. Noise level.
  11. Self-cleaning quality.

In addition, let us compare the design features of robots, their characteristics, functionality and price. After this review you`ll find a table with all related data, where you can conveniently compare the results and choose the best option for yourself for your own conditions and budget. I will also try to determine the winners and rank the flagships from best to worst, giving points for each stage of the comparison. If you disagree with the number of points, write in the comments what marks you would put in each of the tests and what, in your opinion, the final result should look like.

Comparative tests

A detailed video review with all the tests has already been prepared and published on the channel, I recommend watching the video:

The amount of sand collected on a tile

Let’s start with the most revealing tests. The first is how much sand each of the robot vacuum cleaners can collect from the tile. The complexity of this test also lies in the fact that part of the sand gets into the seams between the tiles, so here not only the operation of the brushes and navigation, but also the suction power, affects the cleaning quality.

The sand was scattered in the same amount – 200 grams over the entire area. Each of the robot vacuum cleaners was launched in a double-pass mode of the entire available area. After each test, I vacuumed the floor by hand to keep the starting conditions as similar as possible for each model.

Here are the results:















Roborok managed to collect completely all the sand on the floor and even more than crumbled. It looks like there is still an insignificant part on the floor that could not be visually detected during preparation for the test. In this comparative test, clearly Roborok is the leader.

Roborock S7 collects sand from tiles

Amazon: Roborock S7

Ecovacs didn`t perform as good as Roborok and Mijia, because during the second pass he moved along the same trajectory, and not in a perpendicular snake moves like all the other participants in the comparison. Most likely, this is what influenced the result, as some sand remained in the joints between the tiles.

Ecovacs collects sand from tiles

A strange situation happened with Dreame. For some reason, the quality of sand collection on a tiled floor in this model is extremely low.

Dreame collects sand from tiles

Results of the other test participants:

Viomi collects sand from tiles
Proscenic collects sand from tiles
Roidmi collects sand from tiles
Mijia collects sand from tiles

The first estimates will be as follows:

Roborock    2    Ecovacs   1,5     Viomi    1,5    Dreame    0    Mijia   1,5     Roidmi   1     Proscenic        1

The amount of sand collected on the carpet

A similar test was carried out on the carpet. 200 grams of sand was scattered over the entire area before each launch. After each test, the carpet was cleaned with a powerful wireless vacuum cleaner. It is clear that all the sand cannot be collected, but at least visually there were no grains of sand on it.

Here are the results:















And we see that in this comparison, Eсovacs here overtook the main competitor – Roborock and showed a slightly better result, for which he receives 2 points, while Roborock and Dreame, earned 1.5 points each.

Ecovacs collects sand on the carpet
Roborock S7 collects sand on the carpet
Dreame collects sand on the carpet

Amazon: Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

Viomi followed him with one point and after that, all the other robots showed an equally low result. They get half a point.

Viomi collects sand on the carpet
Roidmi collects sand on the carpet
Proscenic collects sand on the carpet
Mijia collects sand on the carpet

Roborock    3,5    Ecovacs   3,5     Viomi    2,5    Dreame    1,5    Mijia   2     Roidmi   1,5     Proscenic        1,5

The quality of waste collection from the laminate

As for the standard laminate tests that are performed during reviews, it is important to note that all compared robot vacuums are good at picking up wool, hair, dust, cat food, litter and other types of debris.

Amazon: Viomi S9

I can only highlight a few features. The first is that Ecovacs, Roidmi, Viomi and Proscenic are slightly better at sweeping debris from the corners. For this I will give them one more point.

Ecovacs collects garbage on laminate flooring
Roidmi collects garbage on laminate flooring
Viomi collects garbage on laminate flooring
Proscenic collects garbage on laminate flooring

Here are the results of dry cleaning by the rest of the robots:

Roborock collects garbage on laminate flooring
Dreame collects garbage on laminate flooring
Xiaomi collects garbage on laminate flooring

And secondly, Roborock and Ecovacs, due to the fact that the central brushes are made of silicone, are better cleaned of coiled hair and wool. It is a fact. And for this, robots will receive one additional point.

Roborock    4,5    Ecovacs   5,5     Viomi    3,5    Dreame    1,5    Mijia   2     Roidmi   2,5     Proscenic        2,5

The quality of the rubbish collection from the carpet

The same rubbish was scattered on the carpet, and I wanna note that the improved quality of collection of rubbish of different structure on the carpet in all robot vacuum cleaners, except for Mijia. On carpets, this robot vacuum cleaner is showing low performance.

Ecovacs carpet cleaning
Viomi carpet cleaning
Roidmi carpet cleaning
Dreame carpet cleaning
Roborock carpet cleaning
Proscenic carpet cleaning
Mijia carpet cleaning
Mijia carpet cleaning

During a separate review, there was also a small complaint against Roborock that the previous center brush version performed better on carpets. But during the comparative test, Roborok is clearly competitive with analogues. Everyone except Mijia gets 2 points for carpet cleaning, Mijia gets 1 point in this comparison.

Roborock    6,5    Ecovacs   7,5     Viomi    5,5    Dreame    3,5    Mijia   3     Roidmi   4,5     Proscenic        4,5

Suction power

The suction power is tested on a bench with slots of different depths. Here are the results of the compared robot vacuum cleaners:

10 mm10 mm2 mm4 mm2 mm2 mm2 mm

We see that the most powerful robots are Roborock and Ecovacs. For this they receive 2 points. The Dreame has low suction power, but it is increased and it deserves at least 1 extra point. All other robot vacuum cleaners have the same standard suction power and I see no reason to award them additional points within this test.

Roborock    8,5    Ecovacs   9,5     Viomi    5,5    Dreame    4,5    Mijia   3     Roidmi   4,5     Proscenic        4,5

The quality of wiping off dirt

As for the quality of wiping off dirt, Ecovacs, in my opinion, is equipped with the most effective design solution in the form of a vibration module.

Ecovacs wipes dirt off the floor

Despite the fact that Roborock also declared ultrasonic vibration, in reality it didn`t show significant effectiveness when compared with the same Viomi, Mijia, Roidmi or Proscenic, which have a Y-shaped movement pattern in wet cleaning mode.

Roborock wipes dirt off the floor
Viomi wipes dirt off the floor
Mijia wipes dirt off the floor
Proscenic wipes dirt off the floor
Roidmi wipes dirt off the floor

That`s why, in this comparison, I give 1.5 points to Ecovacs and 1 point to everyone except Dreame. Dreame doesn`t have advanced wet cleaning for more efficient wiping off of dirt.

Dreame wipes dirt off the floor

Roborock    9,5    Ecovacs   11     Viomi    6,5    Dreame    4,5    Mijia   4     Roidmi   5,5     Proscenic        5,5

Obstacles passage

Speaking of the obstacle detection system, Mijia has implemented it best of all, for which this robot receives an additional 2 points. It not only identifies most of the objects on the floor, but also recognizes them, displaying the corresponding icons on the map. That is, artificial intelligence has been introduced and the possibility that the robot will pinch a sock or a wire during cleaning is reduced to a minimum.

Mijia Object Recognition
Mijia Object Recognition

Dreame also has a 3D sensor-based object detection system. But it does not work very well and there is a problem when working on carpets. The sensor detects a high pile as an obstacle, as a result of which the robot vacuum cleaner randomly moves on carpets.

Identification of objects on the floor (Dreame)
Identification of objects on the floor (Dreame)

Ecovacs has an active camera and artificial intelligence installed, but at the moment the system needs to be improved, because the robot is not capable of recognizing all objects on the floor. But at least there is a chance that this problem will be fixed with a firmware update.

Ecovacs recognized the items
Ecovacs recognized the items

All other robot vacuum cleaners are not able to detect objects lying on the floor in front of them, so they can easily get trapped by a sock or a wire that will wind up on a turbo brush and block the robot. Therefore, it is fair to add 1 point to Ecovacs and Dreame in this comparison.

Roborock    9,5    Ecovacs   12     Viomi    6,5    Dreame    5,5    Mijia   6     Roidmi   5,5     Proscenic        5,5

Passage of dark surfaces

Robot vacuum cleaners have such a problem as the fear of dark coatings. Obstacle sensors can detect black surfaces as differences in height, causing the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to back away from black tiles, carpets with black patterns and other types of surfaces.

So out of all 7 compared robot vacuum cleaners, only Roidmi and Mijia are not afraid of dark coatings. For this, it is fair to add 1 more point to each of them.

Passage of dark surfaces (Mijia)
Passage of dark surfaces (Mijia)
Passage of dark surfaces (Roidmi)
Passage of dark surfaces (Roidmi)

Roborock    9,5    Ecovacs   12     Viomi    6,5    Dreame    5,5    Mijia   7     Roidmi   6,5     Proscenic        5,5

Passage of sills

Speaking of obstacle passability, all robot vacuum cleaners, without exception, are capable of moving over 2 centimeter sills. So here, it’s a draw. But there is one remark to Ecovacs – during the tests it got stuck on the leg of the dryer and reported a mistake. All other robotic vacuum cleaners either moved over the legs without any problems, or they could still get out of the trap on their own. Therefore, here it is fair to remove 1 point from Ecovacs.

Roborock    9,5    Ecovacs   11     Viomi    6,5    Dreame    5,5    Mijia   7     Roidmi   6,5     Proscenic        5,5

Noise level

Well, as for the noise level, I entered all the measurement results in a table:

Minimum power62-64 dB60-62 dB65 dB60-62 dB60-62 dB57-60 dB60-61 dB
Medium power67 dB64 dB69 dB63,1 dB65 dB64 dB66 dB
Increased power71 dB67 dB72,5 dB65,5 dB67,5 dB
Turbo-mode74 dB72 dB74 dB73,5 dB68,5 dB72 dB73 dB

We can see that the noise level of all compared robot vacuum cleaners is approximately at the same level. Mijia is a little quieter at maximum power, but at the same time it is not as powerful as Roborock, Ecovacs or Dreame. Still, I think it’s fair to add half a point to it in order to highlight the improved noise isolation compared to Viomi, Roidmi and Proscenic, considering that all these robots have approximately the same suction power.

Roborock    9,5    Ecovacs   11     Viomi    6,5    Dreame    5,5    Mijia   7,5     Roidmi   6,5    Proscenic        5,5

Self-cleaning quality

All except Mijia within this comparison are equipped with self-cleaning stations and in a separate article I compared these stations in detail, or, to be more precise, how well they unload garbage of different structure under the same conditions.

Despite the fact that the station from iRobot won the comparison, Viomi, Dreame and Ecovacs still have more or less good self-cleaning quality. For this they get 3 points each, because not only the quality of self-cleaning is evaluated, but also the presence of this station. The Roidmi station showed an average result, so let’s rate it at 2.5 points. The stations at Roborock and Proscenic don`t unload garbage very well, but you can value them at 1.5 points only for their presence, when compared with Mijia, which doesn`t have a garbage unloading station.

Roborock    11    Ecovacs   14     Viomi    9,5    Dreame    8,5    Mijia   7,5     Roidmi   9    Proscenic        7

So, the main parameters were compared, the indicators that maximize the quality of cleaning and the efficiency of robots. We see that Ecovacs is clearly leading, followed by Roborok, and then, at about the same level, all the other robot vacuum cleaners. Let’s see how the picture changes after comparing additional parameters.

Amazon: Roidmi Eve Plus

Specifications and functions

To visually compare the characteristics of robot vacuum cleaners, I entered all the data in the table. Here’s what happened:

Comparison of the best robot vacuum cleaners 2021
Comparison of the best robot vacuum cleaners 2021

We see that robot vacuum cleaners are about the same in terms of characteristics. Here I would definitely add 2 points to Roborok for the lifting mechanism of the napkin on the carpets. It is the only one of all robot vacuum cleaners capable of vacuuming the entire available area, including carpets, in one pass, while simultaneously wiping the floor, leaving the carpets dry. This is a key feature of Roborock.

Lifting a napkin on the carpet
Lifting a napkin on the carpet

I would also add 2 points to Ecovacs for the ability to remotely monitor the house from a smartphone. In my opinion, this is a very useful function that expands the capabilities of the robot. He can take part in the security system of the house. By connecting to the camera, you can check the condition of your apartment or house, if necessary.

Remote monitoring of the house through the camera of a robot vacuum cleaner
Remote monitoring of the house through the camera of a robot vacuum cleaner

I would add one point to the Proscenic for the included remote control, as an alternative control option. Well, for the support of voice notifications in several languages., I would add 1 more point to Roidmi, Viomi, Dreame, Proscenic and Roborock.

All other characteristics and functions were evaluated within comparative tests.

Roborock    14    Ecovacs   16     Viomi   10,5    Dreame   9,5    Mijia   7,5     Roidmi   10    Proscenic        8

Design features

Well, the last thing I would like to compare is the design features of robot vacuum cleaners. Ecovacs and Roidmi have 2 side brushes. This is insignificant, but it still improves the quality of cleaning. You can fairly add half a point to these two robots.

Roborock    14  Ecovacs   16,5     Viomi   10,5    Dreame   9,5    Mijia   7,5     Roidmi   10,5    Proscenic        8

All robot vacuum cleaners have lidars responsible for navigation, so they are the same in height here. The central brushes of each of the robot vacuum cleaners can be disassembled to clean the coiled hair and wool, but as mentioned at the beginning, the Ecovacs and Roborock have better cleaning of silicone brushes, for which they already received additional points. On the one hand, you can still evaluate the presence of two rollers of the scrapers at Ecovacs. But on the other hand, their effectiveness was assessed in tests and, for example, on a tile, they showed not so much better than the same single roller of Roborock.

Another important point that should be considered, is the contact of the wet wipe with the floor after the end of the wet cleaning cycle. Roborock, Ecovacs, Dreame and Roidmi enter the station and contact of the napkin with the floor is excluded. Moreover, if we consider Roborock without a self-cleaning station, the napkin rises automatically half a centimeter from the floor after cleaning is completed, and this is a plus. For Viomi, Mijia and Proscenic, the wet napkin will remain in contact with the floor until you remove it. This is not very good and over time this contact can damage the floor covering if, for example, the charging base is placed on a laminate. Therefore, the first 4 robots receive an additional point for being more gentle on the floor after the cleaning cycle is completed.

And the last thing that is important to compare is the air filtration system in the dust collector. Ecovacs, Proscenic and Viomi have a triple filtration system based on HEPA, mesh and foam filters. For this they receive an additional point. Dreame and Mijia have a dual filter system based on a strainer and a HEPA filter. I add half a point to them. Roborock and Roidmi have only a HEPA filter installed and this is not very good.

Roborock    15  Ecovacs   18,5     Viomi   11,5    Dreame   11    Mijia   8     Roidmi   11,5    Proscenic        9

Manufacturer Support

And now here’s the final moment that I would like to compare – the support of the manufacturer and the availability of the robot vacuum cleaner for purchase in local stores. So here only Roborock is presented on Aliexpress and in official distributors in different countries. Moreover, not only a robot vacuum cleaner, but also consumables can be found without any problems already in different countries, even original ones. For this he gets an additional 2 points.

The most difficult situation is with Ecovacs. At the time of preparing the comparison, this model is intended only for the Chinese market, so you cannot order this robot vacuum cleaner in local stores and distributors. You will have to order it on Aliexpress or Alibaba and wait about a month for delivery from China. All repair issues are also resolved through the seller. Consumables will have to be ordered in the same way from China. This is not very convenient, but anyway, for me personally, not a big deal, considering how functional and efficient the robot is.

With Proscenic and Mijia, the situation is almost similar to Ecovacs, but at least there is an option for express delivery.

Viomi, Dreame and Roidmi can be sold both on Aliexpress with express delivery option and in local online stores. And consumables for them are much easier to find, so I will add 1 more point to them.

Roborock    17   Ecovacs   18,5  Viomi   12,5    Dreame   12    Mijia   7,5     Roidmi   12,5    Proscenic     9

Comparison results

As a result, Roborock and Eocvacs got the highest scores in this comparative test. They can be considered the best robot vacuum cleaners in 2021. Personally, I like Ecovacs more, but due to the weak support of the manufacturer and the not entirely correct working system of object recognition, I had to remove points from it. Although it is definitely more constructively executed and functional. Roborock has strengths such as a napkin lifting mechanism and better manufacturer support. Here it is up to you to decide what is more important. The price difference is tangible. Ecovacs with a self-cleaning station will cost about $750-800, while a Roborock with a base costs about $850.

They are followed by Viomi, Roidmi and Dreame by a wide margin. Moreover, Viomi costs about $600-650, Dreame is a little less than $550-600, and Roidmi is about $400. Of these three robot vacuum cleaners, I would definitely choose Dreame, because it has higher power and has an object detection system. Also, comparing the build quality, which we published earlier, it is clear that Dreame is definitely better built than Viomi and Roidmi. Despite the fact, that in final score he has a half point less then it’s competitors, you can add a point to him only for the assembly. Roidmi is on the middle with its own problems from the factory, but it is the most optimal in terms of price and functionality. Already with self-cleaning, this robot vacuum cleaner will cost $400. By the way, in terms of design, cleaning quality and functionality, Roidmi Eve Plus does not much differ much from Viomi S9. In some ways, it’s even better. Therefore, choosing between these two robot vacuum cleaners, I would choose Roidmi.

Proscenic, in my opinion, does not draw out competition, but it can be interesting because it is equipped with a remote control as an alternative option for controlling the robot. If suddenly the price will be about $400 already with the base, it makes sense to pay attention to this option.

But Mijia in this comparison is an obvious outsider, as loses both in the quality of cleaning and in other parameters. Moreover, it does not have a self-cleaning station. But if you don`t need it, if the floor is represented only by hard surfaces without carpets and the function of recognizing objects on the floor is interested, you can also consider this option. The cost of the robot is in the range of $350-400.

As a result, if I put it in order from the best robot to the worst, then it would look like this:

  1. Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO T9 AIVI+
  2. Roborock S7
  3. Dreame Bot Z10 Pro
  4. Roidmi Eve Plus
  5. Viomi Alpha UV (S9)
  6. Proscenic M8 Pro
  7. Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner Pro

I hope the prepared robot vacuums comparison test in 2021 was interesting for you and helped you decide on a purchase. If you disagree with the conclusions or some review points, write in the comments. It will be interesting to hear your opinion and vision of the order in which the robots should be placed according to the test results.

Happy tech shopping to everyone. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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