Dreame Bot L10s Pro: a simplified version of the flagship with the same cleaning module

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Dreame

Hi everyone! Welcome to Robotobzor! Dreame Bot L10s Pro robot vacuum cleaner visually resembles the flagship Dreame Bot L10s Ultra. It is equipped with the same round disks with mopping pads, a silicone brush, a system for detecting objects on the floor and lidar for navigation. However, the simplified version lost the station for rinsing mopping pads and self-cleaning, which reduced the price from $1400 to $450-500. I will test the new model in detail and express my opinion, what are the other differences between this robot and the older model, and is it worth buying the L10s Pro. Let’s go!


The robot vacuum cleaner came in such a branded box:

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Box

The package includes a charging base, a power adapter, and an instruction manual. Equipment is minimal for this model.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Package


Now let’s look at how the Dreame Bot L10s Pro is designed. It made in graphite color, like Dreame Bot Z10 Pro. Apparently, a model in white color will be presented soon. The body shape is round.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro: View from above
View from above

A system of sensors is installed on the front mechanical bumper to detect objects on the floor. We see that HIGH PRECISION 3D technology is indicated, just like the previously released Z10 and L10 Pro. This is not an active camera with artificial intelligence, like in the flagship L10s Ultra, but 3D sensors. I still hoped for the implementation of the new AI Action technology.


Speaking about the height of the case, it has not changed and is 97 mm from the floor.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro Height

There are 3 mechanical control buttons on the control panel. The lidar is equipped with a spring-loaded cover that prevents it from getting stuck under furniture. The dust collector and water tank are placed under the top cover. It is super conveniently attached to the case with magnets. The design of the robot has been slightly modified. A cleaning tool for the robot is stored next to the containers.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro: Placement of containers
Placement of containers

The dust collector, as well as the filtration system, can be washed with water, which is a plus. Filtration system based on mesh and HEPA filter. The container holds up to 450 ml of dry waste.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro: Dustbin

190 ml water tank. Provides electronic adjustment of the liquid supply to the mopping pad.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro: Water tank
Water tank

There are 4 fall protection sensors on the bottom of the robot. A carpet detection sensor is located next to the swivel roller. Side brush one: three-beam, quick-detachable. The block of the central brush is floating. The turbo brush itself is silicone, detachable, like in the older model.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro: Bottom view
Bottom view

A useful life-hack – in Dreame Bot L10s Pro you can install a bristle-petal central brush from Mijia OMNI B101CN. It is advisable in this case to change the frame so that it is with partitions, but this is not critical, you can also use it with your own frame.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro: Central brush
Central brush
Dreame Bot L10s Pro: Replaceable turbo brush
Replaceable turbo brush

Holders with mopping pads are attached to the robot with magnets. Mopping pads attached to holders due to Velcro. Dreame Bot L10s Pro can automatically raise platforms with mopping pads when driving on carpets. In this case, they simply unscrew or twist into a robot, depending on the type of flooring.

Dreame Bot L10s Pro: Holders with mopping pads
Holders with mopping pads

In general, in terms of design, apart from the object detection system, the Dreame Bot L10s Pro is identical to the flagship Ultra version. It’s also worth noting here that the charging terminals are located on the bottom of the body, and not on the back, so this robot is definitely not compatible with a self-cleaning and rinsing station for mopping pads. With a conventional self-cleaning station, like the Z10 Pro or D10 Plus, it is also not compatible, because there are no channels for unloading garbage, both in the dust collector and in the robot body. This must be considered.


The main specifications of Dreame Bot L10s Pro, declared by the manufacturer:

  • Battery Li-Ion 5200 mAh.
  • Suction power up to 5300 Pa.
  • Operating time up to 210 min.
  • Cleaning area up to 200 sq.m.
  • Capacity of a dust collector is 450 ml.
  • Capacity of the water tank is 190 ml.
  • Passage of obstacles up to 20 mm.
  • Dimensions: 350*97 mm.

Of the characteristics, it is important to check declared high suction power. Otherwise, they are at the level of other premium models.


Let’s move on to the overview of Dreame Bot L10s Pro functionality. The robot vacuum cleaner is controlled through the branded Dreamehome application. The main features are displayed on the screen:

  • Avoiding objects on the floor.
  • Saving multiple cleaning maps in memory.
  • 3D map of the premises.
  • Automatic zoning of rooms into areas.
  • Choice of zones and rooms for cleaning.
  • Virtual walls and No-Go/No-Mop zones.
  • Suction power adjustment.
  • Adjustment of degree of wetting of mopping pads.
  • User mode.
  • Cleaning log.
  • Setting cleaning schedule.
  • Voice alerts.
  • Automatic power increase on carpet.
  • Avoiding carpets in the wet cleaning mode.
  • Rise of mopping pads when driving on carpets.

As you can see, many options for flexible cleaning settings was implemented. This includes a user mode that allows you to set individual cleaning options for each room.

Well, what I did not find was the ability to turn off the system for detecting objects on the floor. Such a feature would be useful in case the sensors on the bumper do not work correctly when detecting carpets, as was observed in the Z10 and L10 Pro. Robots recognized medium-pile carpets as obstacles and did not always drive into them, even during dry cleaning. Hopefully in the future there will be an option to enable/disable the item detection system function.


And finally, let’s move on to the tests. First, let’s check the Dreame Bot L10s Pro navigation in the room with obstacles. The robot vacuum cleaner first passes around the perimeter of the room, then cleans the entire available area with a snake. Robot identified the legs of the dryer and carefully drove around them. At the same time, separately swept around the box and the legs of the chairs, after which returned to the station. Test passed successfully.

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

Speaking of navigating within the home, the robot vacuum cleaner passes room after room along the perimeter, then in snake. There are no uncleaned areas left, the cleaning speed is high, so this model has a good navigation!

Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Recognizing objects on the floor

As for the floor detection system, the Dreame Bot L10s Pro was able to pass around most objects, barely touching a few of them. It did not identify the imitation surprise of a pet and drove through it. But on the other hand, the charger wire and the sock did not become a trap, and the robot vacuum cleaner was able to finish cleaning without accident. The item detection system is effective, but does not compare with the flagship Dreame Bot L10s Ultra and Roborock S7 MaxV.

Recognizing objects on the floor
Recognizing objects on the floor

With the light turned off, the robot vacuum cleaner was also able to complete the test, but some of the objects moved, so the sensors still go blind in complete darkness, this is important to consider.

Well, it’s worth noting that Dreame Bot L10s Pro works well on medium pile carpets. Occasionally it can go around the edge of the carpet, but then in another place it will enter it and pass the entire area. So in general, the item detection system is well implemented, but I still hope that they will add the ability to turn it off if necessary.

Suction power

The suction power of Dreame Bot L10s Pro is increased, at the level of L10s Ultra. He was able to suck debris out of 2 and 4mm slots. It’s far from the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner on the market, but it’s still better than most of its peers. In fact, the power was not as high as the manufacturers claim.

Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning

The quality of collecting different types of debris on the laminate is good. A little debris remains in the corners, from where round robot vacuum cleaners are not able to sweep. All debris is collected in the dustbin. It is important to note that the central brush has wound the minimum amount of hair. Basically, they are wound on the sides under the caps and this hair is very easy to remove from the brush. This is the main advantage of silicone brushes!

Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Well, in addition, I tried to run Dreame Bot L10s Pro with a bristle-petal brush from Mijia OMNI. The cleaning quality is not bad. The bristly brush wound more hair around itself. In some cases, the efficiency of garbage collection with such a brush is higher than with silicone. So if necessary, you can buy more.

Comparison of brushes
Comparison of brushes

Carpet cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner also coped with cleaning carpets. True, a silicone brush is still less effective on medium pile carpets, compared with a regular bristle-petal one. We see that a few hairballs are left after the robot passes. But given the initial state of the carpet, I can say that the test was passed successfully!

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Mopping and carpets

Speaking of wet cleaning in the presence of carpets, you can choose one of two options for the robot. The first is the automatic lifting of the wipes upon arrival on the carpets, which will allow the robot to simultaneously vacuum and mop the floor, leaving the carpets dry and clean. The second option is to turn on the automatic carpet avoidance function in the wet cleaning mode. This will be relevant in the presence of carpets with high and medium pile, to completely eliminate the contact of the mopping pad with the carpet if necessary.

Automatic lifting of the wipes on the carpets
Automatic lifting of the wipes on the carpets


I will focus on mopping, as there are comments here. The round rotating wipes are really effective at removing dirt than regular, fixedly attached to the central brush. However, you see that in the presence of dirt, these wipes do not absorb dirt into themselves, but make circular stains, and this is not good. If there was an options for rinsing mopping pads, the robot could run twice or thrice on the stand and then it would completely wash the floor without streaks with intermediate rinsing, but Dreame Bot L10s Pro does not have a station and in such conditions its efficiency is minimal.


Well, like other robots, it is not able to wash a narrow strip along the plinth since the wipes do not go to the edges of the case.

But in normal living conditions, the quality of wet cleaning is better, compared with analogues. There are no streaks left, the floor is well wetted when the maximum level of water supply is turned on, and the most important thing is, again, the mopping pad lifting function. They rise not only on carpets, but also when the robot vacuum cleaner finishes the cleaning cycle, or vice versa, when it goes from the base to the specified cleaning point. For example, Dreame Bot L10s Pro washed the room, mopping pads became dirty. When returning to the base, it will pick them up and will not stain the floor in other rooms, returning to charge. Well, or another situation, leaving the base in a different room for cleaning, he will not stain mopping pads and consume water until he reaches the desired zone. This, in my opinion, is an important advantage, comparing with many analogues.

Passage of obstacles

The robot vacuum cleaner moves over 2 cm high plinth without any problems, while lifting mopping pads. This is a plus!

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Passage of dark surfaces

Robot is not afraid of dark surfaces, freely driving on a completely black rug. This is another advantage of the robot!

Passage of dark surfaces
Passage of dark surfaces

Noise level

Well, as for the noise level, with the suction turned off, it is in the range of 57-58 dB. At standard power, the noise level rises to 59-61 dB. In the “Strong” mode, the noise level rises to 65-66 dB, and at maximum power the peak value was 68-69 dB. The noise level is standard for this robot.

Noise level
Noise level

Personal opinion

Dreame Bot L10s Pro was reviewed and tested in detail. According to our rating system, it managed to score 138 points, one point ahead of its fellow Dreame Bot L10 Pro. In comparison, the flagship model L10s Ultra scored 176 points and became a top model of this year.

Overall rating of robotic vacuum cleaners that have passed the Robotobzor test: https://robotobzor.com/ratings/general-rating-of-robot-vacuum-cleaners.html.

I will highlight the pros and cons of this model, after which I will express my opinion on the cases in which this robot should be considered for purchase.

What I liked:

  1. Objects recognition system.
  2. High-quality dry and wet cleaning on any surfaces.
  3. The robot can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time.
  4. Increased suction power.
  5. Two rotating wipes wet the floor more abundantly.
  6. Automatic lifting of mopping pads on carpets.
  7. Silicone brush is easier to clean from hair and wool.
  8. A large number of functions for flexible adjustment of cleaning parameters.
  9. Good passage ability.
  10. The robot vacuum cleaner is not afraid of dark surfaces.

And here are some comments on the robot:

  1. Not compatible with the self-cleaning and rinsing station.
  2. There is no way to turn off the item detection system if necessary.
  3. Mopping pads leave circular streaks when wiping off dirt.
  4. Does not rub off a narrow area along the plinth.

As a result, I can say that Dreame Bot L10s Pro is a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the floor better than most of it analogues. The trail from the mopping pads is much more pronounced and at the maximum level of water supply, the robot vacuum cleaner wets the surface abundantly, so it is definitely better than most of previous models from the Dreame line, and not only. If wet cleaning is a priority and the station is not a highest interest, you should think about buying this robot. However, it is fair to say that the dry cleaning of the robot is well implemented. It has increased power and an easy-to-clean brush, which is especially important when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for collecting hair and wool.

Here it is only important to understand that this robot should not be considered as a full-fledged washing one. It is more like a good polisher that can clean both hard surfaces and carpets. In general, a more functional model, compared with the same Dreame Bot L10 Pro.

If the comments are not critical for you, I highly recommend paying attention to this model. On this note, I would like to end the review. Happy tech shopping. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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