Xiaomi has released the thinnest robot vacuum cleaner! What is known about him?

Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner News

Recently, information appeared on the network that the popular Xiaomi brand has released a new robot vacuum – Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner, with a height of only 55 mm. It should be noted right away that this is not the thinnest robot in the world and not the first attempt to occupy this segment (of thin robots), but the implemented functionality certainly makes the new product, most likely, the best on the market. Let’s see what the engineers of the Mijia plant managed to cram into such a thin case and how functional is the robot?

First of all, you should talk about navigation. In addition to the gyroscope on board the robot, we see a ToF sensor on the front bumper, which, according to the manufacturer, helps the robot to recognize objects on the floor.

Look Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Look Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It will be interesting to see how this sensor performs in reality: is it simply detects objects and instructs the robot to pass them from the side, or a technology is implemented like the Roborock S6 MaxV, which RECOGNIZES objects on the floor and makes a photo of them. Navigation called S-Cross 3D and was stated that the robot vacuum cleaner will be able to navigate very well around the space.

On the top cover, next to the buttons, you can see another camera, like the Mijia 1C or Dreame F9, but surprisingly, nothing was mentioned about it.

Next, I would like to focus on the volume of the dust collector. Usually, thin robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with small-capacity garbage containers, from 50 to 360 ml, which is directly related to the thickness of the body. We came across the information from the internet (which is not confirmed), that Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a dust collector with a capacity of as much as 500 ml! But according to the photo, this is not just a container, but a combined tank for water and garbage. Likewise, it stated that the water tank holds 220 ml.

Combined container
Combined container

It is not very clear if the capacity of the dust collector is including the water tank, or the robot is equipped with a 500 ml dust collector and separately with a 220 ml water tank. I think 500 ml is the total volume of the combined container. But anyway, the result is good. We noted that a pump for electronic regulation of the water supply is visible in the tank, this is a plus.

Well, and one more thing we noticed – the suction power is going up to 2000 Pa. This is a standard index for robotic vacuum cleaners, but considering the low height of the model, it is good that the engine was not touched.

So, what we can say in the end. The engineers managed to create a very thin robot vacuum cleaner with good navigation, the function of detecting objects on the floor, control via a mobile application and good suction power. At the same time Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner will support saving the map in memory and possibly even all the useful functions when working with the same location. And considering that the starting price is around $ 300, this device really deserves attention, and as soon as it will be released for sale, we will surely order it for review and test.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions or if you have new information, share with us in comments. Happy tech shopping everyone!

Alexander Miasoedov

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