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iLIFE W90 Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Today we’ll review a cordless wet dry vacuum on a budget called iLIFE W90. The regular price at the time of the review is $230. But you can find it on sale for as low as $155. And for a cordless vacuum that can mop, this is a very good deal. The price is 2-3 times lower than its competitors. Now. I’ll review iLIFE W90 and test its features, after which I’ll tell you if it’s worth its money. Don’t forget to like and subscribe after the video, and so, let’s get rolling!



The vacuum came in this box:

iLIFE W90 Box

The kit includes:

  1. A removable handle.
  2. Charging and self cleaning base.
  3. Power cord.
  4. A tool for cleaning the robot.
  5. Removable sponge filter.
  6. And its documents.
iLIFE W90 Package

Pretty standard. Let’s keep going!


Let’s see how the iLIFE W90 vacuum is designed. Hey, the design looks familiar: it’s a cleaning module presented as a fluffy roller, above which there are containers for dirty and clean water. Everythings like the other models, there’s just no screen.

The roller is under the removable top cover. Inside the soft fibers are short elastic bristles for gripping that hard to get fur and hair. Unfortunately, the roller doesn’t extend to the edge of the body, as we see with other models. So we can predict that there’ll be a small strip along the baseboards.

iLIFE W90 Cleaning module
Cleaning module
iLIFE W90 Roller

The dirty water container holds 500ml (17 Oz.). It has a sponge filter with mesh, but no HEPA filter, which is disappointing. Inside the tank there is also a floating water level sensor, which correlates to the budget, and a small coarse filter. The clean water tank holds 700 мл. Inside is a filter with a mesh.

iLIFE W90 The dirty and clean water tanks
The dirty and clean water tanks

Well, and the handle holds control buttons, namely: power on/off, switching between two cleaning modes, self-cleaning, as well as forced water supply. In this vacuum, you need to press the button to release the water, it doesn’t come automatically. This lets you adjust the water flow yourself and, if needed, just dry clean, for example, on a carpet.

iLIFE W90 Buttons on the handle
Buttons on the handle

Also, note that iLIFE W90 has voice notifications. The last thing I wanna look at is the station. It’s where the vacuum is charged and self-cleans. There is no automatic roller dryer, which is quite expected, considering the price.

iLIFE W90 Base for charging and self-cleaning
Base for charging and self-cleaning

All in all, they really pinched their penny, but nevertheless the vacuum is well assembled. The design is ergonomic, all latches work smoothly, and I didn’t feel any backlashes really.

Technical features

iLIFE W90’s main features, given by the manufacturer, are up on the screen:

  • Battery: Li-Ion, 3000 mA*h.
  • Power: 150 Wt.
  • Suction power: up to 5500 Pa.
  • Work time: 30 mins.
  • Clean water tank: 700 ml (24 Oz.).
  • Dirty water tank: 500 ml (17 Oz.).
  • Weight: 4,57 kg (10 lbs).

I checked the volume myself, and it’s around 68-71.5 dB. So it’s pretty quiet.


And finally, let’s get to the tests. With everyday floor cleaning iLIFE W90 does well, both on wooden floors and on tiles. It doesn’t leave streaks and, if used right, won’t damage your floor.

Don’t limit this vacuum to just dirt, it can also pick up liquids. And even, like in my case, the vacuum did well with the default test – collecting a mixture of raw egg and flour. Not the first time, but it still managed to suck the shells into the dirty water tank.

iLIFE W90 can also be used to clean slightly dried dirt. We see that there are no marks or streaks left, and the floor is perfectly clean.

iLIFE W90 Wiping off dirt
Wiping off dirt

Since the roller doesn’t go to the edge of the case, a narrow line along the baseboard is left. Moreover, on one side this strip is as thick as 2 cm (.78 In.), and on the other 8 mm (.31 In.). This is because the walls of the vacuum are differently sized.

iLIFE W90 A narrow, unwashed strip
A narrow, unwashed strip

Even difficult dried coffee and sauce stains were no match for this vacuum. It did take some time, which isn’t rare. And I used only water, without the cleaning liquid, since the manufacturer does not offer its own in the package. It took 7 minutes, and left good results, even when compared with more powerful vacuums, which did it in about 5. In my opinion, it is almost as good as the more expensive models in terms of scrubbing dirt.

iLIFE W90 Wiping off complex stains
Wiping off complex stains

Plus, iLIFE W90 can be used for just vacuuming. It can pick up all kinds of dirt from the floor. In my case, there aren’t even any blind spots in the corners. One note though, large dirt won’t get in because the vacuum is too close to the floor, and there isn’t enough space. You have to kind of scoot the cleaner a little bit to catch the large particles. This is rare with everyday use, but still keep it in mind.

iLIFE W90 Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

And despite the soft roller, you can still clean the carpet. In this case, I don’t recommend using water, as to not ruin your carpet. There were a couple of clumps of hair that got caught in the roller, and the soft roller couldn’t pick them up. If there was a separate brush for carpets, like its competitors, there wouldn’t be a problem.

iLIFE W90 Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

After the tests, we see that the cleaning module and roller are clean, and all of the dirt is in the container. And finally – let’s check the self cleaning quality. First, we drain the dirty water from the tank, and fill the second tank with clean water, as recommended by the manufacturer. Start the self-cleaning, which lasts about a minute, then check the cleaning module. We see that there is some dirt on the lid and on the base itself under the roller, as we have seen on other vacuum cleaners after such difficult tests. But the roller itself is clean. With everyday use, the self-cleaning feature works more effectively and all the parts clean better, so I have no complaints. Test passed with flying colors!

iLIFE W90 Self-cleaning


In this article, I reviewed and thoroughly tested iLIFE W90. I can say that the device is very interesting for its price and in many ways almost as good as more expensive cordless wet dry vacuum cleaners. But first things first. I liked the following:

  1. Scrubs off dirt without streaks and marks.
  2. Not only can it mop, but it does a good job vacuuming and picking up liquids.
  3. Vertical parking
  4. Voice notifications.
  5. Good self cleaning quality
  6. Low volume.
  7. Good price.

As for what could be better:

  1. There is a small line along the baseboards.
  2. You can’t take out the battery.
  3. No roller drying functions.
  4. No HEPA-filter.
  5. No roller for cleaning carpets.


Overall, considering the cost, none of the problems are terrible, and some are common to most cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaners. And for $155 it’s a very interesting option. I highly recommend this vacuum if you want a cordless vacuum, but don’t want to spend $300-$400.

On this note I’d like to end the review. If you still have questions, make sure to ask them in the comments below. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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