Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules: POWERFUL cordless vacuum cleaner with SMART functions

JIMMY H10 Pro Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to Robotobzor! Today we’ll review one of the most powerful vacuums in the world, if not the most powerful – Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules. The manufacturer claims a suction power of up to 245 watts, and that’s with 650 watts of total power. At the time of the review, it is a record amongst upright vacuums. Besides this, it has a full set of accessories, an ergonomic design, and advanced features that make it not only powerful but also very smart. And all this for $400. Now, I’ll test and thoroughly review Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules in detail, after which I’ll tell you if I think this is the robot for you. Let’s get this show on the road.


The kit includes:

  1. The main block.
  2. Removable battery.
  3. Power cord.
  4. Instruction manual.
  5. A bendable extension tube.
  6. Main attachment for the floor.
  7. An attachment with a turbobrush for furniture.
  8. The floor base stand and its accessories
  9. Flexible hose
  10. A removable roller for the main accessories
  11. An accessory with soft bristles.
  12. An attachment with movable bristles
  13. And a movable connector.
JIMMY H10 Pro Package

The box is very full. It has everything you would need to comfortably use this vacuum.


Now let’s glance at Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules’s build. Let’s start off with the main unit. It’s bronze with bronze pieces. Per the Jimmy tradition, the dirt container is put across the body. Thi, according to the manufacturer, gives better and more powerful suction. The clogs have been minimized, meaning there’s a smaller chance that they’ll be blocked.

JIMMY H10 Pro Main unit
Main unit

The handle has a very convenient design. Under the thumb there’s two buttons: power on/off and power control. There are 4 levels of power: Eco, Auto, Turbo and Max. In auto mode, Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules automatically adjusts power according to the type of floor and amount of dirt. This is a plus.

JIMMY H10 Pro Control panel and display
Control panel and display

Behind the buttons is an LED display showing: the charge, the selected mode, and notifications. Plus, the vacuum automatically calculates the dirt size and collects statistics. Another smart solution from Jimmy’s engineers. The battery is removable, which is good.

JIMMY H10 Pro Removable battery
Removable battery

The dirt container opens at the push of a button. The bottom flips out and lets all of the dirt out. Unfortunately, the bulb itself can’t be taken out. The filtration system is based on mesh, a cyclone, and a pre-motored HEPA filter.

JIMMY H10 Pro Filtration system
Filtration system

Now let’s look at the main floor attachment. It has a swivel joint, and a front LED light, which helps it clean better in the dark. The fluffy roller is better for cleaning on hard surfaces. It looks cool, with gold bristles, adding to its luxurious look. Behind the roller is a fairly large suction opening. The roller itself is held in place with a fixator, which can be taken out without tools. And another clever solution is a comb behind the roller, which stops hair and fur from rolling up.

JIMMY H10 Pro Main nozzle
Main nozzle

Instead of a fluffy roller for hard floors, you can put in a bristle blade roller. It’s more versatile, works on all floors, and has proven to be the best attachment for carpets.

The extension tube and the main attachment are connected with clamps. It works smoothly. And I’ll show you how the folding elbow of the extension tube works. You press the ratchet, and the tube folds. A very convenient addition that helps you clean under furniture without bending over.

JIMMY H10 Pro Folding mechanism
Folding mechanism

The other attachments are pretty standard. The mini furniture brush has a bristled roller, which is fixed on the side and is also easy to remove without tools.

JIMMY H10 Pro Nozzle for upholstered furniture
Nozzle for upholstered furniture

The two bristle attachments I’ve seen before in vacuums from other brands, all having the same design. And they cheaped out on the split brush, because there’s no new LED’s or bristles. But its not the end of the world.

And here’s how Jimmy looks fully assembled:

JIMMY H10 Pro Complete assembly
Complete assembly

Visually, it’s definitely really good looking. It’s stylish, bougie, and most importantly, easy to use. There is a note though – outside the base, you can’t park it. The main unit is overbalanced and the vacuum can’t hold its balance. And here’s what it looks like with all of its attachments in its full glory.

JIMMY H10 Pro Floor stand
Floor stand

Again, very convenient, all in one place, but I have a complaint. Why haven’t they used contactless charging yet? You have to manually plug the cord to the connector.

Technical features

Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules’s main features, given by the manufacturer, are up on the screen:

  • Power 650 Wt.
  • Suction power 245 aWt.
  • Battery Li-Ion 3000 mA*h.
  • Dirt container 600 ml (20 Oz.).
  • Work time 90 mins.
  • Volume 77,5-85,5 dB.
  • Full weight 2,86 kg (6.3 lbs.).

Here it’s worth noting the highered suction power. Personally, I haven’t met any vacuum cleaner with more than one ampere. Even the sister model, Dyson V15, only reaches 230 watts. But even there its twice as expensive. The max work time also made me happy, and its enough for a full clean.

As for the weight, the main unit weighs 1,982 grams (4 lbs.), the extension tube 410 grams (.88 lbs), and the main attachment 761 grams (1.6 lbs.). In total, the complete vacuum cleaner weighs 3153 grams (6.9 lbs.). It’s a bit heavier than others, but it’s ok. The center of gravity is well distributed, and your hand won’t get tired using it. And it is worth noting that the weight of the main unit is heavier than that of the previously tested Jimmy H8 Flex Hercules. It’s funny because they look identical. This makes it clear that they really installed a more serious motor inside the body, and not just overclocked.

I checked the volume myself. So, in auto mode it is within 77-78 dB, in Eco mode the volume is a little lower, 76 dB. In turbo mode, it goes up to 78 dB, and at max, it peaks at 79.1 dB. It’s a little loud, but not terribly, considering the high suction power.

Jimmy H10 Pro Noise level
Noise level


Work time

And, finally, let’s get to the tests. The first thing we do is to check the running time of Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules at max power. So, the vacuum cleaner managed to work 12 minutes and 7 seconds at maximum power and then it automatically reduced the power and worked for another 4 minutes 33 seconds until the battery was completely dead. In total it ran for 16 mins 40 secs. The result is good!

JIMMY H10 Pro Working hours
Working hours

Suction power

In terms of suction power, even in Eco mode the Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules was able to suck debris out of 10mm (.39 In.) slots. In Auto mode, it completely sucked out all of the dirt, thoroughly cleaning the stand. The suction power is definitely very good.

JIMMY H10 Pro Suction power
Suction power


Now let’s see how well the vacuum in question picks up trash from the floor. I scattered different kinds of trash on the floor: hair, furl, cereal, and other small household debris. So this unit did the job well. It’s important to note that it has no problems with collecting debris along the baseboard and in the corners. It collects everything thoroughly, there are no blind spots. There’s no fur or hair wrapped around the roller. And here’s how the particle size counting system works.

JIMMY H10 Pro Garbage collection on laminate flooring
Garbage collection on laminate flooring

Not that useful, but definitely interesting. Test passed with flying colors!

JIMMY H10 Pro Garbage analysis
Garbage analysis

Carpet cleaning

As for carpets, a replaceable bristle blade roller was installed for this test. The vacuum did a good job, thoroughly cleaning the carpeting. There was also no hair or fur wrapped around the roller. Another test passed!

JIMMY H10 Pro Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Using extra attachments

I’ll also note that thanks to the complete set you can clean the couch, clean where the main attachment won’t go and you can even vacuum your car. In general, the vacuum is good for anything.

JIMMY H10 Pro Application of additional nozzles
Application of additional nozzles

Cleaning the dirt container

And to conclude, let me tell you how to clean the dirt container. You press the button and all the trash falls out through the bottom. It can happen that hair and fur get stuck in the bulb. This is where you can completely remove the filtration system and shake the debris out of the container.


The cordless vacuum cleaner Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules was thoroughly reviewed and tested. First I will highlight my own pros and cons, based on the test results, and then give my own opinion. I liked the following:

  1. Very powerful suction.
  2. Good dirt collection on different surfaces.
  3. Ergonomic.
  4. Works for longer.
  5. Full attachment kit.
  6. Easy to store on the base.
  7. Smart features such as auto power increase and particle counting.
  8. Removable battery.
  9. Foldable extension cord.
  10. Led display.
  11. Well assembled.
  12. Good price considering the functions and what’s included.

As for disadvantages, there’s no major ones. You can only complain about the fact that there is no vertical parking and what is more surprising – there is no contactless charging on the base. But overall these are insignificant.

For my part, the Jimmy H10 Pro Hercules is by far the best cordless vacuum cleaner I have tested. It really is very powerful, very handy and very stylish. What else could you want? Definitely one of the best on the market in 2023, if not the best.

On this note, I’d like to end the review. If you still have questions, please ask them in the comments below. Have fun shopping. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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