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Hey guys, welcome to RobotObzor! Today, we’ll take a look at a new cool ttransformer vacuum cleaner, JIMMY HW10 Pro. Its build is quite unusual, being a regular vertical cordless vacuum in its full build. But if you take off the main block, you get a compact hand vacuum. But this is far from everything. This model has a mopping function, and a full set of accessories, with a removable roller for carpets, as well as a self cleaning station. Overall, lots to look at here, with new cool solutions, wider options, and better quality. With this, the vacuum costs $490 at the time of the review. Now, we’ll review and test JIMMY HW10 Pro in detail, after which I’ll tell you if this is the robot for you. Let’s get rolling!


Let’s start with the kit. Apart from the main block, the box includes:

  1. A self-cleaning base with holders for the accessories.
  2. Removable handle.
  3. A motor compartment with a removable battery.
  4. Removable roller for carpets.
  5. An attachment for cleaning soft furniture and mattresses.
  6. Attachment with moving bristles.
  7. Attachment for cracks
  8. A brush for cleaning the vacuum.
  9. Power cord.
  10. Brand’s cleaning liquid.
  11. User manual.
Jimmy HW10 Pro Package

The kit is really good, let’s move on!


Now, let’s look at JIMMY HW10 Pro’s body. Let’s go over the main components once again. This is the cleaning module at the bottom, above which there is a tank for dirty water. Even higher there is a removable hand vacuum cleaner, and the handle itself. Now let’s talk about each node in detail.

Jimmy HW10 Pro
Jimmy HW10 Pro

The cleaning module has a single roller with a water sprayer in front of it. If you want to clean the floor with this vacuum cleaner, note that the water is not fed automatically, and you have to press a button to spray it. Water is sprayed in front of the cleaning module, and then the roller collects it and sucks it into the dirty water tank. And if you don’t turn on the water, you can just dry vacuum the floor, very cool!

Jimmy HW10 Pro Sprayer

You can take off the top cover. “Out of the box”, the vacuum comes installed with a soft roller. It’s better for cleaning on hard surfaces, as well as for floor cleaning. The roller doesn’t come out to the edge of the body, which we’ve started seeing more and more. The soft roller can be replaced with a carpet roller.

Behind the roller there is a scraper for collecting liquids, and a suction opening. The tank for clean water is interestingly placed in the cleaning module. It’s removable, and holds 500 ml (17 Oz.).

Jimmy HW10 Pro Cleaning module
Cleaning module
Jimmy HW10 Pro Roller

Oh, and it’s worth noting that the front curtain of the cleaning module goes up and down. The manufacturer recommends in the manual to raise it when cleaning the floor and lower it when cleaning the carpets, but to me it seems like it has to be the other way around.

Above the cleaning module is a 400 ml (13.5 Oz.) dirty water tank. Inside is a strainer with a sponge, electronic sensors to detect the water level in the tank, as well as a coarse filter. But don’t be quick to think the system is bad without a Hepa filter, this isn’t all.

Jimmy HW10 Pro The dirty water tanks
The dirty water tanks

So above is the removable main unit. This is how you take it off and put it back on:

Jimmy HW10 Pro Removable hand vacuum cleaner
Removable hand vacuum cleaner

It has a display that shows the battery charge, the selected mode, and notifications. Next to the display is a button to disable the voice announcements. JIMMY HW10 Pro has voice announcements in English. The battery is removable, which is a plus. The dust bin is emptied either by pressing the button and then opening the bottom, or by completely removing it from the motor compartment. So the bin has a volume of about 200 ml (6.7 Oz.) with another filtration system based on HEPA, foam and mesh filter with a simple cyclone. As a result, we get a multi-stage filtration system, which is a plus.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Construction of a hand vacuum cleaner
Construction of a hand vacuum cleaner

The manual vacuum cleaner in the complete set includes 3 additional attachments: for cleaning upholstered furniture, with a motorized bristle brush, as well as standard nozzles with a sliding bristle and crevice.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Additional nozzles
Additional nozzles

I should note right away that the handheld vacuum cleaner has 2 modes of operation: ECO and maximum. But when fully assembled, it adds: Automatic, in which the vacuum cleaner automatically increases the suction power, floor cleaning mode with reduced suction power, Turbo mode and carpet cleaning mode with increased suction.

There are three buttons on the handle: spray water, power on and off, and toggle between operating modes. On the back of the handle is a slider, which, when lifted up, exits the tube to connect to the motor unit. Turns out, it’s to clean the ceiling.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Buttons on the handle
Buttons on the handle

Also, JIMMY HW10 Pro can park upright out of the station and more importantly, the angle of the cleaner is much smaller than that of conventional upright vacuum cleaners. Here’s a comparison:

Jimmy HW10 Pro Angle of inclination
Angle of inclination

You can’t put the vacuum completely down to clean the floor, but it’s much lower down and can function at that incline. The only thing- the dirty water level will hit the sensors at that tilt, and make it shut off faster.

Well, as for the station, on it JIMMY HW10 Pro charges, self-cleans and even drying roller. True, drying takes place with room temperature air, so the roller will not be perfectly dried, but most of the moisture will be gone, and it’ll give a smaller risk for spreading bad smells or bacteria. The roller will finish drying naturally at room temperature.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Base for charging and self-cleaning
Base for charging and self-cleaning

Roller washing and self-cleaning, that’s also a cool stop. Since the water isn’t pushed to the roller itself under the lid, as with other vacuum cleaners, JIMMY engineers came up with a clever idea. In front of the sprayer at the station is a barrier, which automatically sprays water during self-cleaning and flows under the roller. And there it already rinses and self-cleans, sucking water into the dirty water tank. It’s unique and, looking ahead, is just as good as the usual self-cleaning method.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Roller washing
Roller washing

Technical features

JIMMY HW10 Pro’s main features, given by the manufacturer, are up on the screen:

  • Battery: Li-Ion, 3800 mA*h.
  • Power: 350 Wt.
  • Work time: 20-80 mins.
  • Charging time up to 5 h.
  • Volume: up to 70 dB.
  • Clean water tank: 0,5 L (17 Oz.).
  • Dirty water tank: 0,4 L (13.5 Oz.).
  • Dirt bin: 0,2 L (6.7 Oz.).
  • Weight: 7.4 kg (16 lbs.).

Here, note that, compared to conventional vacuums, this model is far more powerful. The battery is bigger, which is good. I checked the volume myself. It’s within 74.5-81 dB, which is a bit higher at max, but not life or death.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Noise level
Noise level



And finally let’s move on to the tests. The first thing we do is to check the suction power. So, with the installed roller for carpet cleaning, to my surprise, JIMMY HW10 Pro was able to suck out trash from 6 mm (.23 In.) deep cracks. But if you install a fluffy roller, it has no problem cleaning all of the cracks, completely.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Suction power
Suction power

Work time

Additionally I checked the battery life. So fully assembled in turbo mode the vacuum managed to work for 27 minutes, which is good. In auto mode it ran even longer. The handheld vacuum cleaner with the attachment for cleaning upholstered furniture, which additionally consumed energy,ran for almost 28 minutes in Turbo mode, then switched to Eco mode and ran for another 14 minutes. Totaling 42 minutes of battery life, which is very cool. With its help, you can completely vacuum the interior of the car, or furniture, all on one run.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Working hours
Working hours


JIMMY HW10 Pro did well getting dirt on hard surfaces. I used a carpet roller for this purpose. It leaves a small blind spot in the corner, literally a few millimeters, where the roller can’t get. All of the debris is collected in the dirty water tank. The roller has fur and hair wrapped around it, but it’s easy to clean.

JIMMY HW10 Pro Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are perfectly cleaned with this vacuum, again, with the carpet roller installed. The power is enough to thoroughly clean the average carpet. Test passed with flying colors!

Jimmy HW10 Pro Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Hand vacuum

Here’s how you can use JIMMY HW10 Pro as a hand vacuum. I think you will find it useful.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Hand vacuum cleaner
Hand vacuum cleaner


Now, as far as the mopping function is concerned, JIMMY HW10 Pro does a great job on both hardwood and tile floors. It leaves no streaks and will not damage your floors if used right.

This wireless vacuum can be used not only to clean the floor, but also to pick up liquids. And even, like in my case, the vacuum did well with the traditional test of a mixture of raw egg and flour. The shells were not sucked in at first, but it got it eventually. JIMMY HW10 Pro can also be used to clean the floor of slightly dried dirt. We see that no marks or streaks are left, and the floor is perfectly clean.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Scrubbing dirt
Scrubbing dirt

The only note is that because the roller doesn’t go to the edge of the body, it leaves a narrow strip along the baseboard, a few millimeters. It can be washed with water and then cleaned, which kinda solves it. But the engineers still have work to do.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Bulletproof zone along the floor
Bulletproof zone along the floor

Even difficult dried coffee and sauce stains were no match for Jimmy. As with others, it took some time to get the sauce stains. In my case about 7 minutes. Plus, I used the brand’s liquid. So it is very convenient that you can first splash stains with water, which makes it easier to get them out.

Jimmy HW10 Pro Wiping off complex stains
Wiping off complex stains

Here’s what the dirty water tank looks like after all the tests. Drain the dirty water, fill the second tank with clean water and check the self-cleaning. The lid is clean, the roller is clean, and there’s not much dirt left underneath, less than others. So I think that self-cleaning was well thought out.

JIMMY HW10 Pro Self-cleaning


The cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner JIMMY HW10 Pro was thoroughly reviewed and tested. I’ll share what I liked and didn’t. The following are some of the things I liked about it:

  1. Good for vacuuming and scrubbing.
  2. Can be used as a handheld and compact vacuum cleaner.
  3. High-quality dirt collection on various floors, including carpets.
  4. Quality floor cleaning and scrubbing of stains, even difficult ones.
  5. Suitable for picking up liquids from the floor.
  6. Long lasting battery.
  7. Removable battery.
  8. Multistage filtration system.
  9. Auto power increase.
  10. Interesting solution with water spray in front of the cleaning module.
  11. Self-cleaning and drying function with the roller.
  12. Comes with additional attachments for cleaning.
  13. The incline angle is smaller than others.
  14. Well assembled.
  15. Warranty and service.

As for what could be better, here’s what I found:

  1. There’s a bit of dirt left in the corners and along the baseboard, because the brush doesn’t go to the side fully.
  2. The rollers are not fully dried with hot air.
  3. Slightly louder at max power than others.
  4. The suction power is reduced when the carpet roller is installed.
  5. Small tanks for clean and dirty water.

Overall, JIMMY HW10 Pro surprised me, and left a mostly good impression of itself. The idea of implementing a complete vacuum and a detergent vacuum into one- is very convenient and practical. It does its job well, and I’d definitely recommend it. But like all models, it has its problems, and the engineers still have work to do.

On this note I’d like to finish the review. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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