eufy Clean X8 Pro: THE BEST for cleaning pet hair! POWERFUL robot vacuum with a self-cleaning brush!

eufy Clean X8 Pro Reviews

Hi guys, welcome to RobotObzor! Today we’ll review a new robot vacuum cleaner, eufy Clean X8 Pro. Sales started at the end of September, at $650. But now the company offers a discount of $130, which is very profitable. For that price, you get a vacuum with a self-cleaning station, Lidar for navigating, and mopping and vacuuming function, as well as a unique active detangling roller brush for your pet’s fur. Plus, the robot has powerful suction, thanks to its twin turbines, each providing up to 4000 Pa. Now, I’ll test and review Eufy Clean X8 Pro in detail, after which I’ll let you know if this is worth buying for your house. Let’s get rolling!


Official website:


The vacuum came in this box:

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Box

The kit includes:

  1. A self-cleaning station.
  2. A power cord.
  3. A plastic backing for your base.
  4. A holder with a wipe for mopping.
  5. A tool for cleaning and maintaining your vacuum.
  6. And documents.
eufy Clean X8 Pro: Kit

Pretty standard. Finish setting up the X8 Pro on the Eufy Clean app will get 2 free dust bags.


Now let’s see how Eufy Clean X8 Pro looks. Let’s start with the robot itself. It comes in black, with streak free matte plastic. It’s round, and stands at 98mm (3.8 In.) from the floor.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: View from above
View from above
eufy Clean X8 Pro: Height

There’s no wall sensor, but there is an obstacle detection sensor on the front bumper. The sensor is named AI.MAP technology. But we’ll see how well this helps the robot go around small things.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Side view
Side view
eufy Clean X8 Pro: AI.MAP

There’s three buttons on the control panel. The Lidar is responsible for navigation and is equipped with a spring-loaded cover. The dirt container is under the top cover. We can see that it’s indicated to have two suction turbines, which are on the sides of the container. The container accordingly has two vents from different sides. The filtration system is based on HEPA, which has a grid inside of it. This is a little concerning, and I’ll show why in the tests. The container itself holds up to 335 milliliters (11 Oz.)  of dry dirt. There’s also a curtain for self-cleaning.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Dustbin

A 270 milliliter (9 Oz.) water tank is put at the back of the robot. You Can adjust the water supply electronically.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Water tank
Water tank

The wipe holder is attached from below. The wipe itself is bald on the sides, unfortunately increasing the blind spot while cleaning along baseboards and furniture. The cloth is attached with Velcro and a groove.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Wipe holder
Wipe holder

There’s 4 anti-fall sensors on the bottom of the robot, and there’s no carpet detection sensor. There is one three beamed side brush which is attached with a screw. The center brush unit is fluid, which is good. It’s bristle-bladed, and unfortunately cannot be taken off for cleaning. Unfortunately, it cannot be disassembled for cleaning. On the cover we see teeth that comb the turbo brush while it’s self-cleaning.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Bottom view
Bottom view
Central brush
Central brush

Now let’s take a look at the station that comes with the kit. Eufy Clean X8 Pro self-cleans itself from dry dirt. The station is compact, being smaller than most of its competitors. In terms of design, it’s pretty standard. At the bottom, there’s a suction port and plugs for charging, and on top there’s a trash bag, hidden under the lid. Here, the bag’s execution is good, it’s denser than most other robots with self-cleaning.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Self-cleaning station
Self-cleaning station

Overall, the robot has both strengths and weaknesses, which I’ll talk about in detail when concluding the video. But the fact is that it’s well built and doesn’t look cheap.

Technical features

Eufy Clean X8 Pro’s main features, given by the manufacturer:

  • Battery Li-Ion 5200 mA*h.
  • Suction power 2*4000 Pa.
  • Battery life 180 min.
  • Dirt container 335 ml (11 Oz.).
  • Water tank 270 ml (9 Oz.).
  • Trash bag: 2,5 L (.66 G.).
  • Obstacle size 20 mm (.78 In.).
  • Robot size: 35.24cm*35.04cm*9.94cm (13.93 x 13.9 x 3.91 inches)
  • Station size:38.4cm*19.5cm*15.5cm (6.1 x 7.67 x 15.11 inches)

Overall the characteristics are standard, on the level of its competition. The only thing that stands out is the increased suction power, which I’ll have to check.


As for Eufy Clean X8 Pro’s features, the vacuum is controlled via the Eufy Clean brand app. It’s easy to connect and set up, just follow the directions given.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: App control
eufy Clean X8 Pro


The main functions are up on the screen:

  • Self-cleaning on station.
  • Self-cleaning of the turbobrush.
  • Saves multiple maps in memory.
  • Automatically zones the area into rooms.
  • Choosing rooms and zones to clean.
  • Virtual walls and no-go/no-mop zones.
  • Regulate suction power.
  • Regulate water flow.
  • User’s mode.
  • Cleaning log.
  • Setting up a cleaning schedule.
  • Automatic power increase on carpets.
eufy Clean X8 Pro: Functions

All in all, the functions are quite standard for robots in 2023. The only thing worth noting is the self-cleaning function of the turbo brush. After cleaning, the robot stops, gives it max power and rotates the turbo brush in the opposite direction, thus untangling hair and fur, thanks to the toothed design on the lid. The solution is unique, and, looking ahead, very effective. In the tests I’ll show how this whole process works.


Full review of eufy Clean X8 Pro:

Finally, let’s get testing. First and foremost, let’s check Eufy Clean X8 Pro’s navigation in a room with obstacles. When entering the room, the vacuum first passes around the perimeter, then cleans the entire available area in a snake-like pattern. The clothes dryer legs gave it no trouble. The robot was also able to drive separately around all 4 legs of the chair and around the box before returning to base. Test passed with flying colors!

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Navigating in a room with obstacles
Navigating in a room with obstacles

As for the rest of the house, Eufy Clean X8 Pro cleaned room after room first around the perimeter, then in a snake like pattern. Nothing is left dirty, it cleans fast, and so the navigation is spectacular!

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Object detection and avoidance

Separately, I tested the object detection system, namely the sensor at the front of the bumper. The robot doesn’t recognize objects or even detect them. It navigates around like any other lidar robots, bumping into everything on its way and chewing up wires, socks and other objects. So it’s not clear what the AI.MAP technology is and how it works. But, to be fair, it should be noted that the manufacturer never states that there’s an object detection function.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Object detection and avoidance
Object detection and avoidance

Suction power

On a lighter note, the suction power impressed me. Eufy Clean X8 Pro sucked out dirt from cracks up to 10 mm (.39 In.) deep. This is actually a very powerful robot vacuum cleaner.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning

The robot did a good job collecting differently shaped objects off of the laminate. Only some dirt was left in the corners where round robots can’t reach. All other dirt is collected in the container. And it is important to pay attention to the fact that the center brushes aren’t tangled with hair. This is pretty cool!

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Vacuuming

Carpet cleaning

The robot also did well cleaning medium carpets. It managed to clean the carpet from hair, fur and other dirt. All thanks to the fluid turbo brush and twin turbine suction power.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning


Immediately after the “dirty tests”, I checked how well Eufy Clean X8 Pro cleans itself. I ran it once again in a room with a lot of dirt, which the robot easily collected. The trash bag is tightly packed. I returned the robot to the station and ran the self-cleaning. The results are good, the container is almost completely clean, and I’ll note that the turbo brush is clean again. I can say that the turbo brush cleaning is well implemented and definitely shows results.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Self-cleaning


The mopping quality is also excellent. The cloth presses well against the floor and absorbs the dirt. There’s only an unwashed narrow area along the baseboard, which is the achilles heel of almost all robots that we’ve reviewed. But, as expected, the blind spot on this robot is larger, due to the bald areas of the wipe on the sides. In Eufy Clean X8 Pro, it’s 8 cm (3.14 In.)  wide.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Mopping

Mopping on carpets

As for mopping with carpets, since the robot doesn’t have a carpet sensor, it can’t detect carpets and automatically go around them while cleaning. Therefore, it drives over the carpet with a wipe in place. To protect carpets from getting wet, set special no-go zones where your carpets are.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Mopping on carpets
Mopping on carpets


Eufy Clean X8 Pro is very good off-road. It could go over 2 cm (.78 In.) thresholds while lifting the wipe. That’s a plus!

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Dark spaces

Well, one more plus – Eufy Clean X8 Pro isn’t afraid of black surfaces and moves over them freely.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Passage of dark surfaces
Passage of dark surfaces


I measured the volume myself. It stays within 60 – 66 dB, depending on the selected mode. Considering the suction power, I can say that the volume is pretty low.

eufy Clean X8 Pro: Self-cleaning


Eufy Clean X8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner was thoroughly reviewed and tested. Our algorithm gave it 141 points.

Overall rating of robot vacuum cleaners:

I’ll highlight the pros and cons of the robot and then share my opinion about it. I liked the following:

  1. High suction power.
  2. Good quality mopping and vacuuming on different surfaces.
  3. Good self-cleaning quality in the station.
  4. Active detangling roller brush.
  5. Convenient app.
  6. The robot isn’t afraid of dark surfaces.
  7. Good off-road.
  8. Low volume.
  9. Quality dirt collection.

As for what could be improved:

  1. Doesn’t detect objects on the floor.
  2. The wipe doesn’t lift on carpets.
  3. Can’t detect carpets and bypass them while mopping.


Visibly, the remarks aren’t anything serious. As a result, I can say that Eufy Clean X8 Pro is a powerful and reliable robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning, which is good for pet owners. If the above disadvantages aren’t life or death for you, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t recommend it.

On this note, I’d like to end the review. If you still have questions, please ask them in the comments down below. Have fun shopping, bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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