Redroad G10: Rinses a mopping pad at the station and lifts it on carpets

Redroad G10 Reviews

Hi everyone! Welcome to Robotobzor! Today we will review a robot vacuum cleaner called the Redroad G10. The device is equipped with a modern station for rinsing mopping pads during the cleaning process, so it is suitable for full-fledged wet cleaning on large areas. In addition, the Redroad G10 boasts lidar for navigation, a function to lift a mopping pad when driving on carpets, and even a movable wet cleaning module that imitates the movement of human hands when wiping dirt. With all this at the start sales of a robot vacuum cleaner costs about $525-575, which is the average price on the market. Next, I will test the Redroad G10 in detail, and after will express my own opinion whether this robot vacuum cleaner is worth buying, as well as what its real pros and cons are. Let’s go!


The robot vacuum cleaner came in such a branded box:

Redroad G10 Box

In addition to the robot itself and the station, the delivery set includes:

  1. Instructions.
  2. Power adapter.
  3. Spare microfiber cloth.
  4. Spare side brush.
  5. A robot cleaning tool.
Redroad G10 Package

For complete set, only a spare HEPA filter is missing, and it’s so good that some of the consumables are already in the package.


Now let’s have a look at how the Redroad G10 is designed. As soon as I unpacked it, it became obvious that visually this is a complete copy of the previously released Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Mop MJSTP, review of which already posted on the channel. The difference is only in the logos at the station and the lidar of the robot.

First, let`s check design of the robot vacuum cleaner itself. It is round, color is white, body height is 96 mm from the floor.

Redroad G10: View from above
View from above
Redroad G10: Height

The front part has a soft-touch mechanical bumper. There are two mechanical control buttons on the control panel. Lidar is responsible for navigation. It features a spring-loaded button to prevent the robot from getting stuck under low furniture. The dust collector is located under the top cover. The manufacturer allows you to wash the dust container with water. The container holds up to 450 ml of dry waste. Filtration system based on mesh and HEPA filter. As for the filter, it is not specifically indicated which filter can be washed: mesh or HEPA. In any case, HEPA is better not to wash.

Redroad G10: Dustbin

As many as 6 fall protection sensors are installed on the bottom of the robot. This is a plus! A carpet detection sensor is installed next to the swivel roller. Another advantage of the robot!

Redroad G10: Bottom view
Bottom view

The turbo brush block is floating. The central brush itself is bristly-petal. Disassembles on both sides for cleaning from coiled hair and wool.

Redroad G10: Central brush
Central brush

The mopping pad is attached to the fixed holder with Velcro and a groove. It is quite dense. As already mentioned, the platform with a mopping pad is movable. According to the manufacturer, it makes up to 320 vibrations per minute. At the same time, the platform with a mopping pad even rises by 8 mm when driving on carpets. This is great!

Redroad G10: Mopping pad
Mopping pad
Redroad G10: Lifting the mopping pad
Lifting the mopping pad

The robot vacuum cleaner itself is well-designed. Almost all important design solutions have been implemented. Let`s have a look at the station.

Redroad G10: Station

As already noted in the review of the twin from Xiaomi, its design is for an amateur. Two mechanical buttons are installed on top: starting the cleaning process and starting the rinsing function of mopping pads. Reservoirs for clean and dirty water are placed under the top cover. Each of them with capacity of 4 liters. Execution is standard.

Let`s have a look at the platform for a robot to enter a station. Unfortunately, it is not removable, so if dirt and plaque accumulate, it will not be very convenient to wash it. To the left and right inside the station there are rollers that help the robot to park. The mopping pad is cleaned with a special embossed module. Under it is a filter for dirty water.

It is also important to note that the station is equipped with an air-drying function. As I understand it, not hot. I checked this moment. After a cycle of cleaning and rinsing the mopping pad, the dryer is switched on. The next day, after about 24 hours, I touched the mopping pad, it was wet. So the drying is not effective for this model, as well as for Mijia MJSTP.


The main characteristics of the Redroad G10, declared by the manufacturer:

  • Battery: Li-Ion 5200 mAh
  • Suction power: up to 2800 Pa
  • Cleaning area: up to 180 sq.m
  • Battery life >120 min
  • Dust container: 450 ml
  • The capacity of tanks for dirty and clean water (in the station) ≈ 4 l + 4 l
  • Passage of obstacles: up to 20 mm
  • Robot dimensions: 350*96mm
  • Station dimensions: 450*410*390 mm

For those who are interested, the height of the station with the cover up is 690 mm. Suction power will be tested further in real tests. All other features are standard.


Let’s move on to an overview of the functionality of the Redroad G10. The robot vacuum cleaner is controlled through the branded Redroad mobile application. Connecting didn`t cause any problems. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The main characteristics of the Redroad G10 are displayed:

  1. Saving multiple cleaning maps in memory.
  2. Automatic zoning of the premises into rooms.
  3. Zone and rooms selection for cleaning.
  4. Virtual walls and No-Go/No-mop zones.
  5. Suction power adjustment.
  6. User mode.
  7. Cleaning log.
  8. Scheduled cleaning.
  9. Double cleaning cycle.
  10. Y-shaped trajectory for mopping the floor.
  11. Voice alerts.
  12. Vibration function of the platform with a mopping pad.
  13. Automatic power increase on carpet.
  14. Detour of carpets in the mopping mode.
  15. Drying mopping pads.
  16. “Electrolytic Water”.

I will focus more on some of the functions.

The user mode allows you to flexibly adjust the cleaning parameters for each room, namely: adjust the suction power and select the type of cleaning: dry, wet or dry and wet at the same time. It is very convenient. But there is one important note – the application works on Chinese servers, so, as in the situation with Xiaomi, terrible freezes of the application are periodically happens. The response can be over 10 seconds, which is extremely inconvenient.

Well, from the additional advantages of the robot, it is worth highlighting the floor polisher mode and the function of automatically bypassing carpets. It is very convenient. As mentioned earlier, drying mopping pads has not proven to be effective, and as for the “Electrolytic Water” function, I do not understand how this is implemented. There is no UV lamp in the tanks, same like in Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro. That’s why How and Due to what the intended sterilization of water happens, only Redroad engineers know, or marketers😊

Yes, and one more thing – the frequency of rinsing mopping pads at the station is set every 10 sq.m. It is not possible to independently adjust the frequency, for example, after each cleaned room, after 5 or 15 sq.m, or every 10 minutes of cleaning. Analogues have this function, but not this model.


And finally, let’s move on to the tests. First of all, let’s check the navigation of the Redroad G10 in the room with obstacles. It passes the entire area along the perimeter, and then in snake. On the legs of the dryer and when overcoming plinth, the mopping pad automatically rises above the floor, which increases the maneuverability of the robot. As a result, the robot did not get stuck on the legs of the dryer and was able to separately sweep around all the legs of the chair and the box, after which it returned to the station. Test passed successfully!

Navigation in a room with obstacles
Navigation in a room with obstacles

Speaking of navigating within the home, the Redroad G10 cleans room after room, first around the perimeter, then with a snake! Every 10 sq.m. it automatically returns to the station and rinses the mopping pad, after which it continues the cleaning process. Thus, it can perform high-quality wet cleaning on large areas. There are no uncleaned areas left, the test was passed successfully!

Navigation within the home
Navigation within the home

Suction power

The suction power, same as in the situation with the copy from Xiaomi, not satisfying. This robot vacuum cleaner cannot sweep debris even from a 2mm slot. This is important to consider.

Suction power
Suction power

Dry cleaning

The quality of garbage collection on the laminate is high. The robot completely collected the garbage on the stand, leaving only a small part in the corners, due to the round shape. Some hair is wrapped around the central brush, but most of the debris is collected in the dust container. Test passed successfully!

Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet cleaning

The Redroad G10 did not cope with cleaning the carpet. Most of the garbage remained on the stand. This test was failed.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning


The quality of dirt removal is also bad. From three attempts the robot could not wipe the stand from dirt. Several large footprints and stains remain. There are also problems with rubbing dirt along the plinth, but this is typical of all the robots that we had on review.


But here, in defense of the robot, I would like to note that in the usual living conditions, the quality of wet cleaning is optimal. The mopping pad wets well, leaves no streaks, and picks up dust and debris that the brushes couldn`t collect. The test simply shows that the pressure of the mopping pad and the oscillation frequency of the platform cannot be compared with full-fledged robot polishers. For example, Dreame Bot W10 or Hobot Legee D7. This is important to consider.

Rinsing quality of the mopping pad

But the quality of rinsing mopping pad is good. Here is the condition of the mopping pad before and after the test on the stand with a dirt. I even checked the cleanliness of the mopping pad after rinsing at the station by rinsing it in the sink. The minimum amount of dirty water!

Mopping and carpets

Well, as for wet cleaning in the presence of carpets, Redroad G10 can automatically raise the mopping pad, as was mentioned already. But if the pile is high, you can turn on the automatic carpet avoidance function and the robot will gently go around carpets during the cleaning process to completely eliminate the contact of a wet mopping pad with pile. This is a plus!

Passage of obstacles

The passage of the robot vacuum cleaner is good. It easily overcomes 2 cm plinth, while raising the platform with a mopping pad, so it is not getting stuck.

Passage of obstacles
Passage of obstacles

Passage of dark surfaces

Redroad G10 is not afraid of dark surfaces, like most other robot vacuum cleaners. And that’s a plus!

Passage of dark surfaces
Passage of dark surfaces

Noise level

Well and at the end we measure the noise level of the Redroad G10 in different modes. In Quiet mode, the noise level is in the range of 56-58 dB. In standard mode, it increases to 59-61 dB. At medium power, the noise level reaches 65 dB, and in the maximum mode, the peak value was 67.5 dB. The noise level is standard for this robot vacuum cleaner.

Noise level
Noise level

Personal opinion

The Redroad G10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner was reviewed and tested in detail. According to our evaluation system, it managed to score 114 points. But first I will talk about the pros and cons of this model, after which I will compare it with the analogue.

Overall rating of robotic vacuum cleaners that have passed the Robotobzor test:

So, in Redroad G10, I liked the following:

  1. Station for rinsing mopping pads, allowing high-quality wet cleaning on large areas.
  2. Good quality dry cleaning on hard surfaces.
  3. Lifting mopping pads on carpets.
  4. The function of recognizing and avoiding carpets.
  5. Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.
  6. The robot vacuum cleaner is not afraid of dark surfaces.
  7. Good navigation.
  8. Flexible cleaning options.
  9. Good passage ability.

There are also few disadvantages:

  1. Poor quality of dirt removal.
  2. Poor quality of carpet cleaning.
  3. Weak suction power (the brand itself guarantees an increase in suction power in the future).
  4. Fixed platform for the arrival of the robot to the station.
  5. Drying mopping pads is not effective.
  6. It is not possible to manually adjust the rinsing frequency of the mopping pads.
  7. The application freezes because works on Chinese servers.
  8. The robot can not be moved without a cleaning station.

I will explain the last remark. If you pick up the robot, move it somewhere and turn it on, it will not work. It will notify you that you need to transfer it to the station and start it from it. It may be inconvenient when operating the robot in a two-story house. For example, if you want him to just vacuum on the second floor. Well, a similar situation was observed even within one floor, when I moved the robot to another room and started it. It immediately returns to the station.

As a result, I have many comments on the Redroad G10 and I have a mixed impression of this robot. In my opinion, this robot vacuum makes sense to be considered only for dry and wet cleaning on hard floors. Carpet cleaning is definitely not its strongest function.

Comparing with Xiaomi, the advantage of the robot is definitely Russification, as well as work on a separate mobile application. That gives hope for the timely elimination of problems and correct feedback from the manufacturer. Let’s see how this will work over the time. At the same time, the advantage of Xiaomi is the ability to flexibly adjust the frequency of rinsing the mopping pad. So here I would just focus on the price. Which of the robots will be more profitable and affordable. Well, or if some features of one of them are more important to you.

On this note, I would like to end the review. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below. Happy tech shopping. Bye!

Alexander Miasoedov

The founder and chief editor of the project, an expert on the choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

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